Sukirti Patnaik

“Sukirti does not only involve herself in beautifying the customers but actually has been educating them and changing the perception towards the Salon Industry”


Firmly believing that makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel her true self, rather prettier and more confident, and then dedicated to her professional and personal endeavours to help women bring out their real inherent confidence, Sukirti Patnaik, along with Jayanth Kannairi started her salon in July 2010 after they moved from London to Bhubaneswar


Born in Odisha to Mr Pramod Kumar Patnaik, an IAS, and Ms Narayani Bohidar, an Associate Professor, Sukirti’s childhood was mostly spent traveling though various cities across Odisha due to her father’s frequent transfers. From a very young age, she was a dedicated student and after completing higher education she pursued engineering from the Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Karnataka. After college, she worked across various countries in Europe and that is where she was exposed to the latest trends in beauty products and services.
This was a time of self-exploration for her and she realized the corporate world was not what she had been made for. After this self-awakening discovery, she enrolled herself in various beauty and makeup courses at some of the best institutes in United Kingdom.
She studied at the prestigious SAKS Academy, AOFM and Carlton Institutes, and trained herself for Indian Bridal Makeup and Mehendi under the award- winning celebrity makeup & henna artist, Ash Kumar at the Ash Kumar Academy. She is also a UK government certified NVQ professional.
As she is multitalented, she successfully plays various roles as an Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Makeup Artist, Skin Care Specialist, IT Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Tennis Player, Mother, Wife and a woman who defines development, success and dedication.


In July 2010, shemovedto Bhuwaneshwar to open her first salon which was also the first professional salon to start operations in the city, and today Indulge Salon owns a chain of franchises in Bhubaneswar & Cuttak, and is planning to expand out of the state. With continuous hard work and innovative initiatives, Indulge has become a name to be reckoned with in the make-up industry, as it has grown leaps and bounds because of its excellent Manpower, Service Quality, Interior, Training Programs, Cleanliness, Product Lines and Overall Professionalism.
Sukirti does not only involve herself in beautifying the customers but actually has been educating them and raising the standards of beauty services while changing the perception towards the Salon Industry. Entrepreneurship with social responsibility is her motto, and she is actively involved personally and professionally in giving back to the Society.
She has had a journey full of enrichment as well as challenges and she believes that the roadblocks that came her way made her even stronger and pushed her towards a glorious future that she is living today. She is a living example of women power and advocates women independence at every step of life. She encourages capable young women to put their feet on the pedal and drive their way to a successful entrepreneurial journey.
With a keen eye on making great progress and growth in future, she plans to open over 100 salons and create 100 women entrepreneurs who would not only be independent but would also create many direct and indirect jobs in their respective markets.


Sukirti has won numerous national & international awards for her role in redefining the way India looks at the salon business, as under her motivation and her team’s efforts Indulge Salon has won or has been nominated in the best salons and salon chains categories.

Shawn Gracias

“Gaining a lot of experience in hospitality industry, project management and team management, Mr. Gracias rose to the prestigious position of CEO of Remax Alliance”


With high in-depth knowledge and understanding of the nuances of hospitality entrepreneurship, the environment conscious Mr. Shawn Gracias has been quick to identify the rich and multi-polar potential of hinterland waterways and has launched many eco-sensitive projects such as premium yacht clubs, party catamarans, luxury product lines and a chain of services and facilities for the tourists


After successfully completing his Bachelor’s degree course in Hospitality Management from the Institute of Hotel Management, Mr. Shawn Gracias began his professional career by joining the hospitality and hotel management sector in Dubai. Gaining a lot of experience in hospitality industry, hotel and restaurant management, project management, interpersonal skills, team management and with a fair knowledge of tools and technologies from a number of companies in the field, he rose to the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer of Remax Alliance, already holding the responsibility of Managing Partner of Diamond Network’s Goa Club. His high calibre and understanding of hospitality sector can be gauged from the fact that in 2014, Mr. Shawn was appointed as the Vice President (Corporate) to supervise the marine tourism activities to help and to promote Champions Group’s water sports and other related activities in Goa, in close association with the Tourism Board in
Goa and elsewhere in India.
The focal object of this comprehensive exercise under Champions Group and plans for expansion in Goa gave a decent boost to the tourism industry’s revenues by way of wealthy tourists worldwide being embedded with the belief that Goa is an exotic and the most attractive sought-for tourists’ unique holiday destination.
To top it all, for the speedy and successful completion of this roadmap, the Champions Group under the highly capable leadership of Mr. Gracias, allied with Goa Tourism Development Corporation and all others engaged in tourism-related activities as well as Airport Authority of India for taking substantial measures to attract foreign tourists through specific measures for ensuring their adequate comfort.


Having been associated with Club Goa as the Managing Partner, and Director of Resorts with the Royal Group in Goa, Mr. Gracias has an enriching experience of managing numerous large projects for and in collaboration with the Goa Tourism Development Corporation. He has also been a member of the pre- opening team to plan and implement the whole scheme of operations for the launch of Dar Al Masyaf Madinat Jumeirah in 2004-05, a hotel in Dubai, which received recognition as the best hotel in the world by Gallaventer’s Guide. During his stay in Dubai as a member of the pre-opening team, he was actively involved in training the staff in room management, food and beverage system, front-office practicalities, guest billing, foreign currency exchange, airline ticket reconfirmations, allocation of rooms, cashiering operations, active guest relations, supervisory role for the housekeeping of guest rooms, secretarial operations, rosters and schedules for
new colleagues.
During his tenure as the pre- opening team manager for restaurants & bars under Emaar Hospitality Group, he successfully handled the task of supervising F&B operations of restaurants, hospitality groups and its respective clubs to assure high standard of F&B service for guest satisfaction, guest feedback for further improvement.


Through his superlative managerial skills, he has shown true intrapreneur qualities as under the management of Club India-Diamond network, Mr. Shawn Gracias spared no effort in elevating Diamond Network as an icon for Goa and beyond within the sectors such as hospitality, food, beverages and real estate. Under the ceaseless efforts of Mr. Gracias, Diamond Network has gained a lot of prestige and goodwill through the efforts, trust and participation of brands, companies, ambitious entrepreneurs and private establishments who have benefitted from the links.

Prashant Gupta

“Mr. Gupta has turned Sharda University into a prominent multidiscipline campus of the country, and has evolved it into an outstanding institution renowned for high quality of teaching”


Mr. Prashant Gupta has always believed that ethics and good governance coupled with a vision to see future are the mantras to
excel. This core ideology has seen him become one of India’s leading young business leaders


Mr. Prashant Gupta is the Executive Director of Sharda University (India’s truly global university with students from 74+ countries) and Sharda Hospital (One of the largest super-speciality hospital & research centre in Delhi-NCR). He is also the Founder & CEO of Sharda Tech that provides a comprehensive portfolio of world-class services and solutions for ERP and Digital Marketing.
Mr. Prashant Gupta is the alumni of the very prestigious Nottingham Business School. He has a vast experience in multiple fields of market research, planning business strategy, public relations and team management. He is among the select young business leaders who have received prestigious honour and recognition from various industry bodies.


Through indefatigable efforts of Mr. Prashant Gupta, Sharda University has over the years become one of the leading centres of education, research and innovation in Delhi NCR region.
Testimony to Sharda’s quest for world-class education are the various prestigious accolades and rankings including being awarded Best Private University by National Education Awards 2017, and awarded Best Private Global University of the year by National Education Excellence Award 2017.
The University proudly boasts of a large pool of 1200+ faculty members from renowned universities of USA, UK, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Russia, etc. What’s more, students from 74+ countries have experienced Sharda making it a truly global University.
Mr. Prashant Gupta has envisioned Sharda University to offer a truly international education experience and is spearheading modernisation plan of the University through hi-tech labs, well stocked libraries, AC classrooms with latest teaching aids, and facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.
Under his insightful guidance and headship, the University has devised an effective evaluation system to measure the efficacy of various educational programmes for regular update and advancement of teaching techniques to match and compete with the best in the world. For this purpose, Mr. Prashant Gupta, with his vast experience in the field, has set up special innovation labs not only to measure performance parameters but also to suggest specialised solutions wherever required. OFFERING WORLD-CLASS CARE THROUGH SHARDA HOSPITAL Mr. Prashant Gupta’s thought and values reflect in the success of Sharda Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).
The hospital has 900+ beds including casualty, trauma, critical care and various intensive care units like ICCU, CTVUS ICU, MICU, SICU. Over the years, Sharda Hospital has achieved unique milestones like 300,000+ IPD Admissions, 300,000+ Investigations, 2 Million+ Consultations, and 100,000+ Surgeries.


Mr. Prashant Gupta has also set up a technology and services company called Sharda Tech at its Greater Noida campus, where he has taken great pains to manage IT infrastructure and software development. In sync with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Digital India, Sharda Tech has toiled hard right from its inception and it led to winning the prestigious “EdTech Start Up of the Year” award by Business World in its 3rd Digital India Summit 2017. The company has now embarked on an exciting journey to build some highly innovative solutions on mobile and AI that will help address the challenges of higher education in times to come.

Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu

“By curing varied eye diseases through his holistic Ayurvedic medicines and treatments, Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu is facilitating his patients’ odyssey from darkness to light”

With a rich experience in the service of thousands of patients suffering from numerous eye diseases, the CEO of Jagat Pharma & Director of Dr. Basu Eye Hospital, Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu has been offering holistic eye treatments through superior quality herbal eye solutions and Ayurvedic medicines


A visionary young man with full swing of enthusiasm & zeal, Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu promoted Ayurveda and its benefits for the human society. Born on Nov.14, 1984, Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu always thought of a company dedicated to super quality herbal eye solutions developed by using innovative solutions. He started in 2010 and is successfully running two units – DR. BASU EYE HOSPITAL & JAGAT PHARMA.
The most prominent success for Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu was making ISOTINE EYE DROPS – the BRAND which has been recorded as one of the leading brand in Ayurvedic eye drops segment. Apart from this segment, Dr. Mandeep Basu has his own hospital named as DR. BAS EYE HOSPITAL based at Bareilly. This hospital is the result of several years of research work of Dr. Mandeep Singh’s father DR. MAHANDER SINGH BASU.
It is well known fact that Ayurveda offers a natural and side-effects free treatment , and has gained immense popularity all over the world and today, more and more people are turning towards it as they are finding herbal care solutions highly effective and useful for their varied problems. Efficiently understanding the various requirements and needs of people, Dr. Mandeep S. Basu has been providing effective Ayurvedic solutions for various eye problems. The impact of his ability as an optometrist par excellence can be assessed by the fact that his patients have been benefited without operation despite the fact that many of the diseases which he has successfully cured are known to be incurable. Possessing an extensive experience in herbal products and technology, Dr. Mandeep S. Basu spearheads a team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals who work earnestly to offer high quality herbal eye medicines to the customers under the brand Jagat Pharma whose products include Isotine eye drops and thus free from all side effects and are a perfect solution for various eye problems. The company’s eye medicines are best in their class having a success rate of 88% & offering risk free solutions, & apart from proving useful in major eye disease like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Diabetic Retinopathy, Colour Blindness, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, these eye drops can also be used for common eye problems.


Offering a very precise and balanced combination of Ayurvedic contents which are not only capable of correcting the refractive errors but also visual acuity and subjective symptoms, the eye drops are quite popular and beneficial. A number of scientific papers have highlighted that Isotine eye drops are quite beneficial for the treatment of various eye problems and their regular usage treats all the disorders of the eyes like night blindness, glaucoma, reduced vision and persistent irritation in the eyes.


Dr. Basu has a vision to eliminate blindness from INDIA and globally & he wants to run campaign same as Polio Campaign. He has been organizing eye camps on a regular basis to help the people who unable to get proper medication due to financial issues .
Isotine eye drops have successfully cured thousands of patients of cataract, which is a well known eye disease caused by the clouding of the lens, which adversely affects the vision and its different types include Congenital, Traumatic, Senile, Diabetic, Juvenile and others. In modern allopathy, surgery is being carried out all over the world for cataract patients. However, Dr. Mandeep S. Basu adopted non- invasive methods of treatment according to the recent research in Ayurveda for curing this disease.
By curing severe to mild cases of varied eye diseases through his holistic Ayurvedic medicines and treatments, Dr. Basu is facilitating his patients’ odyssey from darkness to light.

Manas Mehrotra

“Under Manas Mehrotra’s insightful guidance, the NestaVera Group of Companies has diversified into various businesses geographically with its presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East”


A qualified member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a Law graduate, an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from Babson College (USA), Manas Mehrotra drives his workforce with a strong emphasis on inculcating faith and building long-term strategic relationships with both clients and employees, playing a pivotal role in the success of NestaVera Group of Companies


An ever-passionate individual about education, Manas Mehrotra – Managing Director of NestaVera Group of Companies – follows a unique approach to education, which leads to newer heights of excellence in moulding the young minds of tomorrow. He believes that education is a dedicated service, hence focus and involvement are extremely necessary and crucial, as knowledge is limitless.
Under his insightful guidance, the Group has diversified into various businesses geographically with its presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
His dynamic leadership has also played a pivotal role in the success of Greenwood High School, which has grown many folds year-on-year, since he has been given a command.
Holding great passion for education himself, under his constant guidance and strategic direction, the School has won more than 9 national Awards in excellence in the last 3 years. As he is a strong believer of having a balanced team that strives for excellence, he has proudly and consistently endeavoured to impart valuable education.


Manas’ vision is rooted in the core belief that the only thing constant in this dynamic business era is Change, and thus he has implemented an ongoing process of Brainstorming, Innovation, and Adaption to change in the heart of his organisation.
Mr. Manas’ leadership qualities were evident quite early in his life, and soon he emerged as an entrepreneur par excellence, with a vision for the betterment of the society.
His philosophy and approach has enabled Greenwood High School to reach newer heights of achievement as he desires to contribute towards nation building by transforming the youth of today into global leaders of tomorrow.
He thus offers through his institutions, quality education with a proper blend of traditional values with the best of modern-day technology.


As Nesta means Pure and Vera means Faith, Manas is quite transparent in his intent of offering the best of services through his Group. Additionally, the Goose in his company’s logo represents the symbolic attributes of loyalty, teamwork, confidence, protection, determination, courage, inspiration, guidance and stability, along with its ability to soar to greater heights, which are also the qualities he believes in and follows in his organization.
Through his consortium of diverse companies under the NestaVera Group, Manas seeks business utility and profitability with the motive to minimise risks and maximise returns and value in today’s modern dynamic business conditions, and further seeks to construct and promote a platform through which he can distinguish and nurture passion for business, innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that leads to emergence of productive and valuable organisations.
A man of various interests and responsibilities, Manas is also a member of companies which are in the field of embedded product design, engineering services and international trading, and has achieved various milestones in his several roles.
Displaying an acute sense of foresightedness in his investments, Manas has also been an investor in the real estate since the early start of his career, and has worked with great acumen in building his career in that particular field. His portfolio consists of various commercial and residential projects across the country.

Chaitanya Kumar Lingamallu

“Having established his brand in 60+ cities in India with an outstanding marketing strategy, he is now eyeing further expansion overseas, as it has already been launched in 8 countries”


Chaitanya Kumar Lingamallu transformed his vision of introducing an innovative brand of chocolate café with a live kitchen concept in India and revolutionized the way people perceived chocolates, thus beginning a culture in India whose base was customers’ pleasure of sumptuous taste with a homely feeling, while establishing as simple as chocolate as a robust brand in itself


Having finished his master’s degree in IT from the University of Ballarat in Australia, the Vijayawada-born Chaitanya Kumar Lingamallu, while pursuing his education in Australia, came up with the vision of a unique brand of chocolate café in India in 2007 to bring a revolution in the Chocolate culture of India. He started an ambitious venture with a single outlet in Ahmedabad, and labelled it The Chocolate Room, India’s premier Chocolate Café, and he immediately made a direct connection with the hearts of most Indian foodies as they immediately accepted & loved the idea.
Knowing the pulse of the Indian customer well, Chaitanya focused on his main objective of creating a perfect hangout destination serving more than 100 varieties of chocolate desserts and beverages in traditional Italian crockery. Under his extraordinary guidance, The Chocolate Room has made significant progress expanding by leaps and bounds with a huge number of 235 outlets across the country including happening cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Gurgaon, Lucknow, New Delhi, and more are in the pipeline. His efforts have been well appreciated by both customers and the industry, and he has been conferred with several awards and accreditations for starting a first-of-its-kind conceptualized chocolate café in India.


As Chaitanya is committed to offer a great variety of chocolate beverages and desserts without compromising the traditional way of serving, the connoisseurs of taste have readily made the brand popular. Strategically, he has developed The Chocolate Room as the best place in the city to sit back on a lazy evening, relax and have a peaceful conversation. His specialities include serving not only more than 20 flavors of Italian chocolate desserts and chocolate beverages, but also one of the most outstanding desserts handmade chocolates using the finest Belgian Chocolate, which has been immediately loved by the chocolate admirers. Because of Chaitanya’s phenomenal business sense, he chose to start a franchisee business, and in the process has also contributed to nation-building, as he has been offering great opportunities to business enthusiasts to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.


Having established his brand in more than 60 cities already, with an outstanding marketing strategy by spreading brand awareness among the masses, he is now eyeing further expansion overseas, as he has already launched The Chocolate Room in 8 countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Oman, China, Dubai, Australia and Cyprus.
Planning big to raise Rs. 100 crore funding through venture capitalists to take its rapidly growing number of outlets to 500 by 2020 with a target turnover of Rs. 300 crore, Chaitanya wants to expand through innovative and state-of-the-art trade outlets. Already generating 35% of his sales from corporates, Chaitanya is all set to start a new factory in Hyderabad, and a first contemporary chocolate factory in Ahmedabad with a production capacity of 100 tonnes, thus ready to dive into a delicious future.