AsiaOne 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asians

AsiaOne 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40 is a prestigious annual selection of the most prominent personalities globally. This list is entirely made of those who have made an indelible mark for other leaders to follow and generations to admire! To be held on 12th February 2020, Bangkok, Thailand.

40 is an age of achievements, maturity and triumphs – both at personal and professional levels. Through our “AsiaOne 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40” IPR, we do not highlight the wealth of our candidates. That is not the sole factor of success any more. Of course, we calculate the extent of influence, impact, success and contribution towards the improvement of society and the world in general; however, it is based on each candidate’s innovative ideas & practices, business acumen, and the spirited contribution – regardless of age – towards the good of other human beings rather than the accumulation of wealth, which is pro tem.

Though our list of “AsiaOne 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asians”, you’ll notice several relatively young turks making the mark, as the benchmark of personal and financial success has drastically changed over time. Our list is a reflection of influence, impact and spirit that these top-tier personalities have created worldwide.

How “AsiaOne 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40” are Chosen?

“AsiaOne 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40” are chosen annually through a passionate research, in which URS-AsiaOne’s editorial team and the research team scout 16 industries worldwide to cherry-pick only the most worthy from a seemingly unending expanse using both secondary and primary data. After a wide and in-depth research, we painstakingly create an exclusive list of special winners for our “AsiaOne 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40” IPR.