Kolors Healthcare Group

An ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, Kolors Healthcare is the first company in the world to have been certified for ‘Instant Inchloss Program’ with up to 6 inches weight loss in 60 minutes with a proven track record.


Operating distinctly with its 42 branches, Kolors caters to its clients through call centre operations, feedback system attending to customer concerns and complaints and provides them the requisite solutions.

The company has a fully equipped team of technical experts available on hotline number to provide customised diet plans, specific physio treatments and lifestyle suggestions. Kolors in its weight loss program offers a combination of therapies, hi-tech equipment, customised diet chart, physiotherapy treatments and a free weight loss customised maintenance plan for one year after performing the treatment.

The skilled team of dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and welltrained staff consistently endeavours to achieve customers’ desired weight loss objectives.

Within a span of one year, Kolors has stretched its footprints to 22 new locations in South India, offering the customers cost-effective, high-quality treatment and higher standards of services, setting a new standard of professional excellence in the aesthetic industry.

Kolors exclusively offers ‘money-back guarantee’ programs with its signature laser hair removal technique and other advanced aesthetic procedures.

Since its inception, the company has launched 13 franchise outlets in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and offers a great business platform to people with passion and corporate ethics into the healthcare industry, promising them decent profits.

The Company has planned to open 10 New Franchises by the end of December 2018 this year, in the proposed areas such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The company provides support to its franchise both pre- and post-launch of their operations including location identification, rental support, equipment and inventory support, retirement support, full-fledged training to staff, digital, media and marketing support and other management support in all respects.


Kolors is the only aesthetic company working for the economically backward class, and it conducted the ‘Fat-to-Fit’ Contest at Chennai in 2016. The Kolors officials identified 100 people suffering with severe obesity-associated disorders from economically backward sections and provided them food, shelter and free weight loss treatment and telecast their real-time weight loss journey in major South Indian channels.


The company has been recognized at several platforms for its outstanding services, quality and satisfaction of clients year-after-year.


Letstrack is an innovative real-time GPS tracking and messaging solution that has emerged as one of the largest GPS-enabled real time tracking companies in Asia, having a strong presence in India, the United Kingdom (UK), and Sri Lanka since 2015 with over 3000+ technicians and 30+ support centres providing exceptional customer support. The company provides real-time tracking solutions in even the remotest areas by tracking the GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) frequency. Renowned as the world’s first voice integrated vehicle security system with the largest offline distribution, it enables its customers with a fool-proof security solution that helps track the vehicles of a family and displays the history of their vehicles on an easy-to use screen equipped with a GPS tracking system.


Letstrack’s tracking device offers a user-friendly interface available for personal and commercial vehicles and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The company has humanised technology with brilliance and presented it in the form of a personal GPS tracking device that can be easily placed in the pocket. The device is ideal for the safety of children, teenagers, women as well as elders. It tracks the entire movement of a carrier and immediately sends an alert in case of any ensuing threat. The vehicle tracking device not only provides 24 hours real-time tracking, but also offers several added features, including assessment of the driver’s behaviour, anti-theft alarm, accident alert, and fuel detector.


Letstrack has also made a major breakthrough in the field by becoming the first company to integrate AI and Voice Recognition in its app. Now all a person has to do is,say ‘Okay Google, where’s my car’ and the app will reply with the exact location and details. This makes the app even more intuitive, easy and simple to use. Now, you can just use voice command on your phone to know your vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and even the status of your air-conditioner. Even more than that, just saying ‘Good night’ will switch-off the car, and saying ‘Good morning’ will switch it on. All of this and more can all be done with the help of voice recognition. So, all you have to do is sit back and command your phone and it will all be taken care of in real time by Letstrack.


Letstrack is leading the market with its unique and exclusive services featured in application software meant for business assistance. It offers an array of GPSbased solutions, including LT-Customise, LTSafe, LT-Attendance, LT-Claim, LT-School, and LT-Profit. LT-Customise is an initiative of Letstrack GPS Solutions for improving business transparency. Similarly, LT-Safe has been designed to keep employees safe anytime, anywhere. LT-Attendance enables the client’s company to manage its employees’ attendance records and maintains transparency by sending a notification to the employees about their daily/monthly attendance details. LTSchool manages a fleet of school buses and school cabs proficiently by tracking their location and distance from their bus stop. Letstrack was awarded the best GPS company in India in 2017.

Matador Group

The superior quality of Matador ball pen has made the brand a household name across the country. Matador’s awardwinning ball-point pens are known for their affordability, durability, neat and seamless finsn ter tan a pens, Matador Group also anufactures fies, foders, and attractive stationery items for scoos and office, suc as eraser, sharpener, scale, T pencil box, drawing book, arer, fie oder, and ots more. Recently Matador has forayed into a new product category – Confectionery.


Matador has the capacity of manufacturing 1.9 million disposable pens per day, which makes it the largest disposable pen maker in Asia. It persistently focuses on expanding its global footprint. Currently, it exports its pens to Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Europe and Asia. It also specializes in manufacturing gel pens as e as refiae a ens with various ball diameters and trendy ink colours for catering to the requirements of its huge customer base.


Matador Group has achieved global recognition for its innovativeness and has been honoured with multiple awards including Superbrands Award (Dhaka, Bangladesh) in 2018, IDPEQ Award (Vienna, Austria) in 2017, IDSQ Award (Paris, France) in 2015, IQS Award (New York, USA) in 2014, and CIGQE Award (Geneva, Switzerland) in 2013.

Mount Litera Zee School

Promoting holistic education which goes beyond rote learning and encouraging children to have conceptual clarity and understanding, the academic culture at Mount Litera Zee School emphasizes, encourages, and facilitates students to extend learning beyond academics and imbibes life skills, good habits, and enduring human and socio-cultural values in them.


Mount Litera Zee School integrates world-class facilities to provide an inspiring atmosphere for imbibing knowledge. The school has modern resources and state-ofthe-art technology to enhance the learning process and support latest teaching and learning methodologies. The campus is nestled away from the bustle of the city and has also become an architectural landmark within the educational landscape of Mysore.


Its classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which enable the teachers to display photorealistic images while explaining scientific concepts and make students explore any part of the world virtually. This makes learning an enriching and engaging
experience. It also features laboratories for sciences, mathematics, and language acquisition to give the students a hands-on learning experience.

Dr. Thomas envisions education as a shared commitment between teachers and parents to enable the child enhance his/ her capabilities, interests and competencies.

Navyuga World School

Established in 2019, Navayuga World School believes in helping its students develop a progressive mindset. The school’s education is guided by its purpose and principles of humility, sensitivity, poise, and balance, helping its students being fearless learners.


Navayuga World School places its students at the centre of all teaching and learning activities. The school follows a progressive pedagogy where learning is not bound within the four walls of a classroom and finds meaning in real life applications and experiences.

Concepts are developed and honed through project-based learning and thematic approaches across grades where students have the opportunity to delve deeper into the concepts.

Navayuga World School will soon be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and aims to provide its students with a well-integrated curriculum to deliver the highest standards of internationally recognized curricula.The forward-thinking school promotes a global outlook where students and teachers can ethically engage with each other. The teacher-student ratio is maintained at 1:10 to ensure differential learning is addressed and no child is left behind in the process.


The school located in a sprawling lush green 8-acre wi-fi campus offers an ideal, safe and personalized learning environment. Well-ventilated and airconditioned classrooms are equipped with projectors and state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure. The campus has a huge dining area where students are served well-balanced, nutritious meals every day. It also has a multi-purpose hall, a play area, and studios for art, dance, and music.


Navayuga World School believes in continuous efforts to improve and innovate. The school applies the best practices from across the globe and international curriculum in its classrooms to provide the perfect blend of academic and co-curricular activities in the teaching learning process.

NWS takes pride in being a ‘reading school’ where reading is nurtured and not imposed. Also as part of the language curriculum at NWS, students are not bound to a single resource material or book, instead they have a list of novels of various genres as part of their course work for the year. While the language course inculcates the love for literature, the Mathematics program emphasizes the understanding of concepts rather than focusing on meaningless drills. Teachers with a vast scope of experience across curricula mentor students to enjoy learning in a fearless, happy environment.


Co-curricular activities such as art, dance and instrumental music are equally important to the holistic development of students at NWS. The school stands for value creation and imbibes in its students an equal appreciation for intellect, wisdom and talent. It offers excellent sporting facilities with specialized coaches for Tennis, Football, Cricket and Basketball. Students also have the special opportunity to train in Sailing, Horse Riding, and Golf.

Shriram Transport Finance

Apart from the commercial vehicle financing business, the conglomerate deals with consumer finance, life and general insurance, stockbroking, chit funds, other financial products like life and general insurance products as well as mutual funds.


Established in the year 1979, Shriram Transport Finance Company is registered as a deposit-taking Non-Banking Financial Company with the RBI. It extends services to similar asset groups for pre-owned, new commercial as well as passenger vehicles, tractors, three-wheelers and multi-utility vehicles.It also provides ancillary services such as finance for working capital, engine replacement, bill discounting, credit cards and tyre loans as holistic financing support.


Since its launch, Shriram Transport Finance Company’s goal has been to offer an array of products and services to guide a man on his path to prosperity. Along with its customers, the company has also enjoyed tremendous growth over the years. It has branches across the country in almost all commercial vehicle centres. It has established a strong presence in rural areas with an aim to increase its share in the pre-owned commercial vehicle market.

A customer-centric organisation that focuses on going one step further to provide a positive experience for its patrons, Shriram Transport Finance Company has a perfect understanding of the customer’s needs and takes great pride in it. Every product or service is tailor-made to suit the customer’s requirement.


Shriram Transport Finance Company has a team of experts who are hard working, experienced and possess excellent leadership qualities. The team keeps a tab on market trends and works towards ensuring the steady growth of the company, while also keeping its core values at the centre of the decisionmaking process.

Shriram Transport Finance Company’s work environment is employee-friendly and full of optimism. This nurturing environment has led to increased productivity and higher job satisfaction. Employees are made to feel welcome and are free to share opinions and ideas that would help propel the business and customer service. Shriram Transport Finance Company provides much scope for skill development and the individual growth of an employee. The management conducts many team-building activities and believes that with teamwork, the company can achieve its goals.


As Shriram Transport Finance Company works closely with small business owners, it understands and respects hard work. So, as a part of its CSR, it contributes to various social welfare projects that better the lives of the struggling working class. It focuses on healthcare, skill development, sanitation and education programmes aimed at the underprivileged sections of society. The organisation makes an effective contribution to society by associating with various stakeholders across the country. It also provides scholarships that enable children whose parents are transport workers to pursue formal education.

SM Renergy

Since January 2017, SMR has commissioned over 8.5MWp of rooftop solar PV assets across India and currently has 4MWp under construction. SMR has also expanded company operations in the Middle East based in Dubai and currently working on a 1.8MWp project in Dubai. It provides most competitive rates under CAPEX and OPEX Model and has an efficient internal Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Team. It is also maintaining 7MWp of distributed solar PV assets for various companies, including – Asian Paints, Yamaha, Fortis and Delhi Metro. It has three distinct verticals, namely Turnkey EPC (CAPEX) solutions for rooftop and ground mounted solar PV plants, Development of rooftop solar PV plants on a RESCO basis between 300kWp – 5000kWp and Operation & Maintenance for internal projects and 3rd party (B2B and B2C). It currently has offices in Delhi NCR, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bengaluru. However, it can install and commission a rooftop solar PV plant in any part of India.


Specializing primarily in the development of solar projects, the company offers the most affordable and reliable source of power generation for forward-looking power consumers. It is the preferred choice because of its core competencies in robust design capability, thorough and detailed project execution, continuous innovation, and deployment of quality products at viable rates.

Its EPC Model comprises a one-time payment received from the consumer to engineer, procure and construct a rooftop solar PV system at their premises on a turnkey basis. The developer may or may not undertake O&M services from SMR. Thus, with one time capital investment, the customers can enjoy economical and clean energy for 25 years. It is onestop solution for solar PV and is inclusive of relevant product guarantees and warranties. In addition, SMR assists the customers in procuring relevant permits and approvals. SMR’s RESCO Model involves the signing of a power purchase agreement with the power off-taker and owner of the rooftop at a pre-fixed tariff for a specified period of time. It provides the customers with cheaper and cleaner energy, with ZERO investment. Thus, the model involves no upfront capital investment. Its pre-fixed agreed tariff for power sale for the next 25 years is lower than the existing grid tariffs.


The customers derive substantial monetary savings through reduced power bills. It provides end to end service delivery using quality equipment and workmanship. It provides hassle-free maintenance, ensuring high performance.


Within a short period, SM Renergy has executed many rooftop solar PV projects and catered to reputed commercial, industrial and institutional entities across India. Effectively supporting the ambition of many organizations to meet and resolve their energy needs, the company has a long list of prestigious clients including GITAM University, PES University, Tafe Motors, KL Steels, Delhi Public School, Tagore International Schools, Raj Steel Rolling Mills, Daspalla Group of Hotels, Vizag Conventions and Varun Group.

Sobtis Public School

As a coeducational institute, Sobtis Public School, Bareilly, is making learning a catalyst for drawing out the hidden potential of the students and is preparing them to meet the global challenges while simultaneously ingraining the traditional Indian values in them.


In today’s fast changing world when limitless opportunities are opening up for the young, the school is extra watchful of the dangers that confront the young generation and is concerned about the escalating alienation of adolescents.

The institute vehemently believes that the traditional Indian values which have been passed on to us over the ages are quiet relevant even today, and intends to instill the values of kindness, integrity, courtesy and respect for elders and teachers, truthfulness, ahimsa or non-violence (towards the environment – whether living or inanimate) in the students.

Besides ensuring that the students develop emotional strength and sound character, and achieve academic success, Sobtis Public School also provides the students with a conducive atmosphere to enable them to grapple with problems, learn to draw on a variety of resources and construct their own meaning rather than accepting narrow definitions and rote-based learning.

The school has emerged as an abode of holistic learning where the students feel cared about, welcomed, valued and are seen as more than just learners and their uniqueness is valued.

SRC Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Established in June 2009 as a Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization, SRC Laboratories made its foray into commercial manufacturing in 2015. Within a short period, it secured the respectable position of being India’s fastest growing supplier of API-Intermediates.


SRC Laboratories has commissioned state-of-the-art facilities in Raichur, Karnataka, close to the pharmaceutical hub of Hyderabad. Due to its location, it can deliver quality products at a reasonable price and provide the most cost-effective solutions while adhering to rapid delivery schedules. A stickler for compliance, the company has obtained the requisite certifications and approvals includes EC clearance; CFO from KSPCB, Karnataka; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 accreditations; Anthranilic Acid and Acetic anhydride License from NCB, Bengaluru; Explosive License, Liquid Nitrogen Storage from Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO); Hazardous Waste Certificate from KSPCB, Karnataka; Importer & Exporter Code (IEC); FEI No & DUNS.


The firm has a proven track record for acting as a reliable and trustworthy Contract Manufacturing Unit for numerous leading pharmaceutical companies. It considers its people as an integral part of its operations and has devised appropriate compensation plans, feedback mechanism, training and enhancement of their skills. It provides equal opportunities, modern facilities and an enabling work environment that upholds the dignity of its employees.

The manufacturing units of SRC Laboratories are flexible enough to work on a wide range of batch sizes in varying reactions. The units comply with all regulatory requirements with approvals from numerous prominent regulatory bodies. They are designed, equipped and operated to deliver high-quality products within bounds of cost and delivery schedules.

SRC Laboratories, in its plant area spanning 2 acres, has developed strong production and reaction capabilities – 3 Production blocks, 20 Reactors with 56,700 liters volumetric capacity, column chromatography for purification, liquid nitrogen storage vessel for Cryo reaction, hydrogenator for pressure reactions as well as hot oil system for high-temperature reactions. Specializing in R&D, new molecule development, and process optimization, SRC Laboratories, as an approved vendor, offers its valuable services to companies includes Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, MSN Group of companies, Mylan Laboratories Ltd, Piramal Enterprises Ltd, Hetero Labs Limited, Megafine Pharma Pvt Ltd, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aurobindo Pharma, Divi’s Laboratories Ltd and Bal Pharma Ltd, among others.

SRC Laboratories is dedicated to developing, producing and delivering high-quality API-intermediates while conforming to demanding and stringent international quality standards. By paying careful attention to detail at every stage, it has quickly won the customer’s trust in delivering safe and effective API- intermediates in the shortest possible time. As a firm committed to customer satisfaction, it has recently received the Best Pharma Company Award from HMTV.

Tribe Student Accommodation

Safe and comfortable accommodation is the basic necessity of students, particularly the girl students studying at venues away from home. The high calibre team of Tribe Student Accommodation executives has exquisitely planned hostels with adorable structures, aesthetic interiors, and the latest design to strike the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and luxury. Special attention is paid to facility management, quality food, timely food delivery, use of technology, and over-all operations at the hostels.


Realizing that the accommodation options for students studying away from home are limited to campus, private hostels, and paying guest accommodations ridden with a lot of problems, Tribe Student Accommodation founded a housing complex with the latest amenities and a congenial environment to facilitate all-round development of the inmates. It offers multiple luxury amenities like key-less & cashless campus, attached bathrooms, round-the-clock café, study zone, fitness center, laundry facilities, job fairs, emergency medical services, housekeeping facilities, foolproof female security and entertainment avenues.

Due to its innovative business model, it has been featured in several major publications. What’s more, it has also been bestowed with India’s Best Design Project Award 2019, and the Student Housing Project of the Year 2019 Award.