Sukesha Mahesh Kadaba

As someone who has always been interested in the science of cooking, starting Nutrezy was a natural step for Ms. Kadaba. After the sudden demise of her father, she started thinking deeply about the lack of nutrition in our diets. This prompted her to spend many years on research, during which she gained holistic knowledge on nutrition. After in-depth research and thorough analysis, she established Nutrezy with the sole intention of making nutrition easy. The brand, which makes lip-smacking, healthy and nutritious snacks, made its foray into the market through the e-commerce space and now it is all set to capture the world of retail.


As someone who has always been conscious about eating right, Ms. Kadaba started experimenting in her kitchen. Determined to find solutions to unhealthy eating habits due to time constraints, she identified recipes that could easily become a part of modern living. Her daughter Ms. Komal Mahesh Kadaba, co-founder of Nutrezy, who has a Masters Degree in Healthcare, joined her in this journey.

Together, they persevered to turn Nutrezy into a popular brand among health-conscious people. Both mother and daughter, who are proponents of a healthy lifestyle, experimented with various ingredients to come up with recipes that appeal to a variety of palates. No wonder their rich knowledge in the field of nutrition and consistent and dedicated efforts have driven the organisation towards newer territories of success.


Through hard work and crystal clear guidance from Ms. Kadaba, Nutrezy has introduced snack bars in numerous flavours and varieties for its customers. These bars include various nuts and seeds that provide wholesome goodness. At present, the customers can relish these three nutrition bar variants – Almond Cranberry Crunch, Blueberry Granola Bar and the Cocoa Dates Delight.

The other significant feature of Nutrezy snacking bars is that they are devoid of any preservatives or added sugar, which is great for weight-watchers as well. The products are safe and fresh, owing to a reasonably long shelf-life of 9 months. With the brand expanding its portfolio to millet cereals, protein powders and protein savoury snacks, there is something for everyone.


Under the prudent guidance of someone as vigilant as Ms. Kadaba, Nutrezy has been able to go from strength to strength. By setting up a company that is focused on nutrition, this passionate entrepreneur hopes to achieve a larger goal; she wants society to come together and adopt a healthy eating habit.

Bringing taste and health together is a challenge that the mother-daughter duo has accomplished through Nutrezy. Through these products, people of all ages can relish and enjoy the best of taste and health combined. Gradually, yet continually, the brand has made it possible and convenient for the common man to derive nutrition from nutritious snacks. The firm has enjoyed a fruitful journey so far but there are still many milestones to accomplish. Through Ms. Kadaba’s efforts and continuous guidance, the brand is sure to scale greater heights.

Varun Bagla


With prior experience of working as a Property Consultant at JDL Strategies Queensland, Australia, Mr. Varun Bagla is now following the footprints of his father to make Saltee Group reach newer heights of success.

Upbeat and buoyant about the growth of Saltee Group in the future, Mr. Varun Bagla plans to mark its presence by expanding the project portfolio – be it restaurants, lounges, banquets, guest suites or any other residential or commercial projects – by meeting the growing need of buyers across multiple cities, investing in streamlining processes to procure quality material and recruiting qualified professionals in areas like project management, architecture and engineering.


Mr. Varun Bagla’s objective is to help buyers make informed property investment decisions in India by providing them with detailed information about projects and their future prospects, a true comparison and full documentation in order to ensure builder’s credibility; extending pre-sales, sales and post-sales support services to garner the reputation of being the most trustworthy and high-quality real estate developer among the buyers.

Mr. Varun Bagla is striving hard to establish Saltee Group as the preferred choice and the most organized and customer-centric organization in the realty sector. Building up on his experience and expertise, he finds himself in a position to soar higher with a pan-India growth strategy to deliver unique and innovative projects in the forthcoming years.

His belief that “nothing great can be achieved without energy and devotion” is ably supported by a great team of professionals and skilled personnel who are committed and willing to push the entire system to develop novel ideas and products that redefine the company itself. Admiring the worth of human resource as a vital and inseparable asset, he is highly concerned about the welfare of his people.


To make Saltee Group the most valuable, innovative and admired company that creates enormous value for their buyers, stakeholders and the economy, Mr. Varun Bagla continuously plans and hones the market strategies to develop, maintain and improve performance while complying with best practices, legal and other necessities, communicating with contractors, customers, regulatory bodies, environmental experts and stakeholders.

He has played a crucial role in modernizing the business operations, expanding market reach and refining all aspects of profitably running the business by providing new-age real estate solutions across all sections of society. With a thorough understanding of the needs of the affluent class of the society, he has matched his pace with time to cater to the diverse needs of the people by developing some of the unique and majestic designs, world-class amenities, lavish and tranquil residential and commercial projects.

A man of supreme commitment, Mr. Varun Bagla’s enormity lies in the fact that he is not just another builder but a great innovator with unbelievable success in building, promoting and strengthening the Saltee Group empire.

CP Gurnani

The life of CP Gurnani has been a saga of innumerous transitions. However, with an unyielding fortitude, he not only scaled every challenge victoriously, but also acquired profound wisdom from each one of them. Even when things happened at a frightening pace, he concentrated on collecting worthy memories and experiences, and moved on with an unceasing passion. In fact, challenging circumstances ignited in him the verve to achieve the unattained. For a boy who had no idea of what a computer was till he was in his late teens and for a professional without a business administration degree, leading a multinational conglomerate through a pivotal transformational journey alone wasnít easy. But, he pulled it through stupendously!

The story of this sedulous gentleman is a quintessential example that proves that no dream is far from reality if one works hard and is determined to achieve oneís goals.


Born in the fatherland of the Central Reserve Police Force ñ Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh, CP Gurnaniís childhood was spent in various cities of Rajasthan like Chittorgarh, Kota, Jodhpur and Jaipur due to multiple transfers his fatherís job at the Central Bureau of Narcotics offered.

Before moving to a new place his father would always tell him, ìYouíre going to a new city, to a new neighborhood, and to a new school. The city does not need you, the neighborhood does not need you, and the school does not need you. But you need all of them. The initiative belongs to you and nobody owes you anything.î These words of his father developed in him an understanding towards the fact that he himself will have to initiate the process of change in self to adapt in ever-changing surroundings.

He gracefully matched his pace with lifeís changes and filled his journal of memories with elaborate learning experiences in the cities to which he moved. He developed strong friendships and unbreakable bonds during this phase of life and they remain with him till today. ìDespite all these transfers, my kindergarten, school and college friends joined me to celebrate my daughterís wedding. These are my proudest moments and they donít get you an award,î he remarks.

This itinerancy is still an inseparable part of his lifestyle as he spends the major portion of the year travelling within the country and overseas for business. In addition to helping the company grow, he uses these travel experiences to groom himself. His devotion towards work keeps him going; his fatherís words constantly keep his soul inspired. A journey down memory lane gives him the spirit to move ahead. He likes to turn the pages of his life one at a time while making sure that each page is scribbled with extraordinary tales that can become inspiration for generations to come.


Very soon after the computers were introduced in India CP (as he is fondly called) developed an unfathomable passion towards technology. The unique macrocosm of computers sparked a keen fascination towards machines, and he envisioned a future for himself in the world of technology.

He graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Though choosing this major was not a very easy decision for him as the ocean of options available created a dilemma, he is now content and proud of this choice. ìEngineering trains a student in the art of compromise and optimization between pure science and real world applications. My study and work at NITR has enhanced my skills in analysis and building solutions,î he remarks.

His days at NITR hold a very special place in his heart. He remembers the place as a rollercoaster of challenges and cheers. He was never at the top of his class, but was a very active and keen student and was a member of the college hockey team and the AV club. Debates and discussions were his hobbies. He ensured that he gleaned the most from his years at college. At the suggestion of a friend, he joined Rotaract ñ the youth wing of Rotary Club, Rourkela as well.

Being a highly skilled entrepreneur, he reckons NITR gave him unforeseen opportunities to challenge and reinvent himself. He attributes his industrial skills to the training he got in college.


CP had worked with several renowned companies, handling diverse responsibilities, before joining Tech Mahindra in 2004.

His professional journey started in 1975 as a chemical engineer at JK Synthetics in Kota. He, however, realized he would not be successful at his role, for he was fascinated by computers and IT. He soon shifted to design engineering, and was later recruited by Lloyd Insulations as a management trainee. He was good at his work, but he had an insatiable hunger to grow.

He later joined Fenner, of which he says, ìFenner provided me with a Fiat. Hailing from a middle class background, it was a big incentive for me, and I joined themî. But, he was soon bored of his job, and wanted to do something with technology ñ the specifics of which he did not know.

It was around 1986 and the computers were fast becoming popular. He quit his job at Fenner and joined HCL at the age of 27. Joining HCL was a chance that he took, for he did not know how to work on computers, and it paid off well for all.


CP led Tech Mahindra through a series of surprises and challenges. Under his immaculate guidance, not only was the legacy of the name ëMahindraí alive and thriving, but his indefatigable efforts and management skills led the company on an unprecedented path of glory. His strong leadership qualities are conspicuous in the exceptional performance of the company on domestic and global platforms every passing year.

CP lets his actions do all the talking; his entrepreneurial expertise doesnít need a testimony. Faced with the challenge of reviving Satyam Computer Services Limited ñ he was the foremost choice to revive the company when Tech Mahindra acquired it in 2009 ñ he didnít prove anyone wrong; he just worked and silently achieved the impossible. He not only inspired the entire world by resuscitating an impaired company and the reputation of India, but also regained the trust of customers and employees. Sleepless nights and a determined resolution to right the wrongs proved to be part of his business duties while he diligently revitalized the business.


CP believes in leading with the people. His amicable nature has helped him build a strong team of loyal friends, colleagues, and clients. His ability to connect with people has carved a niche in the heart of everyone he meets.

A strong believer in the good of people, CP prefers nurturing the potential in people to help everyone emerge a leader. His uncanny skill of assessing the potential of each person helps him spot winners and nurture them.

A considerate and empathizing leader, he has made provisions for employees working overtime so that they do not go hungry and have transport available whenever required. A true motivator, he believes in the potential of the countryís youth and is ready to go out of his way to support their growth.


CPís life is certainly an inspiration for many generations to come. His style of working ñ be it leading a team, getting things done, nurturing his employees, or simply innovating new styles of management for the growth of organization and employees ñ is admired and followed by other contemporary leaders.

His uninterrupted piquancy has given him a chance to lead and assist NASSCOM in catalyzing the growth of Indian technology and services industry as its Chairman. He has been chosen to assist the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh regarding IT matters of the state.

He is one of the few leaders who encourage their employees to make mistakes, to take risks, and to innovate. He dreams of turning India into a technology centre for the world ñ a dream he wishes to pursue as the Chairman of NASSCOM.

He works with the energy of a 20-year-old who is fresh out of college and is seeking to learn as much as he can. He constantly evolves himself and considers a day wasted if he has not learned something new.

He sees his future filled with endless exciting adventures and opportunities that will help him grow as an individual. Signing off with his aspirations for the future, CP says, ìI want to be a relevant global player. But if I donít take advantage of Indiaís growing economy, Indiaís growing youth, and if I donít provide solutions, the world is not going to wait for me.

Dr. Rameswar Rao Jupally

Dr. Rameswar Rao Jupally, at present 61 has the enthusiasm of a 21 year old and he doesnít believe in mincing his words at all. His composed demeanor and calm smile is enough to put one in awe of his simplicity and humility, and a heartfelt respect is naturally developed. From a simple man to a doctor to a successful industrialist, Dr. Jupally has made a lasting impression, both on a professional and a personal note.

He was born in an agricultural family in 1955 at a small village called Kudikilla in Mahaboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh. Situated in the vicinity of Nallapura forests, the village had very few facilities and Dr. Rameswar Rao Jupally had to walk miles to attend his school.

He then later moved to Hyderabad for his higher education and graduated in homeopathy. He reminisces that this was the period when he learned to manage his life on his own, as he had to survive the month with the little money that his brother sent him. This phase made him grow as a person and helped him prioritize his tasks and aspirations.


Dr. Jupally has always been a very sensitive person believing in equal rights and facilities for every section of the society. He stood as a voice for the underprivileged and set up his homeopathy practice near Dilsukhnagar, an area where many poor and illiterate people lived. As a practicing homeopath he strived a great deal to mitigate their social and financial needs.

Dr. Jupally was slowly realizing that he was more than just a doctor and had the capability to do something different and big. The turning point came in his life when his friend who later became his partner, C. Satyanarayana advised him to invest Rs. 50,000 in a plot. After three years, Dr. Jupally sold the plot at a price of Rs. 1.50 lacs, and this made him understand the vast potential of the real estate sector. Thus, in 1981 Dr. Rao gave up his medical practice and became a whole time real-estate developer with My Home Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

He later diversified into varying businesses and added cement manufacturing and power generation into the groupís portfolio. He also ventured into the education sector in 1991 as he firmly believes that education is a must to create a healthy society.


Apart from being a successful industrialist, Dr. Rameswar Rao Jupally is also dedicated to his family. His four sons have imbibed his values, morals and spiritual knowledge. The quality time spent by him with his family has enabled them to face life boldly.

Dr. Jupally is very down to earth in nature and sees every other person in the same light. He treats everyone from the mason to the manager of his projects with the same respect. He tries to solve their problems and attends to their moments of happiness without any ego.

He has also actively been a part of many CSR activities through his establishment. His vision is exemplary and is personally involved in uplifting the poor and the down trodden. In todayís materialistic world he strives to instil confidence to the upcoming generation, to visualise their dreams and make them a tangible reality.

Praveen Kumar Nedungadi

In an era where most of the people are competing with each other to stay ahead in the race, there are very few individuals who actually follow ethical ways to win. These individuals not only think about their own profits but also understand the need to make headway together with the community they are living in. In every industry whether it is transportation, media or real estate, one is able to notice these dynamic and true personalities that take a step forward to improve the erstwhile conditions in their respective fields.

Ignited by the passion to transform the face of Indian Real Estate sector, Mr. Praveen Kumar Nedungadi, the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Incredible India Projects Private Limited, has come to the fore as an industry veteran with his extraordinary management strategies and accomplishments he has achieved in the real estate industry of India.

Mr. Nedungadi ensures that every project excels in terms of the quality and standards. This perfection seeker maintains the project documentation, and technical and progress reports along with the responsibility of managing the sales and marketing programs.

After getting a postgraduate degree in M.Com. from Agra University, Mr. Nedungadi has accumulated an experience of almost 18 years in the industry.


During his past years, Mr. Nedungadi realized that the customers never receive the quality products and services at the right price from the real estate firms. As he was strongly against this practice, the idea of establishing his own firm clicked in his mind. Hence, he laid down the strong foundation of Incredible India Projects in the year 2007. The company embarked on its long journey with 25 acres but today it marks its name on more than 1,600 acres of land. For achievements like these, Mr. Nedungadi has dedicatedly targeted customersí satisfaction as one of the major driving factors in his profession.

Mr. Nedungadi goes along with values such as ëBeing Brilliant Togetherí, ëChallenging Everything ñ Delivering Excellenceí and ëMaximizing Potentialí with which he is able to steer the company towards the ìRealty Revolutionî. He has a crystal clear motto of ìquality and sustainable developmentî, which is the backbone of IIPPL. He wants to lay a strong foundation of trust through his world-class quality developments.

Talking about his best strategies, Mr. Nedungadi says, ìA satisfied customer is the best strategyî. It reflects his idea of keeping his customers at the top of his priority list. His immense belief in the customer centricity is also followed at his establishment very well.


Sharing his views, Mr. Nedungadi remarks, ìBe fearless as no one can stop your growth. Never think twice when it comes to contributing your share for the development of the society. Always be prepared with a well-thought plan, and make sure that you implement it properly and ethically.î His strong belief in the ethical and moral values has its roots in his admiration of the sacred scripture Bhagavad Gita.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani

As the Chairman and Managing Director of $51billion (revenue) Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Mr Mukesh Ambani is also its largest shareholder with a stake of 44.7%.

Under his astute leadership, RIL is on an expansion-spree, is efficiently capturing new markets, and has acquired the status of India’s second-most valuable company by market value and is fairing extremely well in refining, petrochemicals and in the oil and gas sectors.

Another bright feather in his heavily embellished cap is Reliance Retail Limited, which is the largest retailer in India.


Vehemently asserting that “Data is the new oil” at almost every platform, Mr Mukesh Ambani has explicitly expressed his intensions of digital expansion. He further states, “Anything and everything that can go digital is going digital. India cannot afford to be left behind.” No wonder, under his quintessential leadership, Reliance has swept the communication market through the ambitious Jio project whose revolutionary impact will play a substantial role in molding the future of India and will work towards bridging the urban-rural divide by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions and households.

His strategy of offering free domestic voice calls, economical data services and virtually free smartphones, has catapulted Jio to the most popular telecommunications brand.

Efficiently providing wireless 4G LTE service network (without 2G/3G-based services), Jio is the only ‘VoLTEonly’ (voice over LTE) operator in the country which lacks legacy network support of 2G and 3G, with coverage across all 22 telecom circles in India. Besides acquiring 16 million subscribers, within the first month of its launch – the fastest ramp-up by any mobile network operator anywhere in the world – Jio crossed 50 million subscriber mark in 83 days since its launch and has subsequently earned more than 130 million subscribers.


The foundation of Reliance was laid in 1957 by Mr Dhirubhai Ambani as a provider of textile yarns to textile manufacturers. Foraying into textile manufacturing in the mid 1960’s, he set up his first factory in the year 1966. The lack of a proper distribution arm, which was necessary to avoid dependence on the existing players and to keep costs low, along with a shortage of funding led Reliance to come out with an IPO in 1977, raising US$ 1.8mn and in the process starting the capital markets culture in India.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai, Mr Mukesh Ambani was pursuing his MBA from Stanford University when he dropped out to assist his father in the construction of a polyester filament yarn plant after it got a license from the Indian government in 1981 to produce polyester filament yarn, beating the likes of other well-known Indian business houses such as the Tatas and Birlas. He efficiently facilitated its backward integration from polyester into textiles and then into petrochemicals in 1986 and later on carried out its upstream integration with oil and gas exploration and production, and more recently has enabled its smooth venturing into various unrelated sectors.


In the late nineties, Mr Mukesh Ambani spearheaded the creation of the world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat, with a capacity of 660,000 barrels per day (33 million tonnes a year), and integrated it with petrochemicals, power generation, port and related infrastructure. This crude oil refinery is one of the largest in the world, with 2% of global processing capacity and constitutes 15% of India’s exports, 4% of its stock market capitalization and 3% of its tax revenues and is the country’s largest private corporate investor. Further, he steered the setting up of another 580,000-barrels-per-day refinery next to the first one in Jamnagar. With an aggregate refining capacity of 1.24 million barrels of oil per day at a single location, Jamnagar has acquired the coveted title of ‘the refining hub of the world.’

He also led Reliance’s development of multiple new world-class manufacturing facilities involving diverse technologies and implementation of a pan-India organized retail network spanning multiple formats and supply chain infrastructure. Today, Reliance Industries is the world’s largest producer of polyester fiber and yarn and Reliance Retail is the largest organised retail player in India.

He has created global records in customer acquisition for Jio, Reliance’s digital services initiative. He led and established one of the world’s most expansive 4G broadband wireless network offering end-to-end solutions that address the entire value chain across various digital services in key domains of national interest, such as education, healthcare, security, financial services, government-citizen interfaces, and entertainment.


Mr Mukesh Ambani is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry, Government of India, and the Board of Governors of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, India. He is the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gujarat.

He is also a member of Indo-U.S. CEOs’ Forum, India Advisory Council of The British Asian Trust (as Chairman), International Advisory Council of The Brookings, McKinsey & Company International Advisory Council, Global Advisory Council of Bank of America, The Business Council, India Advisory Group of the London School of Economics.

Mr Mukesh Ambani is an elected Foreign Member of the prestigious United States National Academy of Engineering. Only nine other Indians have received this honour. He is the only Indian to be featured on Global Game Changers List of a leading international magazine. He has been awarded as Economic Times Business Leader of the Year, 2017 and has won Othmer Gold Medal by Chemical Heritage Foundation, USA in 2016. He was offered an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee in and Honorary Doctor of Science by Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in 2013. He was conferred the title of ‘Entrepreneur of the Decade’ by All-India Management Association in 2013.


Always supporting him in every thick and thin of life, as his pillar of strength, his better half Ms Nita Ambani, has significantly contributed to and made measurable progress toward his vision of an inclusive India. As the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, she contributes to a positive societal impact through diverse community engagement initiatives. Established in 2010 to provide impetus to various philanthropic initiatives of RIL, the efforts of the group have already touched the lives of more than 15 million people across India in more than 13,500 villages and 80 urban locations.

Sohani Hossain

It is a proven fact that environment plays a major role in shaping one’s personality. Ms. Sohani Hossain had a rich upbringing which facilitated her all-round development and nurtured her creative streak. She is not only industrious but also a very creative person and efficiently handles the responsibility of employing around 10,000 people in her corporation – Universal Group – in the capacity of Managing Director. As she herself puts it, “I was born in a cultural family. In my house there were always the magazines, Begum and Chitrali. In my childhood, I was a class Captain and after that I became involved in politics. I protested wrong doings since an early age. When my husband became infected with cancer, my first priority was my employees and as a result of my dedication, Universal Group is where it is today.”

Talking about her Late Father-in-law and husband, who have been a constant source of inspiration for her, especially in the world of business, she says, “I am very fond of these two people in my life. I was beside my husband when he built this corporation. My father-in-law was involved in the cinema hall business. Due to his interest in the cinema hall business, my husband built 21 halls in the northern part of the country. Even I was inspired to make films and I received recognition for them. My husband was in the food industry and pharmaceuticals business. Also, my uncle-in-law was the founder of the first milk based community ‘Milkvita’ in Bangladesh.” She further states, “My husband created ‘Universal Tasty Saline’ thinking of the working class people after a long day at work. We have also worked to popularise ‘Universal Hajmi’ in Bangladesh.”

An Optimist to the Core

Despite having faced various ups and downs in life, Ms. Sohani is an eternal optimist who always sees the proverbial glass as full. Sharing her success mantra, she elaborates, “My life is divided into many parts. In my opinion working against opposition brings success. In my dictionary there is no word such as failure. I keep on persisting until I succeed. I am a cancer survivor. I see the beauty in other people and in other things, and this ability means success to me. I always kept knowledge of cultural activities and events all round the world and I was also a class captain during my school days. I am always working to never be an instrument and to always portray an institution first; this is my story to success.”

Giving her Best for the Welfare of humanity

Ms. Sohani has dealt with social problems decisively and believes that one must adopt a compassionate and humanistic approach for best solutions to world’s social problems. She feels that “by having compassion or a strong feeling of sympathy for other people’s suffering and a desire to help, humans would be able to solve these problems.”

After the demise of her husband Mr. Mobarak Hossain Ratna, despite braving cancer she kept going through her sheer will and determination, and helped every person in difficulty, including the employees of the Universal Group. She paints her own vision for the people and the society. With a view that every human being is equal and possesses the right to have a respectable living, she works for the upliftment of the marginalized people, especially the women who have been abandoned, abused and exposed to drugs, the so-called ‘untouchables’ and the third gender community in society. By including them in societal works, giving them education and by providing them with jobs in her own organisation, she has provided them with the opportunity to live life with dignity and has left no stone unturned to help them return to normal lives. She asserts, “To me everybody is equal and my battle is against the discrimination of people in this society. They are no less than any other employee in my corporation.”

Describing about her inclination towards empowering women, she further adds, “As a woman, I feel responsible for other women. They are my power, my inspiration. My battle is for them.” Talking about the predicament of a former convict whom she employed in her organisation, Ms. Sohani describes, “Due to problems, these women turn to drugs. Everybody criticizes but no one supports them. She is a talented girl and my corporation is for these victims.”

No wonder she is usually referred to as ‘Maa Durga’ at the work front. Elaborating on the reason behind this, Ms. Sohani explains, “Durga means a protector. I believe in equality and promote equality. If anyone asks for my help I try to do so as per my abilities. Perhaps this is why my Universal family knows me as Maa Durga.”

Ms. Sohani’s compassion is not limited to humans as she is an ardent pet-lover as well. Reminiscing about her childhood days, she says, “Dogs and cats were part of my family, I have seen my mother taking food out of her plate and feeding it to the dogs. My compassion started a very early age.”

Garnering numerous Awards & Accolands

An innate philanthropist and a popular author, Ms. Sohani has received numerous awards and recognitions for her contribution to the welfare of humanity and her works of art. For her social work, she received the 147th Dadasaheb Phalke Award and the 15th Mother Teresa International Award in India. She has also been awarded by South Korea International Taekwondo Federation. Her works for the 3rd gender community brought her recognition from the 3rd gender people’s shelter in Pabna.

For her contributions as a Bangla songwriter, Ms. Sohani received the Global Music Award in Dubai. She acquired the Achiever Award for the roles in the Bangla Film Industry. She was also recognized as a female film personality in the Khajuraho Film Festival.

For her part in literature, she received the Chokh Sahitya Award in Kolkata. Kolkata’s Pet Wellness Society awarded her with the title of ‘Prani Hitoishi’. She received the Nobochetona Sangskritik Sangathan recognition and was acknowledged by the Bangladesh Cultural Association.

Ms. Sohani has been awarded many times within the country and outside but she regards these recognitions as her country’s achievements. She is of the view that her biggest accomplishment is people’s love and affection for her and not these awards. Extremely passionate about art, she has been consistently writing for more than two decades despite her busy schedule and other obligations.

An inspiration

Ms. Sohani believes that the most essential ingredients for success are “Honesty, unity and dedication.” She adds, “I always dedicate some of my time to God.” Her mantra for success is “making good use of opportunities.” Her strength and resilience are apparent from her never-saydie attitude. She asserts, “I am a warrior. I can swim in deep waters.” Her advice to those who are struggling in life is “Don’t give up; if I can survive cancer then you can survive anything.”

Being extremely positive about the present socioeconomic scenario in Bangladesh, she believes that everybody should contribute at their individual level for the prosperity of the nation. Her optimism and love for her country is quite explicit from her words, “Everybody is doing their own work, the government is working hard to improve the country’s ranking and the individuals are also working hard. Even though there are limitations but there are also possibilities. If everybody works hard together our country and our people can prosper. We have to understand that we are the country, the nation who gave blood for our own language and for our own freedom. If only we have love for our country and commitment towards our country we can help it develop.”

Manwar Hossain

As the eldest son of Mr. Alhaj Anwar Hossain, the Chairman of Anwar Group of Industries, Mr. Manwar Hossain has been efficiently carrying forward the legacy of trust and excellence established by his father. A sincere and dedicated student, he completed his schooling from the St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, India in ICSE and ISC boards with flying colours. Owing to his excellent record in academics, he was also felicitated with a silver medal by the Duke of Edinburgh. After graduating from the University of Hampshire, USA, in 1992; he returned to his motherland and joined the family business in 1994.

Following his father’s footsteps, Mr. Manwar Hossain is efficiently spearheading the Group, which has spread its branches far and wide in the form of different business units namely Anwar Ispat Ltd., Anwar Cement Ltd., Anwar Cement Sheet Ltd., A-One Polymer Ltd., Anwar Galvanizing Ltd., Anwar Landmark Ltd., Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd., Anwar Silk Mills Ltd., Mehmud Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Hossain Dyeing and Printing Mills Ltd., Athena’s Furniture & Home Décor and AG Auto Ltd. He is leading BD Finance & Investment Company Limited in the capacity of Chairman and is Director at Modhumoti Bank Ltd., BD Finance Securities Ltd., BD Finance Capital Holdings Ltd. and City General Insurance Company Ltd.


The Group’s rich entrepreneurial history can be traced back to the 19th century. In the year 1834, Mr. Lakku Miah, Mr. Anwar Hossain’s grandfather, was involved in the manufacturing of ivory combs and buttons and used to sell them in Kolkata. His son, Mr. Rahim Baksh, soon took over the business after his demise and played a significant role in diversification of business by trading in cloth and fabrics. The products were then sold to wholesalers located on and around the Harrison Road in Kolkata.

More than 100 years of experience, sustainability, honesty, integrity and continuous innovations are the key drivers which have enabled the Group to acquire a mammoth stature. The magnificent heritage of Anwar Group of industries had modest beginnings in 1834, stretching back to almost nine decades when they set up an ivory button and comb manufacturing plant in Dhaka. Anwar Group took its first step towards creating its core of excellence and sophistication in the early sixties by setting up and operating a silk textile unit.

Since then, the Group has come a long way towards diversifying its operations into seven major industrial and business sectors, as it quickly grew to become an important contributor to Bangladesh’s economy. The Group’s two of the most popular products among others are Mala Sarees and Manwar Cutleries, which have enabled it to achieve immense success and have garnered both domestic and international recognition for the brand.


Under Mr. Manwar Hossain’s leadership, Anwar Group has successfully positioned itself as a market leader by implementing new ideas, creating new and exciting products and investing in improving the existing services. Innovation has been a catalyst for its growth and success and its culture of innovation has enabled its employees to generate new ideas and new ways of working to match the rapidly changing market scenario and the increasing demands of the customers.

Owing to his foresight and zeal for innovation, Mr. Manwar Hossain has enabled Anwar Group to emerge as the first electrical cable, textile and fabrics, PTFE tape and UPVC fittings manufacturer in the country. Under his guidance, the group has diversified into building materials like steel rebars, cement, cement roofing sheets and GI fittings, automobile brake drums and wide range of water pumps. Furthermore, it is promoter of a Private Sector Commercial Bank, Investment Company, and Insurance Company.

According to Mr. Manwar Hossain, “By the Grace of the Almighty Allah, the Group began to assume its shape of brilliance and consistent innovation through sincere dedication towards delivering world-class products and services, becoming one of the few leaders in the country and is now well poised to make its mark on the global arena.”


Mr. Manwar Hossain vehemently believes that employees play a very significant role in the growth of an organization. He rightly asserts, “The Secret of my success in the business – is my people. They are the most important asset for me. Their role behind of my success is very important. I always respect them from the core part of my heart”. Though he is extremely satisfied and happy about the pivotal contribution of the Group in the national economy and gives its due credit to the employees, Mr. Manwar Hossain believes that “it is of utmost importance that the Group conducts its practices in adherence to the most ethical standards and paramount honesty. Moreover, it is equally important that Group bears in mind the value of each citizen of the country and shows a nation-wide commitment by providing the best of quality products and services to valued customers.”


In his bid to contribute towards the development and prosperity of Bangladesh, Mr. Manwar Hossain actively involves himself with different trade bodies and financial institutions. He is currently the President of Bangladesh Auto Re-Rolling & Steel Mills Association (BARSMA), the Vice President of Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association (BCMA) and the holds the position of a Governor at International Chrysotile Association.

Richly contributing to numerous financial institutions with his expertise, he is currently associated with BD Finance & Investment Company Ltd. as Chairman and is the Director of Modhumoti Bank Ltd., BD Finance Securities Ltd., BD Finance Capital Holdings Ltd. and City General Insurance Company Ltd. He has also been the Vice Chairman and Director of the City Bank Ltd., the Chairman and Director of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. and the Director of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) in the past.


The success of Anwar Group is the sum of the collective endeavours of its dedicated employees and the noble vision of its management. Taking pride in the century old legacy of Anwar Group and valuing its sincere employees, who have enabled it to emerge as one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh with numerous industrial units and several trading and service sector outfits,

Mr. Manwar Hossain envisions that “their products and services would have touched every Bangladeshi’s life by 2020, in one way or another.” He further adds, “By 2020, the Group would also like to enroll at least 20,000 people with employment.”


Under Mr. Manwar Hossain’s leadership, Anwar Group is consistently working in continuity with its pursuit of excellence by following ethical practices and delivering premium quality products and services and is retaining the trust and faith of its loyal customers.

Besides being an exceptional entrepreneur, Mr. Manwar Hossain is environmentally conscious, a strong advocate of sustainable development and ensures that the Group adopts an eco-friendly approach to development. As a result, in most of the cases, the Group follows the green practices externally and internally. Under his guidance, the group is also involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in the sector of education, provides free health services, conducts tree plantations and is a regular contributor to various social organizations.

Nishita Shah

Nishita has inherited her father, Kirit’s crystal-clear vision, which has been guiding her through the various stages of her professional life. Her business acumen has earned her a reputation of one of the dynamic young entrepreneurs who inspire women across the world. She graduated from the Boston University’s School of Management in 2002 and is the first woman in her family to step into the world of business. She also studied at the University of Cambridge’s Seatrade Academy.


Apart from being an active member in the GP Group, Nishita spearheads brands such as a clothing line named Burn Baby and a fashion label called Nsha. Her fashion apparel brands are available in select high-end boutiques across three continents. Apart from these, she is open to innovating and stepping into newer territories, and walk on the road less traveled.


Soon after graduating, Nishita was entrusted with the vital role of Managing Director in her firm. Getting a grip over everything quickly, she soon took over this role smoothly and enthusiastically carried on all the responsibilities.

She understands that along with her siblings, she has to take forward the legacy her father and fore-fathers have handed over to them.. With a lot more on the anvil, she is determined to have many more projects and ventures to take over in the years to come.


Nishita is not only among the richest people of Thailand but is also one of the most benevolent business heiresses around. She believes that it is important for the priviledged to contribute towards the well being of whole society. For her, inclusivity is the only way ahead for a richer and prosperous global future where all people enjoy basic rights.

Along with her business acumen and an aura of regality and glamour around her, magnanimity is a defining feature of her personality. Over the years, with her individual accomplishments, she has proved that she is not only an astonishing heiress to a grand enterprise but is also an awe-inspiring icon in her own right. Displaying large-heartedness, she donated 160,000 dollars for the education and research at the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer.

Drawing inspiration from the business giants like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, she aspires to leave only a portion of her wealth for her firm GP and donate the rest to charity when she retires..


Nishita’s stakes in the magnanimous business empire are estimated to be an incredible 375 million dollars. With her company standing at 900 Million USD, Nishita has been ranked #34 by the esteemed US business magazine- Forbes in its list of top 40 richest people- 2019 in Thailand. With her relentless spirits and entrepreneurial adeptness, she has been leading the path to create an impact with her own brands. She is also a member of the Thai Institute of Directors where she has completed numerous modules. Aside from this, she is actively involved in YPO Thailand and is also one of the founders of the new YPO Asean United Chapter.

Sunny Leone

Unlike other cosmetic brands, Star Struck has brought a paradigm shift in how cosmetics have been used until now. Instead of creating different products, well-rounded products that suit all skin type, tone, and complexion have been introduced. Besides, Sunny along with her husband Daniel Weber has also launched the perfume brand ‘Lust.’

Star Struck by Sunny is the only brand in India which is 100 percent celebrity-owned.

True to its name, the brand reflects the power of make-up in transforming someone’s personality and making the others around feel star-struck. Sunny’s alluring persona and charisma also account for the name of this brand. Prior knowledge about using cosmetics is certainly helpful but getting involved in the process of manufacturing and marketing as an entrepreneuse is a different task. With her firm determination, Sunny opted to get behind the scenes and be a taskmaster to ensure superior quality of the products which carried her name. Her primary focus has been to introduce a cosmetic brand which everyone can use without any worries about its effects on skin.


Sunny aims to allay the customers’ fears about the harmful effects of cosmetic products on skin and has therefore been a forerunner in ensuring a great quality. As a vegan, she focuses firmly on making the products both skin-friendly and eco-friendly, Sunny supervises all the aspects in the brand’s manufacturing process– be it the formulas, the development, packaging, marketing, distribution or sales. No products are tested on animals and all are certified by PETA. This is one of the biggest USPs of the brand which reflects its emphasis on commitment to ethical business.


The make-up range offered by the brand comprises variants of lip colors, lip liners, primers, highlighters, gloss, eye-liners and mascara. Besides, Star-struck lip care kit has also been grabbing the eyeballs as this 3-piece lip kit helps take care of lips the correct way. Available in vivid colors, the kit has turned out to be a bestseller in the entire cosmetic range.

Well-defined eyes are quintessential to complete any style of dressing up. Star Struck offers eye makeup in various colors to complement all types of looks. Customers may also buy the comprehensive fullrange kit which includes all the make-up essentials. So, defining eyes, lips, and highlighting the best features of one’s face is now much easier with these skin-safe and cruelty-free cosmetic products.


Star Struck is now available at all major make-up and beauty stores across India and the UAE. Given Sunny’s global popularity, Star Struck products are in demand worldwide. Therefore, global shipping facility has also been added to cater to customers overseas.

The brand has been created by Sunny with a lot of passion and by utilizing her experience in using cosmetics. She has made concentrated efforts to offer sweat-proof and water-resistant cosmetics that are light on skin, the stay on for good time and are easy to remove.

Sunny plans to expand the range of Star Struck cosmetics by offering liquid eye-liner pen, color correcting sticks, face moisturizer, and translucent HD loose powder in the coming days.