Future Group

Future Group

Having put themselves into the shoes and psyche of the Indian consumer, the Future Group has created retail spaces with indigenous brands that have brought convenience, comfort, hygiene, and the power to choose at the best price; acquiring a diverse array of buyers under one roof. They have become the pioneers to carve a retail revolution in India and consolidated an industry of retailing for all; crisscrossing the dividing line between the masses and the classes.


The creation of a comprehensive retail outlet was an idea created for ordinary people by the thought of an extra-ordinary mind of Mr. Kishore Biyani, the founder of the Future Group in Mumbai in the year 1987, with Pantaloons (formal trousers for men) and gradually streamlining as the Future Group in 1994. Under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Biyani, the Future group has gauged the pulse of the Indian consumer and has created platforms where every member of the family is bedazzled by the variety of goods in a comfortable ambience, and is frenzied into their own space of fulfilling their shopping spree. This sterling strategy by the Future group has created a rewarding avenue for the pockets of both – the consumers and the buyers. They have minimized the role of the middle men by procuring goods directly from the manufacturers and passing on the benefit to the consumer.

The instinctive spark of the company soon created fire and the collective staggering impact of their business can be estimated by the fact that around 300 million customers walk into their stores each year and choose products and services supplied by over 30,000 small, medium, and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers from all over India. Through more than 17 million square feet of retail space spread across 240 cities, their business formula was peerless and highly successful.

The Future Group has touched the most sensitive chord of India. Their retail chains like Big Bazaar, Central, Easy day, Food bazaar, Brand Factory etc are names that evoke trust and value for money all over India.