GATES PCM Construction

GATES PCM Construction

Breaking its own records and continuously working on an upswing, GATES PCM Construction has raced ahead on the track leaving many industry veterans behind. A leading specialist in railway projects, the establishment has achieved paramount success through its multifarious prestigious projects.


An organization that is busy in making effective streaks of success with each passing day, GATES PCM Construction has become one of the leading railway maintenance companies of Singapore with its unmatched projects and exceptional services. Symbolizing the victorious outcome of its Chairman, Dato Sri Krishna’s great endeavors and devoted passion, the company is excelling in its railway track laying and linking works while making in-roads into track maintenance works as well.

In the year 2000, its visionary founder Dato Sri Krishna realized the potential opportunities emerging in the railway construction sector of the region. Walking ahead with this realization, he ventured into the railway construction industry and laid down the foundation of GATES PCM Construction Ltd. And then, began a journey of bigger aspirations and destinations. That was almost seventeen years ago! Now, the firm has been carving a distinct niche for itself in the market reaching new goals constantly.

Achieving tremendous success, the Company has transformed itself into a main contractor to the train operators in Singapore in the maintenance sector. Since its inception, GATES PCM Construction has not only secured large-scale projects but has also earned huge respect and strong brand positioning in the market. The efficacious efforts in the sector endowed the firm with exceptional accolades and achievements that added numerous golden feathers in its success cap.


Constructing huge projects with excellence, GATES PCM Construction majorly engages in developing new tracks for Mass Rapid Transit and Light Rapid Transit, and has the expertise in all aspects of project management, from tendering to completion. With its versatility and experience, the company is able to perform slab-track construction, plinth construction, turnout installation, installation of conductor rails and other services for system-wide contractors.

The company is also actively engaged in railway maintenance projects and has replaced over 17,000 timber sleepers, 1,000 rail pieces, and even concrete turnout bearers. GATES PCM Construction also shares an impressive position in the supply sector of specialized track tools and equipment & supplies locomotives, low bed wagons, panel lifting gantry, wagon with turn table and other track equipment.

This exclusively vast arena of GATES PCM Construction’s business is the reason behind its constant growth at the regional level.


A strong organization, GATES PCM Construction is well equipped to tackle any obstacle that comes in its way of success. From a brilliant workforce to ultra-modern technology, it works on a great framework to be the best in the industry. Employing more than 500 dedicated minds, the company has an exceptional blend of skilled and experienced workforce, who never hesitates to go the extra miles to bring perfection to their respective jobs.

As the company deals in various construction projects, it makes sure that it provides a completely safe work environment for its people. Immensely dedicated to its safety philosophy, the company has been well appreciated for maintaining the safety management system for their projects without any fail. It has also received the Safety Performance Award for good safety performance and has achieved 6.5 million accident-free man-hours.
Tour De Force:

  • GATES PCM Construction Ltd. has been felicitated with “The Entrepreneur of the Year” award.
  • CEO and Chairman of GATES PCM Construction Ltd., Dato Sri Krishna was officially granted the prestigious title of “Dato Sri” in 2015 by the Sultan of Pahang.