Headquartered in Singapore, ITCAN Pte Ltd is a rapidly evolving IT solutions provider that is proudly catering to 200+clients across the Asia-Pacific.

With an objective to deliver enterprise client-server/multitier and web-based solutions across the entire value chain, the company also extends on-site consulting services to several turnkey software projects. They also operate from Hong Kong, Australia, India and Malaysia with over 1900 employees and serve their consumers who are spread across Europe, South East Asia, US, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Philippines and the Middle-East. It keeps evolving and applying newer and better practices to keep up with the constantly changing industry requirements and takes the business to a different level by focusing on people, relationship and values.

Gaining Loyal clients

Mr. Amit Sujan, the CEO of ITCAN Pte Ltd, is a high-flyer and a diligent businessman who is well aware of the fact that clients are the key stakeholders in a business. ITCAN Pte Ltd always strives to take one step further to achieve client satisfaction. As a result, it has won the hearts and trusts of its consumers mainly through client referrals resulting in an increased popularity. It has a well-deserved extensive client base and caters to an array of industries including banking, insurance, financial institutions, SME, telecom, hi-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and the public sector.

A Strong Workforce

Having a healthy work culture is another key factor for a successful business. ITCAN Pte Ltd strongly believes that a supportive work environment is quite vital for the growth of the company.

The company functions under the most popular mantra namely EVER – Encourage Innovation, Value Teamwork, Empower Teammates, and Reward Performance. ITCAN Pte Ltd inspires, supports and grooms its employees for the more challenging roles that they aim for in the future. The firm is further strengthened by team-building activities and encourages and rewards the top performers so as to motivate the rest to follow their lead.

It believes that the right mindset is essential to be at an advantageous position in this competitive world and have an edge. It facilitates good rapport formation between the employees, and encourages free-flow of fresh and innovative ideas.

Converting Challenges to Opportunities

To overcome obstacles or challenges and to blaze forward, ITCAN Pte Ltd relies on audacity, ingenuity and creativity. In the past 15 years, it has encountered various challenges including the global financial crisis, foreign manpower restrictions and more. Mr. Amit Sujan believes that along with every challenge comes an equal opportunity and it is important to look at every challenging situation as an opportunity and not as a limitation. This positive outlook and its philosophy of doing more have evidently increased productivity, and it has been able to generate a miraculous 30% growth even in challenging times.