Lal Chand

Lal Chand

It is an indisputable fact that the mind is the most powerful tool that humans possess; it can be used to attain success or drive one to the depths of failure. Thus, mastering the art of conquering the mind is one of the most difficult feats to attain. In fact, today’s highly competitive world is full of anxious and raging souls and it is rare to come across a business leader who is calm and determined. A person who never gets disturbed or agitated even when things don’t go the way he wants; a visionary who does things by his foresightedness and believes that all individuals have the responsibility to give back to the society; he is none other than Mr. Lal Chand – an accomplished industrialist and a philanthropist – the man who is on a mission to make the world a better place to live in.

Having built many businesses over the years, with wide range of business interests ranging from real estate, software, restaurants to general trading, he ultimately decided to put the society above himself. With a dream to build a society based on love, trust and wellbeing, Mr. Lal Chand has set up LC Well, a world wellbeing organisation, headquartered in London and operating from Dubai. His noble endeavour to start a wellbeing organisation is the need of the hour considering the fact that the today’s world is under the grip of rising stress levels and people are increasingly turning towards wellness organisations to seek solace.

Early Leanings

Born in a little town of Taluka Bhatoro, located in Sindh province of Pakistan, Mr. Lal Chand was a sincere student. His father Mr. Gangaramrana had a flourishing wholesale business called Gangaram Kothi. But the situation changed five years after his birth, with the outbreak of the Indo-Pak war and other crises which started impacting the family business. The business went from bad to worse during the 1971 war and ultimately, went into default, when he was a student of 6th standard. But he was lucky to have a calm atmosphere prevailing at home and the comforting town Bathoro. Thereafter, he shifted to Hyderabad to pursue his college and at the same time he went about improving the Gangaram Kothi business. Soon, he joined Mehran University and obtained a Civil Engineering degree. After passing out from college in 1985, he became a sub engineer and even worked as a lecturer in the university. He also started a private company, Lal Associate in 1989 in Hyderabad, Sindh, for real estate, construction & development of properties. In 1990, he ventured into the stock exchange business and shifted to Karachi to expand his property business and stock exchange business in 1993.

Dubai – A Land of Opportunities

A man of immense calibre, Mr. Lal Chand never shied away from exploring opportunities. He shifted to Dubai from where he started a property business as well as Bhathoro General Trading company. The businesses did well and in 2005 he went to London to start the stock exchange, property and other allied business. He also started SG Sports – a betting company in Milton Keynes in partnership with Shahab Gauri. The business did extremely well in Ascot and other horse racing tracks as well as through telephone betting.

Then he came back to Dubai and opened another company in JAFZA – LC BIZ LIMITED for property, general trading presence of his parents who were deeply influenced by the Sufi philosophy of universal wellbeing and humanism. He also got influenced by them and before long he started taking regular bus trips to the shrine of Sufi Shah Inyat Shaheed at Jhok Sharif, a small village, where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs came together without any discrimination. Tragedy struck Mr. Lal Chand when he was in class 8. His mother passed away due to heart attack since they could not afford to do the required by-pass operation. This incident motivated him to become well-educated and earn lots of money which would help him to take care of not only his family, friends but also actively take part in bringing about the wellbeing of people all over the world.

Thus, he toiled day and night and secured a first position in 10th standard and slowly started supporting his brother Sadadram in the business on a part time basis in the and investments. During the 2008 recession in the Dubai property market, he invested a lot of money in property which doubled his returns in a few years. He also ventured into software and other allied businesses in Dubai. In 2015, he entered into the property business in Cyprus which enabled him to obtain a European passport.

Laying the Foundation of LC Well

In 2018, he started LC WELL, a non-profit organisation in UK and also started in JLT – Dubai, LC WELL DMCC with the objective of giving back to world and promote universal wellbeing.

Under his leadership, LC Well essentially offers free classes on yoga, meditation, counselling and everything related to stress management and healthy lifestyle. All a person has to do is register on the website, avail its membership and then receive all benefits including access to lectures, workshops, meets with psychologists, wellness videos and campaigns to name just a few – without paying a penny.

Mr. Chand feels that the business, economic and technical revolution hasn’t really translated to a happy society. It is his quest to create a more equitable, peaceful and tolerant world where individuals would think of not just of their own happiness but of those around them too, that resulted in the creation of LC Well. What differentiates it from other wellness organisations is the fact that while most of the latter charge high fees and are essentially profit-making enterprises, this is entirely charitable in its approach and free for users. The membership has grown from 500 to 10,500 in a short span of time. Even now, there are about 15-20 people who register every day for counseling, yoga, etc. The online meditation and yoga classes and lectures are conducted on a regular basis which give a lot of satisfaction to Mr. Lal Chand.

The Road Ahead

Under the guidance of the visionary leader, LC Well will veer into e-merchandising during July 2019. This is a project that aims to sell essential products of high quality at a very inexpensive rate to the masses. The merchandise includes a wide range of T-shirts with positive thoughts on wellbeing, watches, bags, apparel and other accessories. The profits from the sales will be ploughed back into wellness activities.

Towering Satisfaction

A residential tower in Silicon Oasis, the construction of which is likely to begin soon, is Mr. Lal Chand’s dream project. The venture will be ready in about 15 months and is targeted especially at those who want to make wellness a part and parcel of their living.

The building will be designed to be most environmentally friendly with solar panels and the like. There will be commercial units but enough importance will be given to health and wellbeing. Thus, a meditation and yoga centre will be part of the structure. Once again, the USP will be the pricing and the homes, with top notch facilities will be sold at very reasonable rates (around Dhs 400,000 onwards for a well-appointed studio). The idea is to create a township of sorts based on universal principles of brotherhood, peace and harmony. The project has already attracted the interest of premium buyers including top Bollywood stars and industrialists.

Through his limitless endeavours, this noble philanthropist wants to devote every bit of his energy and resources in promoting real happiness. In his own words, as he nears his sixtieth decade, he doesn’t want to ‘retire but rewire’.