LC Well DMCC is an advocate of positive psychology that recognises happiness and contentment as an essential human skill. Since a healthy body and mind is the foundation of a happy life, LC Well DMCC aims to improve the overall wellbeing of individuals as well as communities all over the world.

The organisation has been playing a crucial role in promoting healthy lifestyle tools such as yoga and meditation, along with health awareness campaigns to enlighten individuals about chronic ailments such as stress, depression, and lethargy that are believed to be caused by a hectic and sedentary lifestyle.

Fostering happiness

LC Well follows the dictum “Give happiness to receive happiness”. It leverages the science of happiness for developing an effective and sustainable way of life. It regularly organizes lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, conferences based on the theories and principles of mindfulness, and neuroscience of the conscious and unconscious mind.

The process mainly works on three concepts: the first one is positive psychology, the science of happiness, and emotional intelligence. The second one is mindfulness, neurosciences, yoga, and counseling; and the third one is Campaign Sustainable Positivity 2030 for promoting the 17 sustainable goals of the UNO along with other wellness and social welfare programs.

Enhancing Overall Personal Wellbeing

With hefty competition in professional life and stressful job profiles, the average scale of happiness and health has fallen sharply, while the concept of stress and anxiety have become commonplace; this is severely affecting the psychological wellbeing of individuals, thus paving the way for a host of mental ailments. To handle this complex issue, LC Well DMCC is keen on embracing the well-being revolution with open arms, to make lives of individuals and communities more meaningful.

Spreading Positivity

LC Well DMCC is also assisting enterprises in creating a healthy and positive working environment by assisting them with research, innovative development, and educational training. The organization has designed boutique methodologies that enable the clients to turn their weaknesses into strengths in terms of quality and client satisfaction.

Going Global

With beginnings in London to reigning in Dubai, LC Well DMCC has been successfully showcasing the significance of stress-free and active lifestyle. It has 10000+ registered members & offers free membership to empower people to transform their lives. LC Well has also appointed expert teachers and trainers who offer the meditation and counselling sessions free of cost.

To make this world a living paradise, Mr. Lal Chand, the Chairman of the firm, has invested significant time and money for building multiple Yoga studios and meditation centers to cater to the therapeutic needs of the masses.