Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric

The fledgling marketplace for electrical cars continue to be in production, however, the aroma is sure to unfold as they’re the futuristic cars, which will revolutionize the traditional vehicles running on hydrocarbon and gradually move towards the greener electrical cars.

Mahindra electric has become the flag bearer in India; by taking the greener road-marching ahead with the intercalated aim of “Transforming Mobility” and their mission of becoming one of the largest selling Electric Vehicle brands of the world and ensuring to safeguard our planet’s future.


Raising concerns are surrounding the environmental issues, and external factors ratcheting up the emissions and leading the resources towards exhaustion; is ultimately leading to a societal collapse. Switching to electric cars is not only environment friendly but in the larger picture very cost effective too. Mahindra Electric is relentlessly working towards sustainable solutions to provide a comfortable and safe ride with an affordable green car.

The gargantuan gears of this journey towards Mahinda Electric were taken when Mahindra Group joined hands with Reva Electric Car Company in 2010, and renamed it into Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. Eventually, it gave birth to a line of Electric Vehicles with a wide range of vehicles offered underneath one banner, the Mahindra Electric.

With its visionary far-sighted approach and a charismatic leader like Dr. Pawan Goenka, MD of M&M; Mahindra Electric has one of the worlds’ largest deployed fleet of electric cars- customers in more than 24 countries, and driven more than 200 million kilometers, with zero emission. Their product portfolio includes: e-2o Plus- a hatch-back, built from ground up by Mahindra electric; e-Verito- the all-electric version of the Sedan Vertio; eSupro-the electrified variant of the passenger vehicle Supro. For a maximum optimization of vehicles, the cars are enabled for fast charging, GPS tracking capability, maximum driving efficiency, real time information of the charging status, position of the car and affordability.

Protection, preservation, and augmentation of biosphere resources are an urgent imperative and the electric cars are definitely a futuristic solution.