A Murky Affair

A Murky Affair

There are stunning courtyards for cloudy evenings, cosy alcoves with colonial-style furniture to snooze in while you smoke out the Shisha at a vibrant lounge. A picked up trend in the young blood, Shisha is most of the time accompanied with colourful ambience and lively music

The newest trend to hit the urban culture is with the advent of Shisha lounges. One has an option of enjoying traditional punches of fruits like apple, kiwi strawberry to refreshing your taste buds with mint and pan from the evergreen menu. If that doesn’t cut it, one can always count on the luxurious Blue Mix or Silver Fox for a satisfying slurp.

A treasure trove of vibrant colours and good music is what My Kind Of Shisha opens its door for. While you’re there, pick from their wide menu of sandwiches and snacks a perfect combination with your kind of Shisha.

The Relaxing Escape

Today smoking Shisha has become more than a social pastime, it has now grown to be an activity used to bond and cement friendships over. There are several deals and romantic proposals have been struck up over a Shisha pipe, and for some there is no better way to kick back than in a cloud of flavoured smoke.

Started as one of its kind, this fresh business idea has picked up the zeal of the youthful minds. The selection of Shisha is more of a personalised choice than depending upon the mood you are sitting in the lounge with. As the name suggests, My Kind of Shisha , started by Shitij Malhotra, Sameer Mago, Siddhanth Malhotra and Dishant Bandulla has a lot many customised flavours to offers from.

The gen next holds Shisha very close to their heart and as they say the evenings spent with the gangs are utmost important to unwind ourselves. With siting decked out in natural home ware from funky interior designers, MYKOS is supplying their stock of elegant Shisha to majors like Junkyard Cafe, Vault, The Town Hall cafe, Farzi Cafe, My bar headquarters and many others in the capital city of the country.

One finds the elaborate MYKOS Shisha quenching the thirst of many at every place that has all the hallmarks of a zeitgeist hipster hangout, so it might not come as a shock to learn that the people behind MYKOS is an enthusiastic quadruple of vivacious minds. They have 40+ cafes where they are serving Shisha’s on contractual basis with a pan India presence.

Redefining flavoured mist

The shutters of MYKOS define it as leaders in Shisha Blends. Through extensive research and consistently hard effort, the team has derived specially flavoured blends and they also hold the pride of these being an industry exclusive to them. Since then the Shisha industry has built itself with a contemporary energy, amidst the sprouting surf shops, edgy cocktail bars and buzzy restaurants. With a wide variety of 70 flavours and mixtures, MYKOS is able to provide an exclusive experience to their clients.

The outlook of the company remains to work with a motive of providing maximum satisfaction to our customers and we totally realize that it’s only possible by offering the best quality products and the best services offered by the professionals handling them. With the elitism at MYKOS, their Shisha is just not a regular one rather they have done good amount of research and have only procured the best quality Shishas and the finest quality of flavours along to make your parties/events a great success with memories to share forever.

With a blend of perfect taste and flavour, MYKOS adds to the taste of the classic dishes served on the elaborate tables of your favourite cafe.