Emirates Investment Authority

Actively seeking unique investment opportunities locally, regionally and internationally, and dedicated to investing in asset classes which help strengthen and diversify the UAE’s economy, Emirates Investment Authority (EIA) has uniquely positioned itself to become an invaluable partner for significant world- class investment opportunities in a short span of time.


Established in 2007 through a federal decree with the prime objective of managing the sovereign wealth of the UAE, it invested in a diversified portfolio of assets in key economic sectors and industries.

EIA is the only Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates. It has been choosing its investments strategically by investing in the sectors of financial services, prepared and preserved food, educational services, and works for all seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The fund seeks to make investments in the public and private markets of the GCC as well as overseas.


Under the able leadership of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Minister of Presidential Affairs) who is also the member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi and the half-brother of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Current President of UAE and Chairman of the Ministerial Council for Services, the Emirates Investment Authority and the Emirates Racing Authority), EIA has rapidly grown to become a truly dynamic investment platform for the UAE’s sovereign wealth fund.

To put its capital to good rewarding use, it has invested heavily to enhance and extract value from the combination of assets in its portfolio to maximise returns and consolidate its gains. EIA has also created an Investment Leadership Program (ILP) through which it has actively engaged in training leaders out of promising young nationals. Over the years, ILP has become very popular among those Emiratis who seek to build challenging but rewarding careers in the investment field.


Envisioning consistent growth and robust results, EIA has acquired major holdings in two Middle Eastern and North African telecommunications companies Etisalat and Du. Moreover, it has also acquired over 30 stakes in corporations across the GCC and has notably invested into Gulf International Bank in Bahrain, the United Arab Shipping Company and the Gulf Investment Corporation. Last but not the least, it has been building and strengthening several of its efforts in the areas of strategic and tactical asset allocation while successfully facing challenges in the global economy. Invariably staying vigilant, EIA has also continued to place a high premium on astute risk management. EIA’s efforts in the sphere of recommending and selecting investments have always been true to its objective of preserving and enhancing the UAE’s sovereign wealth.

Emirates national oil company

Established in 1993 in the UAE and owned by Government of Dubai, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is an eminent oil and gas company functioning around the energy sector value chain. Ever since its inception, the company has made the best use of innovative strategies, ultramodern technology, and customer-centric approach to become a major player across various segments of the energy sector. It has been making a significant contribution to Dubai’s economic expansion and sustainable development.

The provider of fuel and non-fuel products, ENOC has gained strong footholds across the UAE and abroad, including Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The group is all set to lead the oil and gas industry by 2020.


Serving a clientele of 60 markets, and employing over 9,000 staff, ENOC embraces world-class technology to take long strides in refining, lubricant blending, storage, aviation and retail to accomplish the growing energy requirements of UAE.

The ENOC group is primarily involved in supplying, trading, and processing (STP) of petroleum products. The business segment plays a significant part in handling the supply unit of the brand in any geographical region and delivering different refined products at the company’s retail networks in Dubai. It uses the supply and trading operations to its advantage and ensures the profitability of the group through exceptional marketing strategies and by tapping the right marketing outlets in the country and abroad.


A distinguished brand, ENOC, has an inseparable role in almost every aspect of Dubai’s development, such as automotive, aviation, hospitality and social infrastructure. Its highly dedicated team of experts provides the company with great expertise in performing business tasks, employing robust systems and processes, and finding the right business solutions to give the company a competitive edge.

ENOC has marked its presence in international markets by launching an exploration and production portfolio and establishing its own set of high-quality standards. The group has made rapid progress through its first-class customer service, innovation in energy, resource management, and commitment to human capital development. It is also extending its reach to customers with 116 ENOC and Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO) service stations operating in the UAE. As one of the top suppliers of gasoline, ENOC supplies high- quality fuels, including special un-leaded gasoline (ULG) 85 & super unleaded gasoline (ULG 98) in the motor gasoline category.

ENOC has won many awards for promoting environmental protection & for exceptional procurement proficiency and transparency in the SCM. It received Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) and Annual Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Supply Management Awards in 2016.

Gloster Cables

Recognised as a market leader in the field of electric cables manufacturing, GCL has a vast range of products such as electric cables and wires, low voltage cables insulated with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE), medium and high voltage cables, aerial bunched cables and domestic and industrial flexible cables. Gloster Cables Limited was incorporated in the year 1995, with Fort Gloster Industries Limited [FGI] as technical collaborator. GCL is fully dedicated to improve and maintain infrastructural facilities and stay ahead of the competition in terms of quality and price.


GCL’s applications of state-of-the-art production and testing facilities and strict adherence to ISI specifications have earned the company high prominence and ISO accreditation from the Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a Norway-based international certification body. The company has installed most-advanced, up-dated machinery and plant and is moving ahead with its ambitious plan of expanding the manufacturing network to include elastomeric insulated cables, mining and extra high voltage cables and instrumentation cables. The company also plans to set up a turnkey cabling project in near future.


The fundamental secret to success of any booming enterprise lies in the co- ordinated team-work and expertise. GCL has taken every precaution in this regard. Experienced and proficient employees are guided by the competent top management team of the company; everyone striving towards the common goal of improving the quality of the products.

Business acumen and entrepreneurial leadership of the founders have enabled the company to sell products at the lowest costs in India. Some of the factors which made it possible include high- quality-control, in-house production of all grades of PVC compounds, in-house facilities for routine tests, acceptance and type-tests as per national and international specifications, ensuring purchase and use of the best quality of raw material, inspection and testing of every material before and after production, and manufacturing of conductors with unidirectional lay process.


GCL is a customer-centred company, totally committed to supply best quality products to the customers. The company visualises its growth to 1000 crores in the next 5 years by strengthening its business relations with distributors and customers. The organisation ensures timely availability of products and convenience for customers by strictly adhering to time schedule and allowing customers to evaluate and share feedback on the quality of products. Based on the customers’ say and dynamic power needs, the organisation upgrades its products further.

The brand has acquired and maintained its presence in the entire country by setting up branches all over and through distributors. This has ensured reaching out to more and more customers and serving their power-related needs. Being one of the most popular brands, GCL enjoys a long-standing good will for its products.

Hatton National Bank

The premier retail bank of Sri Lanka, with an annual turnover of Rs. 106.3 billion, Hatton National Bank has received a foreign currency issuer rating of B1, equivalent to the sovereign rating by Moody’s Investors Service and a national long-term rating of AA- by Fitch Ratings (Lanka) Ltd. Its recent acquisition of a microfinance company – Prime Grameen Pvt. Ltd. (rebranded as HNB Finance) – has enabled it to gain an enhanced access to the micro finance market.


It was the first bank in Sri Lanka to launch a mobile POS solution for the benefit of entrepreneurs, businesses and end consumers, and has deployed deposit-capable automated machines, cardless remittances and other advanced applications for transferring technology to its more than 2 million clients. The bank has also introduced Cash Management and Distributor Finance Solutions for its customers by upgrading its digital banking platform to provide them with greater availability of time and resources to focus on core skills.

To realise its vision of becoming the premier private sector bank in Sri Lanka, Hatton National Bank has collaborated with team Interbrand and team Deloitte with a special emphasis on digitisation and enhanced customer service.


Hatton National Bank has set its priority on providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to the communities lacking this basic requirement in correspondence with the Millennium Development Goals, and has helped various villages, temples, churches, schools and drought-hit areas to meet this goal. In 2005, the bank took an educational initiative to strengthen the resources and infrastructure at disadvantaged rural schools with a target of supporting 100 schools with libraries, and has assisted 200 schools till date.

The bank contributes to renovating the infrastructure to establish libraries, facilitate the donation of books, furniture and additional books on a yearly basis. The libraries programme has been effective in inculcating reading habits among the students, and has helped in improving the skills of more than 50000 children in the country. Since 2009, the bank has initiated steps towards environmental reforms and combating climate change by pursuing a two-pronged environmental responsibility ethics programme called the ‘HNB Green Pledge’, and has undertaken various projects including tree planting campaigns, e-waste campaigns and awareness programmes. The HNB Sustainability Foundation offers financial assistance through its ‘financial assistance to cancer patients programme’ to patients/ families affected by cancer by providing them with a monthly financial supplement to meet the additional expenses incurred due to cancer.


It was conferred with the Gold Award for Sustainability Reporting at ACCA Awards 2018 and received 5 awards for sustainability at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2017.

With an objective of gaining recognition as a partner in providing financial solutions through its team of motivated people, Hatton National Bank emphasises on sustainability as a holistic and integral component of its corporate policy and business model.

ITL Cosmos

International Traders (Middle East) Ltd (ITL) was established in Dubai under the name of International Traders (East Africa) Ltd. The decree of incorporation originated in 1958 from the open-hearted approach of His Highness Sheikh Rashid who wanted new enterprises to open in Dubai and was committed to serve the people of the UAE. After the decree, it changed its name to International Traders (Middle East) Ltd. Though today’s success came after many challenges,ITL grew over the years because Dubai had a strong and clear vision to grow and rule the world.


Starting humbly with textile trade,ITL Group gradually but firmly built a strong business base in Dubai.

As Dubai pushed through rapid socio-economic development after the oil boom, it started dealing in consumer electronics, IT and PC products, telecommunications, home and kitchen appliances, photographic products, business equipment, data and storage products, clocks and watches, personal grooming products, household products, office stationery, textiles, linen and luggage, food and personal banking. This began a new Cosmos era for ITL and an altogether new chapter in the retail sector of Dubai.

The group has been able to accomplish one set of goals and has invariably set new ones, reading well the expectations of its customers and in accordance with the futuristic vision of the nation.Without looking back, succeeding and expanding consistently, ITL Cosmos Group has created a strong position in Dubai. ITL’s functions include manufacturing, distributing, retailing and finance while it offers the latest products and services to its customers.


Its philosophy of strong work ethics, pursuit for excellence and dedication to work for the welfare of society has been the source of inspiration for its employees who work their best for the company’s growth.

As a result, ITL Cosmos Group has become a global leader in its sphere of function. ITL Cosmos Group’s success is more laudable because it is one of the pioneers in the business sphere of Dubai.

Today, new enterprises can read the success formulas of well-established companies and have realised that mixing them with their own ingenious ideas can help them succeed faster, but ITL Cosmos Group had to make its own path to the summit of success.

This success came because ITL understood the expectations and growth opportunities of Dubai and reciprocated warmth and love which continues till today.

The Group’s focus was entirely on its customers and society, and because their organizational goals were aligned with societal prosperity, success became all the more rewarding. With each success, ITL’s resolve to do good for the society became stronger.

In a nutshell, the journey was highlighted with consistent innovations since Day One of the establishment of the company, and the resultant success was not of any one person but the entire ITL Cosmos Group.

ITL Cosmos Group is synonymous with fair business practices, ethics quality service and commitment to the society. Thus, it has been able to establish a strong bond of trust with its loyal customers by delivering them excellence and has set a brilliant example for others to get inspired.

JSW Cement

JSW entered the Cement market in 2009 with a vision to ensure a sustainable future for the country by producing eco-friendly cement, with its steadfast commitment to business values, sustainability norms, and quality has already carved out its niche in the cement industry. Its plants at Vijayanagar in Karnataka, Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh, Dolvi in Maharashtra, Salboni in West Bengal, Jajpur in Odisha to produce environment-friendly green cement, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint and ensures optimal utilization of natural resources. Apart from this, the company has a listed subsidiary named Shiva Cement Ltd., in Odisha and a wholly- owned overseas subsidiary JSW Cement FZE, UAE. Though, JSW Cement is a relatively late entrant into the industry but with the capacity to produce 14 million tonnes per year, it is fast becoming a force to reckon with.

JSW Cement produces Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Concreel HD (CHD), Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Comp Cem (Composite Cement – PCC), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), Screened Slag and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). With these green products re-affirms groups commitment towards the preservation of natural resources and sustainable construction.


JSW Cement has been utilizing slag from JSW steel plants for producing green cement. It has reduced the carbon footprint on the environment, besides ensuring optimal utilization of resources. The company takes stringent measures to prevent uncontrolled waste dumping for reducing ecological risks. The path- breaking vision of the company is paving the way for sustainable infrastructure growth in the country. JSW Cement’s flagship plant at Nandyal uses the most cutting-edge and automated processes to produce exceptional quality cement. The company has also set up one of the biggest cement plants at Salboni in West Bengal. The cement plant at Salboni, spread across 134 acres, is committed to the environment and has highly-advanced pollution control systems and equipment for producing cement with a minimal impact on the environment.


JSW Cement plans to Invest 2.875 cr to Boost Capacity to raise 1,400 cr Via debt and rest through internal accruals. To nearly double its manufacturing capacity to 25 million tonnes per annum by FY23 through organic expansion. In a short span, JSW Cement has already expanded its footprint on the country’s construction landscape. Its key markets are in 11 states namely AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Goa.


JSW Cement is consistently moving at a fast pace to become a leader in the green cement industry in India and contribute significantly towards India’s growth as a self-reliant infrastructural force to reckon with globally. Its pioneering efforts have helped it earn multiple prestigious awards and accolades such as Brand Excellence in the cement industry by BTVI 2019. Its Nandyal & Vijayanagar facilities have won “Apex India Excellence Awards 2019” and Greentech Environmental Award 2019.

Landmark Group

Micky Jagtiani, Chairman and Founder of the Landmark Group, started his retail business in 1973 with $6000 by opening a baby products shop in Bahrain, beginning a quintessential success voyage of excellence and international supremacy.


Always staying ahead of its competition, Landmark Group has expanded quickly and strongly into several verticals of food, hotels and leisure, while creating its own extraordinary network of logistics and distribution. Gradually and firmly evolving into one of the largest retail and hospitality conglomerates internationally with an establishment of more than 2,300 operational outlets, being managed by more than 55,000 professionals, the Group has embraced more than 30 million square feet of retail space across 22 countries. It entered the Indian region in 1999, and opened its first Lifestyle store, LIFE Trust, in 2000. Next, Spar Hypermarkets were conceptualized in 2008 and then the Group celebrated the opening of its 2000th store in 2015.


Offering its customers a diverse portfolio of about 60 world-class brands amalgamating in-house and franchise labels, it has created several category leaders.

Micky Jagtiani himself has conceptualized about half of these brand concepts, and has developed Landmark Group as the parent company of big players like Lifestyle, Max Fashion, Home Centre, Spar Hypermarkets and EasyBuy. In addition, Landmark Group has made an excellent mark in leisure, food, hospitality and healthcare sectors with Landmark Leisure, Balance Wellbeing 360, CITYMAX Hotels, Candelite, restaurant division Foodmark and iCare Clinics. Some of the prominent international brands of Landmark Group include Puket, Aerosoles and Reiss in addition to its hospitality division Zafran Indian Bistro, Carluccio’s & Fun Ville.

Its focus on making best options available to its customers has led it to become the largest importer of non-food items in the Gulf region. It also owns several labels & franchise rights for some leading global fashion names and footwear brands including the widely acclaimed shoe designer Steve Maddens. It also owns the Middle East franchise rights of the UK- based Fitness First chain. Micky Jagtiani also has a stake in Debenhams, which is hailed as the second largest apparel retailer of the UK.


Landmark International Foundation of Empowerment provides medical facilities and mid-day meals to underprivileged schoolchildren in India. It has also launched healthcare awareness initiatives such as Beat Diabetes and SHE programs.

Deeply committed to making a difference, the Landmark Group is focused on conducting its business responsibly, while ensuring the wellbeing of the society. As a Group, its committment extends towards making positive changes within the organization and the society. Leaders and employees are deeply aware of their responsibilities towards stakeholders, environment and society, and constantly strive to find new ways to improve the lives wherever they can, while reducing the environmental impact of their business activities.

Lulu Group International

Lulu Group a highly acclaimed retail conglomerate with a workforce of more than 50,000 employees that operates in 22 countries located across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. It also has a big chain of retail stores in the UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia with distribution networks located in India, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the Philippines.

This Abu-Dhabi-based group has been persistently exploring emerging marketing opportunities and has a Planning and Development Division to accurately analyse precise and reliable market feedback before approving a new project in the pipeline.


Lulu group decides on the choice of location, layout, and furnishing of a new store in a particular area only after performing a strong analysis of the demographic and psychographic profiles of the customers residing in that area. This practice enables the group to launch its stores according to customer preferences and expectations, thus paving the way to achieve success in its business outcomes.

The group is cautious enough to ensure that each segment of its business venture coordinates with other segments and complements them perfectly to facilitate the delivery of efficient and cost- effective business solutions.


The group leverages innovative technology to cater to its employees, partners, and customers. It has an advanced warehouse management system, as well as ultramodern logistics facilities in different countries that enable it to effortlessly integrate multi- level functions and real-time decision-making to maintain an optimum level of inventory on regular basis. Lulu Group’s large fleet of advanced delivery vehicles helps it manage the stock position in its huge network of retail stores across the region efficiently.


In order to meet the fast changing requirements of the market, the LuLu Group is consistently expanding and evolving its human resources to provide an encouraging and participatory workplace culture. To overcome different barriers of ethnicity and language, its team of experts shares one work culture, one vision and one commitment to cater to its huge client base.

The multi-cultural staff offers this highly diversified entity an advantage in understanding the requirements of the diverse customer community, thus, enabling the LuLu Group to establish a closer bond of trust with its customers.

It continuously evolves its well-structured training modules to ensure that the skills of its staff are persistently honed to meet the ever-evolving industry requirements.

LuLu Group’s pioneering efforts in providing an outstanding shopping experience to its customers are playing a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty across its business segments.

Meinhardt Group Singapore

Combining a onestop approach with a can-do attitude and implementing it in more than forty offices worldwide, Meinhardt Group provides timely and cost-effective engineering consulting capabilities in civil and infrastructure, planning and urban development, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, project management, water and environment. The specialist capabilities of the company range from façade engineering, environmentally sustainable designs, fire performance engineering, integrated design management to specialist lighting and mission critical facility design. The group operates in a wide range of sectors encompassing water and wastewater, sports facilities, retail malls, residential, public and government buildings, project management, power and energy, ports and marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, office buildings, mixed use, mission critical, master planning and infrastructure design, logistics, industrial and manufacturing, hospitality, economic and feasibility studies, defence, civil and infrastructure, business, technology park and smart cities.


The company was started by a visionary Bill Meinhardt as an engineering consultancy in Melbourne. His foresight and entrepreneurial skills helped the company expand well beyond the confines of Australia. Established in 1973, Singapore was the first overseas office of the company as a joint venture with Bylander Waddell from the UK. Because of the perseverance of the Bylander-Meinhardt partnership, Meinhardt made rapid strides globally. Being of Australian heritage coupled with its presence in Singapore, it facilitated easy access to both the East and West, thereby helping the company gain a competitive foothold in the Asia Pacific.

Working with an innovative and enquiring approach, the company provides a work culture where initiatives are encouraged and excellence is rewarded. Equipped with new breakthrough engineering technology solutions, the company is able to transform the landscape of regions worldwide, thereby creating magnificent, tall and iconic structures.

Tailored to the customers’ specifications, the projects completed by Meinhardt have earned unparalleled worldwide recognition and won many awards, thereby affirming its unrivalled reputation for innovative and inspiring engineering solutions. In the last five years, the company has received more than 350+ awards globally.

In October 2018, Meinhardt Singapore hasbeen awarded with “Asia’s Most Influential Company” under the Leadership/Enterprise category at the prestigious Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2018.

A technology-driven engineering company with a strong global network, Meinhardt continues with unwavering dedication to deliver highly innovative and unique solutions to its loyal clients throughout the world.

Godrej Consumer Products

An intrinsic part of many Indian and global consumers’ lives, Godrej products are used by more than a billion consumers all around the world. This feat is a result of people’s trust and confidence, which have been built over the years because of the top-quality daily consumable products being offered by the brand.


Founded in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej, the journey from a lock company to a global conglomerate is as inspiring as it can be. Having learnt from the leadership and dedication of the company’s Founder, the Godrej family is striding forward under the Chairman Emeritus Adi Godrej and the Executive Chairperson Ms. Nisaba Godrej. They are supported by an outstanding team of seasoned and experienced professionals from a variety of fields. Godrej has a core philosophy of encouraging their team to explore their talents to the maximum and help them optimise their potential. The vibrant work policies have made Godrej one of the best workplaces in the industry today.

It is a leading company not only because of its glorious legacy, but also because of its unwavering adherence to values like trust, integrity, excellence, and innovation; all of which are thoroughly put into practice while Godrej products are in the making. By all means, it is an organisation which refuses to compromise on its core values while striving to grow exponentially in today’s dynamic and ultra-competitive FMCG market.


Godrej offers soaps, hair colours, haircare products, homecare products, and personal care products, and many other iconic brands in these lines of business. Cinthol, Godrej No 1, Good Knight, Aer, BBlunt, Godrej Hair Color are some of the most loved and leading brands in the said product categories.

Working on its international expansion plans, the organisation takes a 3 by 3 approach which stands for growth of 3 product categories (homecare, personal care and haircare in 3 emerging markets (Asia, Africa, Latin America), thus expanding their footprint across the markets worldwide. Godrej already has a significant presence in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, USA and exports to various global markets.


The company’s socially conscious approach is well-reflected through the fact that 23% of their shares are held in a trust that invests back in initiatives to support environment, education and healthcare. Moreover, Godrej aims to create a more inclusive and greener India and follows Good & Green goals as a part of its comprehensive CSR policy. The Group undertakes programmes and projects with outcomes that are aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals, Government of India’s social development programmes, and the needs of the local communities. Sustainability initiatives have a prominent presence at their various manufacturing facilities.

Godrej also works enthusiastically to enhance livelihoods of low-income communities and collaborates with non- profit organisations to design and offer skill enhancement and development programmes in beauty & haircare, retail management, sales and distribution.