Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon brings to its customers a range of natural health and beauty products including treatment oils, massage balms, massage and bath oils, essential oils, cleansing bars, exfoliating bars, shower gels, body scrubs, body packs, milk baths, body lotions, moisturising balms, body mist, soothing balms, foot care and herbal compress.


With an objective to bring the best lifestyle of indulgence and complete natural wellness to its customers, Spa Ceylon offers the optimum quality of Ayurvedic services through its proven methodology, innovative practice, and complete spa menus comprising more than 25 aesthetically designed healing therapies which are inspired by Sri Lanka’s rich Ayurvedic heritage, historical rituals and traditions that were followed to preserve Ceylonese royal health, wellbeing, and promote peace and harmony in ancient Ceylon. The renowned Sri Lankan Ayurveda brand offers a unique blend of contemporary design and branding inspired by classic Ceylon comprising ancient temple and palace art, Sinhala script, traditional decorations and tropical colour combinations.


The company’s products are formulated with natural aromatic formulas supplemented with 100% pure organic essential oils and Ayurveda actives in complete synchronization to relax the body, mind and soul.

The unique combination of natural essential oils works in harmony with nature to promote a sense of absolute peace. The authentic and organic lemongrass essential oil spreads calmness and helps in the rejuvenation and balancing of senses, thereby, promoting inner tranquillity. Lavender essential oil has a soothing effect on body, helping the body to gently relax, while also creating a calmin inence on the mind. Similarly, the pure peppermint essential oil helps to refine the senses.


The company has an entire range of Aloe Vera products supplemented with 100% natural and organically grown fresh aloe vera gel renowned for its strong soothing, healing and re-hydrant effect since the times of the ancient Ceylonese royals.

A sinificant part of local health and welfare rituals, the Aloe Vera range includes the highly concentrated Spa Ceylon Pure Aloe Gel which is the remedy for every skin condition along with bath and massage oils, shower gels, cleansing bars, hair cleansers and conditioners, scalp massage oils and hair oil mists, body oil mists, relaxing body mists and massage balms.

Spa Ceylon not only promotes environmentally friendly products, but also supports human rights and is against the use of child labour and animal testing. All its products are perfect mix of traditional herbal prescriptives and modern dermatological science, are alcohol free and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Summit Power International

The largest independent power producer (IPP) in Bangladesh, Summit Power International, generates about 15% of the total power generation of the country.

The company was founded by Mr. Muhammed Aziz Khan, an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. Identifying growth of power sector to be critical for the overall economic growth of the nation, Summit developed the rst I in angladesh a T landmark in this sector.

Summit believes that for Bangladesh to continue to grow at the rate of GDP 7-8% as it had been growing in the past decade, the total electricity generation capacity needs to grow by about 16-18% every year just to maintain this momentum. Summit currently has 1,941 MWs of generating quality electricity capacity. In addition, SPI is supplying mmcfd regasied liueed natural gas L to the ational as rid of Bangladesh a month ahead of schedule.


Rooted in philosophy of humanity rst ummit intends to ensure that Bangladesh has access to quality electricity and supports the country to achiee s ustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) – Affordable and Clean Energy for All through its work.

In March 2019, SummitGE consortium signed project agreements for developing the largest 583 MW CCPP in Bangladesh which is expected to be operational by March 2022.

In addition to this Summit, Mitsubishi and GE have planned to invest USD 3 Billion in Bangladesh, largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to date for the proposed gas-topower project including four units of 600 MW combined cycle power plants (total generating capacity of 2,400 poered by s flagship 9HA gas turbines, two units of on-shore L terminal ith total of 380,000 m3³ capacity at atarbari Cos aar Bangladesh.

As part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) summit is involved with numerous community welfare activities including education, health and social service, sports and arts and culture that directly add value to the communities.

Recently Summit established Prof Hamiduzzaman Sculpture Park inside the Summit Gazipur 464 MW Power Plants premises The first sculpture park in Bangladesh that boasts the longest 340 feet mural in the country titled ‘Srom o Sristi’ (Labour and Creation).

This world renowned sculptors many creations such as ‘World in a frame’ and ‘Life & Lifeless’ are in the park.

The Indian Hotels Company Ltd

IHCL was founded by the Architect of the Industrial and Modern India, Mr. Jamsetji Tata in the year 1899 to transform and uplift the Indian economy. To show India’s mettle in the field of tourism and hospitality to the western nations, IHCL founded the iconic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai in the year 1903, which received worldwide applause. With strong business ethics and practices, IHCL has been serving its guests efficiently by offering a perfect blend of luxury and heritage.


From starting a century ago with a single property to being South Asia’s largest hospitality group with over 200+ properties of diverse significance and calibres, IHCL has brought the essence and warmth of Indian culture together with its top-notch services and facilities.

IHCL offers perfectly curated options for every stratum of the economy, such as SeleQtions – a handpicked portfolio of aesthetically pleasing hotels and resorts with a distinct character, especially for experiential travellers. The Vivanta brand, on the other hand, is a sophisticated yet competitively priced upscale Indian hotel chain for business and leisure. Similarly, Taj’s Ginger Hotels aim to serve clients in the affordable luxury segment.

Taj and its vivid brands have always been the epitome of Indian luxury and have set every possible benchmark in the hospitality industry ever since its inception. With 86 luxurious hotels in 54 locations and 12000+ lavish rooms and suites, every Taj Hotel is an icon in Indian culture. Taj’s brand name and iconic logo are enough to distinguish it from its contemporaries and reflect the status it has earned over the past century.

Offering exquisite fine-dining experiences, impeccable service and hospitality along with larger than life heritage and vintage properties taken over from the Royals and NIzams of the country, IHCL allows its guests to relive the history and experience the royal culture of India.


Following the footsteps of Mr. Tata, IHCL looks after every part and aspect of the company. It has been actively taking part in corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as the welfare of the employees and associated agencies.

IHCL, through its CSR activities, enables its stakeholders to follow sustainable business practices, and optimize the use of resources including energy, water, plastics, and other biodegradables.

Additionally, to let guests experience the best of nature and luxury, IHCL focuses on reducing carbon footprint through its afforestation programs, coral reef restoration programme, and the use of eco-friendly indigenous materials.

IHCL is also among the leaders in corporate social responsibility. With over 4000 volunteers contributing over 10,000 hours in social activities, IHCL is pioneering the concept of CSR in the hospitality industry. It has been taking up several noble initiatives, such as skilling India’s less privileged youth for the betterment of society and spreading awareness among the general public on social and economic issues. It also undertakes training sessions, besides carrying out various community welfare and development programs.

Titan Company

Established in Chennai in 1984, Titan watches was initially a joint venture between the Tatas and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. The name Titan is an acronym of the words Tata Industries and Tamil Nadu. In its current avatar, Titan Company Limited is the largest consumer company of the Tata Group.


Over the last three decades, Titan has created lifestyle brands across a spectrum of product categories and pioneered experiential retail. Titan has transformed the watch and jewellery industry in India with its path-breaking ideas and vision.

Titan’s portfolio brands have expanded manifold. Its product range currently includes watches (Titan, Titan Raga, Helios, Nebula, Xylus, Sonata and Zoop), jewellery (Tanishq, Mia, CaratLane and Zoya), accessories (Fastrack which includes a range of eyewear, bags, wallets and belts), fragrances (Skinn), and wearable devices & fitness trackers. It has expanded into ethnic sarees sourced from different weaving clusters in India (Taneira).

Titan has its manufacturing facilities at Noida, Kolkata and Mumbai. Apart from these, the company has a quartz analogue watch plant at Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and another satellite case plant at Uttarakhand. The company also has a precision engineering subsidiary called Titan Engineering & Automation that caters to industries like aerospace, defence and electronics. Titan acquired Swiss WatchMaker Favre–Leuba in 2011 to enter the European market. It has also entered into a joint venture with Montblanc to establish and enhance its retail store chain.


Titan, with its quartz watches and international styling, has brought a paradigm shift in the watch industry in India. Titan Watches comprise several collections and sub-brands, each of which is a leader in its own space. The watch division has over 440 exclusive showrooms across 120 cities in India. It is one of the largest chains in its category, backed by 40 service centres.


Titan has an Innovation School of Management to nurture the ability to innovate and imbibe it as a culture among employees. Titan Innovation Council, comprising senior and middle management, aids in developing programmes to promote innovation as a part of the work ethos at Titan. Moreover, a Titan Innovation Hub has been set up at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai, to create a collaborative environment between industry and academia through joint projects in creating a selfsustaining and technologically fertile environment. Like its parent company, Titan takes part in various community development initiatives. Sustainability practices are deeply embedded in all its processes. Titan is committed to its social responsibility, which is why affirmative action is intrinsic to the company. The company also ensures that a part of its resources is invested in environment and community betterment initiatives.

As Titan continues on its journey of excellence, it hopes to raise the bar everyday in providing customers with the best products, service and experience.