Industry-Ready Training-Based Recruitments: The New Trend

Industry-Ready Training-Based Recruitments: The New Trend

The world’s competitive edge is turning sharper day-by-day, and those who adopt in time are faring better than those who fail or delay to make the cut. Several organizations have realized the importance of investing in people and transform them to compete at the global levels.

It means making efforts beyond just recruitment, and working on a complete package. Today’s job market is very demanding and organizations require ready-to-deploy resources. This creates a need for ‘job-ready’ resources. This is especially true in the Global Business Process Management Industry with stringent international requirements in terms of both Domain Knowledge and Communications. The level of world-class global trainings is generally high, and students who opt for these programs may need a great amount of improvement before they are able to reach global requirements. The world thrives on young leaders, smart managers, skilled employees and a workforce that is hard working and gels well with all kinds of teammates.

The challenge is that not everyone starts his/her career with these qualities already being an inherent part of their personality. People learn with experience as they move ahead in their career. However, there are ways to get ahead faster by getting help from experts.

One of the existing experts in the industry with their ‘Reach Your Pinnacle’ skill-building program is MindMap Consulting. It was founded by Susheel and Shilpa Saboo as they were quick to recognize the global need of world-class training-based recruitments.

They have created a value system focused on being customer-centric and delivering to the common goals of growing businesses. Their vision is to bring simplified, transparent solutions to their clients and to be their trusted partner in the field of Recruitment, Training & all skills enhancement services. Susheel and Shilpa bring extensive experience in their area of expertise and have been well-recognized thought leaders in the industry. MindMap Consulting blends the experience of their leadership circle with trusted advice from their independent board to ensure customer-centricity and value addition to its clients.

“We have not only trained and helped hundreds of candidates get their dream job in MNCs, we have also turned fresh graduates into confident executives, who are ready to take head-on the challenges of their job and life in general. We believe that our students have the talent already; it’s just not harnessed. We bridge that gap and develop their skills to get them any big job they can dream of,” explains Susheel Saboo, Founder of MindMap Consulting.
Shilpa, Co-founder of MindMap adds, “Our ‘Reach Your Pinnacle’ skill-building program has been created by experts in the industry with relevant experience from the top MNCs of the world. We train on Finance, Accounting, Banking and Analytics, and when you leave after finishing our program, you have a job, the relevant skills to grow in that job, and the confidence to reach the top in any job.”

Recently they have partnered with Genpact and NASSCOM Foundation in their unique and highly popular ‘Reach Higher’ Program, which consists of an exclusive off-campus program for graduate students and another exclusive on-campus program for final-year students with no cost to the candidate. It’s a 4–8 week elite program, which provides a dream career launch in shared services. Similar programs have been launched with other companies, which are utilizing their Corporate Social Responsibility budgets on Skills enhancement initiatives in areas of Analytics, CRM Voice and CRM Non-voice skills. “What we are doing can be put simply as: Transforming academic mind into professional intellect,” asserts Susheel.

MindMap has partnered with NASSCOM SSC to design and publish training modules for two critical skills of ‘Associate Analytics’ and ‘Associate Finance & Accounting’. This will be leveraged to ingrain the programs as part of core curriculum across universities and colleges in India.

MindMap Consulting is fast evolving into the No. 1 training platform. It transforms young and aspiring candidates into skilled and inspiring executives who not only become indispensable assets for the company they join, but also prove to be a boon for the society. It directly instills into the candidates the relevant skills for the BPM (Business Process Management) industry, which is fast becoming the future of India Inc. In the program, experts teach the international accounting terminologies, standards and practices, preparing any student in the process to handle global careers.

It is also noteworthy at this point that the Business Process Management (BPM) industry is growing at 15% per annum and is generating a demand of about 1.2 million skilled people per annum. Anyone catering to that demand and creating a trained manpower that can fit directly into the BPM framework would be a big success. The current requirement of the BPM industry is trained professionals with excellent communication and inter-personal skills. Thus, organizations creating a trained workforce that is highly skilled not only in domains such as F&A and Analytics, but also in professional etiquettes and excellent communication are on an upward trajectory.

Susheel understands the industry in depth and shares, “Those who aspire a rapid rise in a Global BPM career, need not go elsewhere. Our Program is handcrafted by industry experts with relevant experience, for fresh graduates. It aims to render practical and relevant knowledge and pragmatic results, and thus creates excellent, effective and proficient manpower for the BPM industry. Our journey has just begun – we are looking to expand offering across multiple domains and bring our programs on e-Learning platforms to be accessible across urban and rural areas.”

Experts believe that excellence is achieved through diversity and inclusion. A key factor to anyone’s success and the impact they make at their workplace may be attributed to a whole range of points of view and creativity. That’s the reason global training programs are important. They not only bring people from diverse backgrounds on the same platform developing that competitive edge in them, they also teach them how to arrive at best solutions with global perspectives or fresh points of view.

Everyone wants to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability, but it is the global training programs which provide candidates the opportunity to develop themselves up to the global standards and be the best they can be!