Making The World A Better Place

Making The World A Better Place

The greatest of all ways of conduct is being human or rather acting human and reaching out to those who need us the most. On one hand the corporate world is doing its bit in giving back to the society through its wide ambit of CSR initiatives and on the other is the realm of philanthropic organizations who have taken up varied ways of helping those in need.

By Richa Sang

Benevolence – The Basic Premise of Humanity

Benevolence is an intrinsic aspect of the human nature. The term ‘Benevolence’ has myriad denotations like warmth, friendliness, compassion, ordinary decency, fair play, kindness, altruism, generosity, and love. It simply means having good intentions towards living beings. A benevolent heart leans toward others; it is not neutral or indifferent and benevolence is the opposite of ill will, coldness, prejudice, cruelty, and aggression. It is a widely acknowledged fact that benevolence is extensively praised — from parents telling children to share their toys to saints preaching the Golden Rule — because it is the very premise of humanity. Benevolence curtails quarrels, builds trust, and is the bestodds strategy to get good treatment in return. Benevolence within and between nations promotes the rule of law, educates children, feeds the hungry, supports human rights, offers humanitarian aid, and works for peace and benevolence towards our planet tries to protect the endangered species and reduce global warming. The bottom-line is that benevolence is good for individuals, relationships, nations, and the world as a whole. The fact that benevolence is often enlightened self-interest makes it no less warm-hearted and virtuous. And at this time in history when individuals feel increasingly stressed and isolated, when relationships often stand on shaky ground, when international conflicts are fueled by dwindling resources and increasingly lethal weapons, and when humanity is dumping over 9 billion tons of carbon each year into the atmosphere (which is almost synonymous to throwing 5 billion cars a year up into the sky, most of which stay there) — benevolence is not just moral, it’s essential. Moreover, we cannot forget the fact that benevolence has buoyed us along as we all have been nurtured and protected by friends and family, humanity altogether, and the biosphere.

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