Most Powerful Climate-Change Forecasting Supercomputer

Most Powerful Climate-Change Forecasting Supercomputer

Microsoft company has teamed up with the United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office to develop the world’s most powerful supercomputer that will help in weather forecasting and climate change. As per the report from the UK’s Met office, the supercomputer is going to be functional in 2022 and will provide a forecast for severe weather.

The predictions provided by it will also help in protection from the impacts of severe floods, snow, and storms in the country.  The datasets generated by this supercomputer will endow the highest quality accurate weather forecasts. For this, the UK government had announced funding of 1.2 billion pounds in February 2020 which is expected to be among the top 25 supercomputers in the world.

The device will help to improve the climate change modeling and projections for risk-based planning. Among other uses, its forecasts are also used in the aviation and agriculture industries.

In addition to this, it will enhance emergency preparedness for various natural calamities. The partnership between Microsoft and the UK’s Meteorological Office is an endorsement of the country’s initiative in protecting the environment.

The new supercomputer will help ensure government, industry and communities by preparing them for severe weather changes through more detailed models combined with an increased number of model scenarios and growing amounts of environmental and social data, better forecasting of local-scale weather, increased access to weather and climate data and ever more accurate forecasts of wind and temperature information.