Shri Arjun Munda

Shri Arjun Munda

Bringing Tribals into the Mainstream

Having garnered immense popularity as the former Chief Minister of the Indian state of Jharkhand, Shri Arjun Munda has been actively working for the welfare of tribal communities across the country. Actively engaged with various plans and projects, he is bent on making tribals self-dependent and bringing them into the mainstream, thereby ensuring a bright and prosperous future of the nation

Q. Sir, you have been a core functionary in helping the tribals across the country and enabling them to become selfdependent & get better job prospects. Your contribution to the domicile movement came as a defining movement in the history. All your efforts are worthappreciating as they are creating a robust socio-economical ecosystem for the country. Please highlight some of the key strategies that you have employed during the current Modi Government to bring the tribal force to the forefront?

A. Our ministry, who works for tribal society, tribal areas, and all such people living in India and who has been, for years believed in their rights, cultures, specialties, and societal arrangements, given dream of overall development and how to move forward, has given thought and took initiative to make India a strong nation.

And in the same episode, we have launched various plans and projects for backward areas and tribal people, through which we will provide better facilities, bring them into the mainstream, provide them with basic amenities, and thus ensuring to improve the future of India. A few days ago we have taken an important decision through the medium of TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India) thereby ensuring that majority of the areas where tribal people, schedule tribes, and ethnic groups who are residing in the jungle, get benefitted by providing resources according to them so that they can become self-dependent, help grow economy and move forward firmly with their cultural heritage.

For the same, we have decided the MSP (Minimum Support Price), and approximately for more than 70 products, I have finalized the rates to ensure good returns are generated without any cheating. So this work is happening effectively and all these products are continuously available through Amazon, Gem Portal, and are working with other such types of organizations so that they get a good marketplace and along with better employment opportunities.

Hon’ble Prime Minister firmly stated that Indian products must be developed well for which he has given a slogan of ‘Atmnirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Vocal for Local’. Our efforts must be such so that we can give more importance to our products. From this point of view, we are ensuring that most of the tribal communities must participate and move forward with a holistic approach.

I am happy and delighted that we are carrying on this project. We are also keeping in mind its educational, health, and other parameters. We are also ensuring that the development programs in their areas are implemented effectively. So a large number of programs are operated and I feel that in the coming days we will get the expected results. And we are witnessing that a pandemic like COVID-19 that has been extended to those areas where tribal people are residing, so how can they stay safe and use this as an opportunity, I feeling delighted that in this pandemic our tribal people are aware and vigilant and have attention on how to win over this sensitive matter.

Q. Sir, what are your views on our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s “vocal for local products” call? How will it further support the tribal communities of the country?

A. The pledge our hon’ble Prime Minister Modi Ji has taken is to enlighten the nation. It is the responsibility of our Ministry on how well the tribal societies have understood this and completes this. And through this medium, the dream of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ will be realized and our Ministry is working on this. In this matter, I would like to invoke the business community to come together along with tribal society and that the concept of Vocal for Local given by our hon’ble Prime Minister, the dream should be fulfilled collectively. There are many products that are centre of attraction for the world. We should encourage and develop such products and expect from the business community to play a fair role in it. Tribal communities, on behalf of ministries, will make efforts to make these efforts successful.

Q. We, at AsiaOne, value your contribution towards the tribal community and the promotion of their skills in the labour market. You surely are an inspiration for the entrepreneurs who are working in the field of rural and tribal arts. What is your message for the business community who looks up to you?

A. I must congratulate Rajat Shukal ji who initiated the “Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders series” and also AsiaOne Magazine for promoting the greatest leaders of the nation have been working for the prosperity of the country and driving it towards a glistening future.