The Kaleidoscopic Gateway

The Kaleidoscopic Gateway

The majestic region of Rajasthan fascinates every globe trotter who wishes to dive into the ocean of an ancient legacy embellished with magnificence, splendor and elegance. The larger than life picture of this flamboyant region can bewitch anyone with its picturesque deserts adorned by golden pyramids of sand and birds chasing the winds of the clear blue sky and singing the glory of the past

Gazing out of the window and witnessing the grandeur of the “Land of Kings”- Rajasthan; The exciting sound of the train’s engine matches up with the heart beats when one heads towards this flamboyant realm of India to discover the immemorial heritage of Rajputana. The majestic forts, colorful bazaars, harmonically-rich music, glistening sand and the glorious legacy of kings and queens cast a mesmerizing spell on its visitors and leave them awestruck. Every place and every town has a unique culture which speaks through their attires, music festivals and cuisines.

As a part of the Golden triangle that is an ultimate pilgrimage for travelers, Rajasthan gets a privilege of welcoming every third foreign tourist who comes to witness the wonders of India.

Ancient home of the valorous Rajputs, this largest state of Indian republic marks its empire over 342,239 sq kilometres area. Its rainbow culture is the footprints left by its age-old diverse kingdomes and their rich cultures. Adorned with luxury hotels and resorts, this Pradesh has some of the world’s most charming places for the visitors. Among those paradors, The Oberoi Rajvilas, The Leela Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Suryagarh, The Lalit etc offer benchmarking hospitality and comfort to their guests which enhance the travel experience

Threshold of Grandiosity

On entering the royal gateway of Rajasthan itinerary, one gets the opportunity to witness the splendor of its capital city Jaipur. Its vibrant setting makes it look like a crown of Rajasthan. In this “Pink City”, one can still feel the gaze from the colourful veils glancing from the little crafted windows of the Hawa mahal. And the grand Amber fort stands tall with its majestic structure looking over the city since centuries.

With its marvelous palaces and monuments, Udaipur, famous for its history, culture and scenic beauty is considered to be the ‘Venice of the East’. The Reflecting sunsets in the serene water of its lakes create a blissful aura that spreads tranquility in the soul and opens up the traveller’s senses.

Moving ahead with your caravan through the lanes of the royal past, if you find yourself amidst a sea of blue rooftops then get introduced to the azure Jodhpur. Set on a rocky outcrop, this “Rhapsody in blue” has little beautiful homes and structures which look like a blue canvas reflecting the serenity of the skies above. Its Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Kaylana Lake and various other monuments and temples not only awestruck the beholder with their glittering artistry but also sing the valorous tales of the past.

The Baoris of Bundi, scenic hamlets of Barmer, the Spiritual Shrines of Ajmer, the river safari of Chambal and the refreshing townscape of Mount Abu, the grandeur of Thar Desert in Jaisalmer- these are some of the maestros of the fascinating Rajasthan that take the visitors on a timetravelling journey.

Windows of Scintillating Bazaars

As the evening star begins to glow in the clear blue sky, the bazaars of Rajasthan start blooming with their exquisite traditional collections. After visiting the grand forts, soothing lakes and spiritual temples of the Royal Rajasthan, one is sure to get amazed amidst the magnetism of these “traditional corners”

The famous haats such as Sadar Bazar, Kapraa Bazaar, Babu market, Bhattiyani Chohtta with their alluring wooden furniture, block print textiles, zari embroidered saris, captivating mojaris and jutis have the gravity to turn shopping into everyone’s hobby. Adorning jewellery from Jaipur, silver artifacts and paintings of Udaipur, vibrant embroideries of Barmer, Doria saris of Kota, Jodhpur’s attires- every city has a rich souk that caters the cultural vibrancy in their strikingly gorgeous articles.

Rajasthan’s grand palette offers an ultimate feast. Be it Dal Baati and Churma, Missi Roti or the piquant curries, the epicurean cuisine leaves a person speechless. A perfect blend of Mewari, Marwari, Shekhawati, and Bikaneri cuisines, Rajasthan carves a special place in one’s appetite.

Rhythms of the Desert

Under the starry blanket of sky, Rajasthan’s rhythms sing a lullaby through their songs and traditional folk dances. Weaved for every emotion, moment or situation, these songs visualize the fables of wars, music of eternal love and the happiness and sorrows of the natives. They are the soul of the famous puppet shows. These are the communicatory strings that attach the contemporary Rajasthan with the glorious Rajputana.

From the camel fair of pushkar to the literary fair of Jaipur, Rajasthan has it all. This majestic land sees a number of fairs and festivals that brighten up the spirits of the people. Every new month brings a plethora of celebrations with itself. Beginning the year with the colorful kite festival in January, the region beats the drum with festivals such as Desert Festival, Teej, Abhaneri, etc., and ends with Kolayat Fair in Kartik Poornima.

The saffron “savera” reminisces the lovable itinerary of the previous day and brings forth a new dawn ready to inscribe a new page in the diary of a wander-lust traveller mesmerizing him with its colorful nature shrouded in the blue cities, golden structures, pink forts, yellow sands and green lushes painting the geography of Rajasthan and turning it into a rainbow.