Thumbay Group: Promoting healthy living

Thumbay Group: Promoting healthy living

It was the year 1998, when Thumbay Moideen took his family business to the Gulf region from India with the launch of the Gulf Medical University at Ajman in the UAE. Since then the Thumbay Group has fruitfully branched out from education and healthcare sectors to hospitality, real estate, publishing trading and much more. The company today stands as a stellar example of excellence and success
When Thumbay Moideen was invited by the rulers of Ajman more than a decade ago to start a medical college in the UAE, it proved to be a golden change for the third generation entrepreneur from a renowned business family in Mangalore, India to make a successful imprint overseas, too.
The invitation, thus led to Thumbay Group’s first venture into the region, and a phenomenon, the Gulf Medical University was born.

Having been founded with a sole purpose to provide higher education in medicine and healthcare sciences, the institute eventually proved to be a temple of knowledge for the students from across the globe.

With a vision to emerge as the powerhouse of innovation and excellence, the Group has succeeded in laying the foundation of quality besides meeting the criteria of trust and loyalty. It has the credit of being one of the largest healthcare providers in the region and has incorporated all the finer nuances of the business that will not only help the students to achieve academic excellence in the field of medicine but also produce world-class doctors.

It is also one of the principal healthcare providers in the region.

Expanding horizon

Having grown from strength to strength, the Thumbay group has widened its horizon by diversifying its portfolio. Besides healthcare it has ventured into sectors like Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communication, Retail Opticals, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing trading and Marketing & Distribution.


The Group works on the principles of consistency and maintaining quality standard, and considers meeting customer expectations necessary for the fruitful functioning of the organization. The impetus is on delivering quality products and services with innovation being the core value. Some of the focus areas of the Group are excellence, trust, knowledge, novelty and integrity. And it fulfills its commitment towards excellence through Thumbay Chain of Hospitals, equipped with avant-garde specialties that cater to the patient needs. The hospitals also provide medical research opportunities for the aspiring healthcare professionals along with clinical training. The hospital is one of the accomplished healthcare providers and caters to the health problems of patients from more than 175 countries. The hospital chain is an excellent answer to all the health issues of the people and efficiently delivers an array of treatment facilities.

Likewise, the Gulf Medical University has students flocking from 67 nationalities to study medicine and has faculty members from 22 countries. The college offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Residency Programs in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Therapy and many more.

Besides, the Thumbay Group also runs a pharmacy chain, diagnostic centres, multi-brand retail outlets, world-class wellness centres, an impressive chain of coffee Shoppe and a popular health & lifestyle publication.

The Group has become a churning machine of academic and entrepreneurial excellence with state-of-the-art infrastructure and offerings par excellence. Its superior service, quality and innovation are an outcome of not only a consistent effort towards attaining perfection but also passion to overcome all odds.

It also boasts of empowered and loyal employees whose number exceeds more than three thousand.


The Group’s CSR activities reveal much about its humanitarian outlook and reach people through the Thumbay Foundation, a charitable trust established to support altruistic activities in Healthcare, Education and other areas. The foundation financially assists students through scholarships, grants, bursaries, awards, fellowships, endowments, donations and other forms of monetary help.

The foundation is dedicated to the cause of supporting the deserving and needy and look towards bringing a sustainable social change in the society through its financial aids. The Group is actively involved in creating awareness at different levels and regularly holds health camps, either independently or in partnership with other organizations. The camp is aimed at giving free health consultation in different areas of medicine to the patients. Apart from other awareness campaigns, Blood Donation Camps are also organized on a regular basis.


The Group organizes Annual GMU Medical & Science Exhibition that provides a platform to the aspiring students who exhibit their talent in the field of medicine and science. In addition, it also organizes Annual GMU Sports Festival, Annual Baby Show, Annual Fun Run and Night of the Stars. All these events witness a high footfall.