Abrar Hashmi

Abrar Hashmi

Every entrepreneur experiences some life-changing moments that push them to start their business journey. For Abrar, it was a simple realization that something was missing. Even though he had a successful career while working at top positions in American companies, he always felt a void. But unlike many people, Abrar followed his heart. He used his extensive experience to launch his own niche management consulting firm — Agile Brains Consulting. What started as a one-person company is now a multi-million-dollar organization with clients spread globally. This, however, is just a beginning of a bigger dream.


Abrar started his career in the corporate sector after completing his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Drexel University in the USA. He joined a startup as a software developer a decade ago. Just 21-years-old at that time, he practiced coding and tested games for a company that made electronic table games for poker. Later, Abrar stepped ahead and took his first managerial role as a Technology Services Manager at The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy. While being in this job, he got the chance to work closely with global clients and learn the ins and outs of e-learning. Over the next couple of years, Abrar climbed the corporate ladder serving a variety of roles — from Development Director and Process Coach to Agile Program Manager and Enterprise Portfolio Lead. Finally, he embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and established Agile Brains Consulting. This was his successful attempt at creating a platform that helps companies and knowledge workers across the globe deliver products and services faster.


Under the leadership of Abrar, Agile Brains Consulting has grown rapidly and is now churning out revenue in millions of dollars and has achieved numerous awards from INC 5000, Forbes, CIO Applications and many others. It has 100+ consultants, trainers and coaches from all over the world that help him assist clients globally. The company has a spectacular client portfolio of Fortune 500 clients and the list continues to grow. All this has become possible because of two reasons — Abrar’s vision and his team. He wanted to create an organization which focused on value-delivery and would focus on serving as technology advisors rather than transactional sellers. Therefore, he created a proprietary award-winning framework “Assess, Brainstorm, Coach” to help companies improve process flow and deliver value faster. As for the second reason, he believes that the greatest asset of Agile Brains Consulting is the A-class team that he built during his challenging days. This humble gesture, in turn, shows the empathetic nature of Abrar’s personality that undeniably makes him a great leader.


Most leaders are often influenced by their experiences and initial learnings. Abrar is one of them. Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, he still believes that the earliest lessons he learned were from his parents. While his mother taught him to always do the right thing, his father encouraged him to follow his passion. As a result, he chose a business where he follows his passion of empowering people with requisite skills through consultation and training. This perfect amalgamation helps him to stay motivated and content with his work every day. He knows that he is on a mission and it is the right one.