UWG Holding LLC – United World Group is a business conglomerate and being run by a group of family offices operating in the areas of Publishing & Research, Real Estate and Media Consulting.

Our strategic approach to create excellence and preservation is the cornerstone of our business. We have achieved our success by careful analysis, project valuation techniques, and innovative strategies. We have presence in the Middle East, India and Singapore for a decade and understand the core business essence of the regions of Asia, South Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.

AsiaOne has global professionals who specialize in the areas of business in which we have presence and have created world class products and services. Our clients are leading Brands and Leaders from multiple industries which include both private and government who have invested in us and we have created excellence for them with leading technology and creative innovation, AsiaOne Media seeks to cultivate unique services in the areas of Publishing & Research in Print, Portal, Television and Digital Application Media.

AsiaOne Magazine

AsiaOne magazine has emerged on the Asian horizon as a potent media for the highbrow with its extraordinary vision; modern, amenable or dyed-in-the-wool opinions; 360-degree analysis; best-in-class contributors; and all-embracing action in the domains of business, economy, policy and lifestyle. The finest, the foremost, the superlative, the nonpareil and par excellence in leaders, brands, companies, decision & policy makers, entrepreneurs, pioneers, trailblazers, torch-bearers and neoterics attract us, and our experts endeavour to return the favour by serving information and entertainment that is the most desirable and supreme in quality. In short, we provide … for the acclaimed leadership and the esteemed readership.

URS Media Consulting International

We are a leading International Media house with a Business & News publication named “AsiaOne Magazine” which has presence in electronic, print and mobile app media. Our readership audience is over One hundred fifty thousand completely Business to Business in regions of Asia, Middle East & Africa namely reaching twelve countries India, Dubai UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and South Africa with a highly professional network of a full time editorial team and of some of the best authors in the region.

At AsiaOne magazine we strive to deliver News and analysis on Business, Policy and Lifestyle covering multiple continents. Also we do six special research based issues in a year, with process advisory and evaluations by one of the big four consulting firm and create and finally have an individual IPR – Intellectual property on the same; namely “World’s Greatest Brands &Leaders Asia Middle East Africa”, “Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders”, “India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders”. Few researches we have conducted across the continent of Asia and Africa have been multiple industry features and then industry specific on Education, Real Estate, Healthcare, Services and Manufacturing sector. The core has been to create par excellence print products in terms of magazine issues and coffee table presentations, along with Business summits and Brand and Leader awards recognizing some of the greatest companies in the continent.

URS Media and AsiaOne magazine urge to give its readers not only business news from Asia, Middle East and Africa but also create perceptions and provide thought provoking content and stories recognizing not only the established Brands and Leaders but bringing forward Influential and emerging stories on companies and their business Owners.

AsiaOne TV is relatively a new initiative where most of our awarded Brand and Leaders are now featured on a monthly television series named “Greatest Brands & Leaders 2021 Asia Middle East Africa” which is Broadcasted in 79 countries and has a Broadcast viewership of 39 million decision makers. This series also holds a world record of being the most Broadcasted Brand and Leader TV series in the World Book of Records 2021 London UK.


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Richa Sang

Editor - AsiaOne

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VP International Affairs

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Senior Consultant - Corporate Marketing

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Columnist Culture

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DGM - Research & Publishing

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AGM, International Affairs

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Region Head Africa

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Associate Art Director

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DGM - Research & International Affairs

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DGM - Corporate Marketing

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Vice President - Publishing

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Corporate Communications Lead

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Deputy General Manager

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Senior Manager

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