Akasa Air Emerges as India’s Most Punctual Airline
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Akasa Air Emerges as India’s Most Punctual Airline

India’s aviation landscape witnessed a significant shift in punctuality rankings for March 2023, as Akasa Air, the nation’s newest airline, claimed the title of the most punctual carrier, according to the latest report from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The quarterly performance review for January – March 2023 highlighted a remarkable 94.2 percent On-Time Performance (OTP) for Akasa Air, surpassing industry giant IndiGo.

IndiGo, which has long held the position of India’s most punctual airline, secured the second spot with a commendable 92 percent OTP. The Tata Group’s Vistara followed closely with an 83 percent market share, while Air India and Air Asia rounded out the top five with 82.1 percent and 76.6 percent OTP, respectively.

In the challenging Indian aviation market, Akasa Air has demonstrated resilience and steady progress, defying initial skepticism surrounding the launch of an airline amid the pandemic. Despite a landscape dominated by established low-cost carriers, Akasa has shown commendable growth over the past eight months.

Notably, Akasa Air dominated at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, boasting an impressive 99.4 percent OTP. The airline, currently serving 17 cities with 19 aircraft, reported a 3 percent passenger traffic market share for Q3 2023, and a March 2023 market share of 3.3 percent.

With a total of 11 scheduled domestic airlines operating in India, the DGCA’s report underscores the dynamic changes shaping the country’s aviation sector.