Amazon Introduces Electric Vehicle Fleet for Emission-Free Deliveries

Amazon Introduces Electric Vehicle Fleet for Emission-Free Deliveries

Amazon has initiated a worldwide last-mile fleet program in India, exclusively employing electric vehicles (EVs) for deliveries in its pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions. The program provides assistance and customised vehicles to its Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), promoting carbon-neutral deliveries in the Indian subcontinent.

The company has revealed its latest fleet of Mahindra Zor Grand three-wheeler EVs. These vehicles come equipped with digital rear-view cameras for enhanced safety, have a maximum speed of 50 kmph, and can cover over 100 km on a single charge. Additionally, the vehicles are integrated with telematics and safety technology, allowing real-time monitoring of vehicle performance and driving behaviour.

This initiative not only facilitates the leasing of the EV fleet, but also offers support to DSPs for maintenance, charging, and parking of these vehicles.

Amazon has set an ambitious goal to expand its electric fleet to 10,000 vehicles by 2025 in India, with a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. The company has already deployed more than 6,000 electric vehicles across more than 400 cities in India.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Amazon has pledged $10 million to the C40 Cities’ initiative, Laneshift, in collaboration with The Climate Pledge and Global Optimism.