Amit Andre

Amit Andre


A tech savant, Dr. Andre’s passion for applying his profound knowledge to design innovative problem-solving tech solutions led him to start a global tech company – TDTL. In fact he has travelled worldwide to gain a multidimensional perspective on different technologies, which he imbibes to create strategic business solutions for major global companies in the Middle East, US, Singapore, Philippines, etc. A leader and true-blue techie, his innovative initiatives are directed towards improving organizational growth, profit hiking strategies, and keeping pace with technological advancements. Owing to his dedicated efforts, his firm reached cumulative revenue of over $235M within just 9 years. His excellent leadership qualities and wealth of experience of 20+ years ensured that despite the recession, his company amassed the highest sales of average $5.5M.


Dr. Andre believes that the key to successful leadership is influence, not authority. He has led a team of 2,728 members across Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, and East Africa. His democratic leadership style catalyses a conducive work culture for his team, wherein it can maximise its potential. He has also created a strong learning environment for the teams where they are provided training and opportunities to enhance their skills. In the post-pandemic era, when people are struggling to maintain a remote work-life balance, Dr. Andre has been a staunch support for them. He regularly maintains a rapport with them to ensure a high mojo. For instance, he shares the organisational goals amongst the employees to give them a clear direction and encourage participative decision-making.


Though he is already a Doctor in Data Science and AI, Dr. Andre is a perennial learner. He strongly follows his father’s belief that learning is never-ending. This has served as a guide to achieving his dreams of learning and training. One of his goals is to provide a learning platform on AI and emotional intelligence to people to help them upgrade their knowledge for professional or personal growth. To implement this vision, the TDTL has executed various research-based innovations.

Besides being a learner, he is a passionate trainer as well who believes that knowledge is a treasure that must be shared. He has a proven track record of training over 32,000 IT professionals from top-notch organisations across 82 countries in a plethora of technological domains like Project Management, CAPM, PMP and ITIL v3 Foundation, which has led to an increase in organisational profit. His high-end tech qualifications including several certifications from AWS and Microsoft, his ability to solve complex problems in real-time and sharp business acumen with a result-oriented approach make him a super trainer.


In his rich 20-year career, Dr. Andre has achieved some remarkable milestones including The Best Innovation Award 2017, wherein he was selected from 1400 participants from 21 countries. He is a global-level speaker invited by renowned institutions across 87 countries. He has been recognised for his expertise in business and sales growth, excellent leadership skills, decision-making abilities for effective strategy implementation, and up-to-date skills in AI & Data that make him a digital transformation expert. Dr. Andre has carved a niche for himself in the dynamic digital world and emerged as a true transformer. He also believes in giving back to society and invests in children’s education.