Anish Maheshwari

Anish Maheshwari

The value of experience reveals itself when a leader is faced with tough decisions. It becomes even more challenging when finances are involved. For Anish Maheshwari, such choices are no longer demanding. Instead, he uses his years of experience to create exciting plans and strategic initiatives to accelerate the growth of his firm. A tactical financial leader, he worked in the industry for more than two decades, and now the ease with which he handles complex relationships speaks for the expertise he had gained in these years.

Mr. Maheshwari’s mastery over finance has earned him the position of Chief Financial Officer at a firm he joined in 2008. He is now known for his exceptional knowledge in finance verticals, accounts, governance, business planning, tax management, fundraising, and investor relations. He currently plays a vital role in all the key strategic initiatives, projects, and built capabilities of the company.

Under Mr. Maheshwari’s leadership, the company delivered its IPO. The experience is one of the highest points of his career. He still recalls how challenging the task felt, but he knew nothing could shake his belief in what he was doing. He finally delivered Rs. 650-crore worth of IPO and FPO, and helped the organisation close worth Rs. 2,500 crore of debt through various mediums. Not only this, he spearheaded the deal of Vapi CFS of Navkar Group with Adani Ports. The deal was so huge that it made the Group debt free.


To be where he is today, Mr. Maheswari worked exceptionally hard. He first attained the education qualifications. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the International Business Management Institute, Germany. He also did his Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards from the same institution. He then completed his Diploma in Infrastructure and Project Finance from the International Academy for Certification and Training.

As for his career journey, he first came to Mumbai in 1999 to work as an executive at a textile firm. After working for seven years in the same industry, he decided to start something of his own. Within two years, he understood that to achieve success, he needed the magic of knowledge and experience. So, Mr. Maheshwari restarted his career as an executive. This time, he applied the knowledge and experience, along with his skills and proficiency, to yield excellent results. As a result, today he is living the dream he aspires for. As the CFO of Navkar Group, he is leading a team of over 100 people, each of whom looks up to him as a kind and enthusiastic leader.


For his contribution to the industry and outstanding progress, Mr. Maheshwari has been recognised by several organisations through awards and accolades. In 2020, he was named “CFO of The Year” by World Leadership. He was ranked among NationWide Awards 40 Under 40 – Top Influential Corporate Leaders, and Business Achievers Icon 2020. He was also honoured with the Rashtriya Vikas Ratan Award by the National Achievers Recognition Forum (NARF – Government of India) in 2021. He also received the Corporate Leadership Award from the National Achievers Recognition Forum the same year.

In addition to awards, Mr. Maheshwari has been featured in national and international magazines due to his inspiring success story.