Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy


Second-generation entrepreneur, Ms. Aparna Reddy is an exemplary leader who believes in moving forward with her people. An intelligent and highly motivated personality, she has been running her business with great acumen since a very young age


This hardworking and dedicated second-generation entrepreneur took the reins of her familial business in hand with just one thought, to excel it beyond boundaries. While to some it may seem like she got everything served on a silver platter, only Aparna knows the struggle she had to face as she toiled day and night to prove it to the naysayers that she is running the company not because of her genes, but because of her skills, talent, and vision.

Aparna from a very young age knew her path forward. Her family had started with the business, eponymous to herself, in the 1990s and all she witnessed as a part of the discussion in her house is her father’s vision for the business and the various activities of the company. She first-hand witnessed all the effort that went in building the business. There were no second thoughts when it came to her deciding her career path, her only intention was to build a company for the generations, just like her father.


Aparna, a very dedicated and inquisitive student, focused hard on her studies to develop strong business acumen and futuristic conscience and soon after graduation joined her family business. For the first few years, she keenly observed the lapses and where corrective measures could be made.

As she started putting her ideas forward, the team started trusting her with her skills and caliber. This was an important feat for the young lady as she always reckoned that if the system and people will not accept her, moving forward will be an uphill task. But her effervescent nature, and quick adaptability to the culture made her gain massive respect from the people at a very young age. She took her first assignment in 2012, setting up a high-end luxury outlet for bath spaces and kitchens in Hyderabad, which became a spectacular hit.

It was when she truly realized that she has got the right knack for the business and the skills to keep its growth on the same trajectory as her father did. She worked really hard to prove her worth within the organization and kept on taking newer roles and responsibilities.
Going ahead, she started getting involved in finance, accounts, and company strategy, climbing the ropes to lead the company.


Aparna feels that apart from strong leadership at the core, it is very important for a business to hire the right people for right jobs. Human power is the most critical resource for a business and she personally looks after the process of getting new members in the Aparna family.

She also believes that culture plays a vital role in cultivating long-lasting employees and therefore makes sure that the work environment is passionate, growing, fulfilling, enriching, and positive. She makes sure the best talents are retained and are used in the right manner to expand the business.

Her whole focus remains on one single fact that the business growth shouldn’t stop and tries her best to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. She spends day and night innovating and at the same time, motivating the staff to contribute to the success of the enterprise.

She has gained great love and admiration from the staff for her leading by example approach.