Full of rich culture, history and natural beauty, Argentina is a country of breathtaking nature and wildlife, and perfect for sports enthusiasts and art lovers. One would love it not only for skiing, sledding, fishing, kayaking and snowboarding, but also for the local birds – penguins, seals and orcas, and then also for the Argentine wine, beautiful mountains, falls, national parks, valleys, ride to the countries, islands, shopping, festivals and adventures

By His Excellency Mr. Alejandro Zothner Meyer, Consul General of Argentine Republic in India

Argentina, meaning made of silver or silver-coloured, is a precious country, worldrenowned for the tango, elegant architecture, steak, wine, and soccer, and of course, Diego Armando Maradona. Though it has its own share of economic struggles, Argentina continues to play an important role in the global economy, especially with regards to its agricultural production, based on livestock farming, cereal cultivation (wheat, corn and transgenic soy), citrus fruits, tobacco, tea and grapes.


It is the world’s largest exporter of soy-derived products, as soy and sugar cane are extensively cultivated for biofuel production. It is also the world’s largest exporter and fourth-largest producer of biodiesel. Rich in energy resources, it is the largest natural gas producer in Latin America, and holds the world’s second-largest shale gas reservoir and the fourth-largest oil and lithium reservoir. Its industries have shown robust growth in recent years, and meat packing, flour grinding & canning, flour-milling, motor vehicles, consumer durables, textiles, chemicals & petrochemicals, printing, metallurgy and steel are the country’s main industries. Specializing in areas of high-tech services, it is highly competitive in software development, call centers, nuclear energy and tourism.


Tourism in Argentina is very rewarding due to its amazing cultural offerings and a vast variety of natural assets. Its capital city, Buenos Aires, is the most visited city in South America, and there are 30 National Parks in Argentina including many World Heritage Sites. The main tourist attractions in Argentina include the following: Iguazú Falls: Iguazú Falls is a UNESCO site that brags of stunning waterfalls with amazing views. The waterfalls share borders with Brazil and Argentina. Iguacu National Park is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. The falls contain somewhere between 150 and 300 separate waterfalls and are almost two miles long. The Iguazú Falls are consisted of about 275 individual waterfalls and cascades giving chance to include a boat safari, which powers up the river to the foot of the falls.

Perito Moreno Glacier:

Perito Moreno Glacier is part of the Los Glaciares National Park. Perito Moreno Glacier is actually part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. The Perito Moreno Glacier is a huge tourist’s attraction and views the glacier from a small boat on Lake Argentino, witness huge chunks of ice breaking from the glacier and plummeting into Lake Argentino. The Perito Moreno is 30 km (19 mi) in length. It is also a UNESCO site of Patagonia’s Los Glaciares National Park, which has 3,359-meter-tall Monte Fitz Roy, beautiful mountain straddling the border with Chile.

Ushuaia – The End of the World:

It is the world’s most southern city located on the very edge of the continent of South America, and is well known for its incredible landscapes, has truly unique landscape features of woods, mountains, glaciers and sea, and serves as a popular base for Antarctica cruises, winter sports and wildlife viewing. The bragging massive stretches of plateaus and plains, made even more dramatic by the backdrop of the Andes.

Tierra del Fuego National Park:

Tierra del Fuego National Park attracts numerous visitors and hikers to Argentina’s oldest coastal national park; a massive 156,000-acre area extends all the way from Beagle Channel to the Chilean Border and northwards to Lago Kami. There are lakes, rivers, peaks, and glaciers, and it also includes everything from tall waterfalls, dense forests, and mountains, along with beautiful glacier-fed lakes such as Roca and Fagnano.

Mar del Plata:

Mar del Plata, located in the Atlantic coast 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires has the best beaches in South America, and the beautiful beaches sprawl for more than eight kilometres popular among sea lions. Argentina’s top beach resort town boasts 10 miles of sandy beaches with very dense crowds, particularly in the summer months. Mar del Plata is home to the excellent Juan Manuel Fangio Museum, a car museum dedicated to one of the world’s greatest to the first automobile (an 1886 Daimler). Mar del Plata Aquarium has many marine attractions, including dolphins and seal shows, penguins, tortoises, and flamingos.


Mendoza is one of Argentina’s most beautiful cities, and the wine capital of Argentina. Argentina´s world famous Malbec wines hail from here. It is also popular for outdoor enthusiasts among hikers and climbers, many aiming for the top of the 6,960-meter-tall Aconcagua Mountain. Mendoza has many other fun cultural attractions, including a number of museums and annual festivals, as well as a bustling Central Market, where locals buy and produce meat & fish. Argentina is a dynamic and incomparably unique country of natural and man-made wonders. It must be visited by nature- and adventure-loving tourists.