Ashwani Kumar Bhatia

Ashwani Kumar Bhatia


Mr. Bhatia commenced his professional journey with modest beginnings at the tender age of 17, engaging in the trade of MS Scrap in Delhi after the untimely demise of his father in 1978. He shouldered the dual responsibility of his family and business with remarkable fortitude, imbued with an unwavering determination to succeed. With sheer grit and resolve, he forged a path for himself and progressively climbed the rungs of success through his diligent and assiduous efforts, emerging as a paragon of perseverance and resilience.


With an Honours degree in Economics and over four decades of experience in the steel industry, Mr. Bhatia specialises in sourcing high-quality raw materials at competitive rates. Renowned for his impeccable precision and unwavering commitment to meeting stringent project deadlines, he is known to leave no stone unturned when executing his meticulous approach to project management. His reputation for delivering exceptional results with accuracy is a testament to his unwavering dedication and unrivaled skill set.


In 1990, Mr. Bhatia relocated to Chennai, where he established ARS Metals Pvt. Ltd. Subsequently, in 1992, he began manufacturing ingots at Gummidipundi, with the corporate headquarters stationed in Chennai. He diversified his operations into TMT Bars in 2005 and further expanded to billets in 2010. In 2013, he ventured into the power sector by establishing a 60 MW Power Plant at Eguvarpalayam, demonstrating his acumen in identifying lucrative business opportunities and successfully diversifying his portfolio.

In a strategic move, the renowned enterprise ARS Metals Limited underwent a significant demerger in 2013, effectively segregating its steel and energy divisions into two distinct entities – ARS Steels and Alloy International Pvt. Ltd. and ARS Energy Pvt. Ltd., respectively. This restructuring demonstrated Mr. Bhatia’s visionary leadership, which enabled him to optimise the performance and growth of his diverse business interests.


Mr. Bhatia’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has driven him to cultivate a robust and diverse client base, both for procurement and sales. By focusing on the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, he has forged strong and enduring relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. His unrelenting pursuit of excellence has enabled him to build a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services that exceed the expectations of his customers, ensuring their continued loyalty and satisfaction.


A robust team of talented and seasoned professionals has aided Mr. Bhatia’s indomitable spirit and remarkable achievements in managing various facets of the business, including factory operations, accounting, taxation, banking, and sales. This team is a harmonious blend of experienced veterans and dynamic young talent, and ensures that the business runs smoothly without any hindrances. The cohesiveness of the team reflects his ability to nurture and develop talent and his ability to lead.

Mr. Bhatia wishes to bring his brand closer to the common man. He envisions a world where everyone, regardless of social status, can access the best-in-class steel products that his brand offers. He believes that the common man is not just a consumer but a partner in his journey.