Atif Rahman

Atif Rahman

Born and brought up in Patna, India, Mr. Rahman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi. ORO24 is his brainchild and he is highly passionate about the brand. Founded in the year 2021, ORO24 is a forward integrated real estate firm specializing in Developments, FacilitiesManagement and Investments, offering a unique combination of convenience and lifestyle at attractive prices, thereby catering to the needs of 21st-century home buyers.

ORO24’s headquarters is located on the popular Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The avant-garde facility is uniquely designed to add experience, comfort and convenience for its employees’ and visitors. The name ‘ORO’ is inspired by the Italian word forgold and ‘24’ indicates the purest form of it. True to the inspiration, the brand is a seamless amalgamation of financial value engineering and innovative real estate solutions, presented with top-notch quality and service across its different business verticals of affordable housing, premium luxury, business parks, hospitality, and cohabitation assets.


Mr. Rahman is known for his brilliant entrepreneurial skills. In his view, every business is a combination of vision, intention, courage and execution. Hisadvise to upcoming entrepreneurs is to remain focused and follow their hearts while establishing a system of transparency in their corporate affairs, forboth customers and employees. Through ORO24 Developments, he aspires to fulfil his dreams of building and delivering structures that will be cherished for a lifetime.

An avid learner, Mr. Rahman takes each day as a challenge to be able to progress and conquer. His goal is to utilize his expertiseof over two decades within the industry to make a noticeable difference in Dubai’s real estate market by leveraging modern technology through ORO24’s diversified platform.

The entrepreneur says, “We are positioned as a next gen tech-driven real estate business and have included technology in every possible avenue of our dealings. From incorporating BIM data into our designing process, we have also invested heavily in cyber security and ERP systems to create seamless and secured transaction module for our customers. Our headquarters is loaded with tech infrastructurefurther infused with Artificial intelligence (AI) to create unmatched consumer experience.”


Innovation is the hallmark of ORO24 Real Estate Developments. Mr. Rahman has developed an in-house design strategy as part of his efforts to stay ahead of the competition. The company’s engineering department regularly updates its strategy for every project to ensure originality, hence creating new benchmarks. It is the leader’s core business objective to deliver quality and value to everyone associated with the company. Because of his robust commitment and goodwill garnered over the years, the brand ‘ORO24’ has been received exceptionally well by the consumers and market, which gives his team that extra motivation to continue growing in line with the company’s vision.

Mr. Rahman’s love for the industry and his motivation to serve the society by pursuing excellence, delivering a sustainable real estate ecosystem, and creating admirable livelihood opportunities has been inheritedas a part of his familylineage. He spent his growing up years learning under the mentorship of his grandfather, Mr. Mohammed Ataur Rahman, a Gold Medalist in Civil Engineering. He credits his beloved grandfather for inculcating in him the qualities of a well-rounded human being, besides passing on a formidable legacy and drive to explore the realty and construction industry. He fondly narrates that real estate plays a pivotal role in every human’s life, right from the time of their birth. The dynamics of combining boundless imagination and giving it a consistent contour captivates Mr. Rahman.


In his two plus decades of successful real estate and construction tenure,Mr. Rahman has efficaciously launched 27 diverse projects, delivering over AED 7.6 billion worth of sales, with approximately 10,100 unitssuccessfully soldto more than 150 nationalities. By developing ‘customer friendly’ payment plans, the dynamic leader revolutionized the concept of affordable housing with enhanced functionalities in the UAE market.

From the construction perspective, his aim is to build ‘practical, smart and sustainable’ homes for families. His business is built around Products, Associated Services, Financial Engineering and Relationships. It’s a futuristic and resilient business model built with the capability of facilitating diversified and innovative real estate solutions, locally and globally. ORO24 is built with the motto of being people-sensitive and governed by maintaining transparency and risk management policies. The company follows a decentralized organizational structure, delegating power to respective department heads, thus creating transformational leaders.


Mr. Rahman is a firm believer of giving back to society in every way possible. With a solitary thought of bringing a ‘positive’ change in the surroundings, the organization regularly conducts and supports CSR drives across the country.‘OROCares’ the CSR wing of the company works with different non-profit organizations within the UAE to support the under privileged.

This year during Ramadan, OROCares led ‘Smile in Ramadan’ campaign that supported the blue-collared workers employed in the region. On each day of the holy month, the initiative provided the workers a chance to connect with their loved ones back home and send Eid gifts, thus bringing a smile to their families.

Mr. Rahman is a cricket enthusiastand despite his busy schedulehe follows the game very closely.He often supports sports academies for better training and upliftment of the budding talent in the region


ORO24 is growing at a fast pace and in less than a year, the brand has already announced its infrastructure expansion with a second facility to provide an accelerating experience for the customers.

The future is promising for ORO24 Developments. The real estate industry is growing, and immense love is pouring in for the brand. In fact, the team is already working towards announcing the next project before the year end.The intent is to deliver a product having glocal outreach, therefore promising some unique, fresh and revolutionary offerings to the customers. Moving forward, ORO24 also plans to bring premium facility management options to its customers while tapping into its local experience with advanced tech incorporation into the design, construction, sale, and maintenance cycle