Bali to Impose Tourist E-Tax from 2024 to Preserve Culture
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Bali to Impose Tourist E-Tax from 2024 to Preserve Culture

Starting 2024, Bali in Indonesia will impose a 150,000 rupiah (S$13.30) tax on tourists to preserve its culture.

The payment of a fee for foreign tourists applies only one time during their visit to the “Island of Gods.” The fee will have to be paid electronically and will apply to foreign tourists entering Bali from abroad or from other parts of Indonesia. The levy will not apply to domestic Indonesian tourists.

The resort haven of Bali attracts millions of foreign visitors annually. More than two million tourists visited the island in 2022. The government plans to use it for the environment, culture and build better-quality infrastructure so that travelling to Bali becomes more comfortable and safe.

Bali has vowed a crackdown on misbehaving tourists after a spate of incidents, including acts of disrespect to the culture of the predominant Hindu island. In recent months, Bali immigration deported a few foreign nationals when they were found filming without clothes. In June, the local government published a guide for tourists by the island’s immigration office.