Bill Gates Hails G20 Consensus on Digital Public Infrastructure

Bill Gates Hails G20 Consensus on Digital Public Infrastructure

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has hailed Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi for achieving “groundbreaking consensus on the role of digital public infrastructure” at the G20 Summit in the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals.

“The #G20 reached a groundbreaking consensus on the role of digital public infrastructure as a critical accelerator of the Sustainable Development Goals. I’m optimistic about the potential of DPI to support a safer, healthier, and more just world. Kudos to PM Narendra Modi,” Gates posted on X, tagging the Indian Prime Minister.

The New Delhi Declaration of the G20 Summit in India, from September 9-10, welcomed the ‘G20 Framework for Systems of Digital Public Infrastructure‘ — a voluntary and suggested framework for the development, deployment and governance of DPI — recognising DPI’s role in the delivery of services at a societal scale. The G20 leaders called for a safe, secure, trusted, accountable and inclusive DPI for service delivery and innovation.

DPI refers to blocks or platforms, such as digital identification, payment infrastructure and data exchange solutions that help countries deliver essential services to their people, empowering citizens and improving lives by enabling digital inclusion, such as the India Stack — the identity system Aadhaar, payment platform UPI and others.

According to a G20 document prepared by the World Bank, India has achieved in just six years the financial inclusion targets that would otherwise have taken at least 47 years.