Brazil Looks Forward To COP30 Climate Summit To Expand Ecotourism
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Brazil Looks Forward To COP30 Climate Summit To Expand Ecotourism

Brazil anticipates that hosting the COP30 climate summit in Belem next year will redefine its global image, shifting away from the stereotype of being a beachy tourist spot to emphasise environmental sustainability and combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Celso Sabino, the minister of tourism, seeks to take advantage of this chance and foresees a rise in ecotourism, which already accounts for just 9% of all traveller visits to Brazil. Sabino highlights the necessity to diversify Brazil’s tourist industry and stresses the critical role that tourism plays in both economic development and the preservation of forests.

Brazil’s tourist sector is still underdeveloped in comparison to other nations, making up less than 8% of the country’s GDP. To promote tourism, Sabino intends to increase cruise ship visits to Brazilian ports and expand its aviation routes.

Marina Figueiredo, executive president of Braztoa (the Brazilian tour operators association), emphasises the enormous unrealized potential of Brazil’s innate ability for ecotourism. She sees COP30 as a calculated chance to showcase Brazil as an environmental guardian and draw in travellers looking for outdoor adventures.

According to her, the summit will serve as a platform to highlight Brazil’s dedication to environmental conservation and the preservation of the natural world.