British-Indian School Girl Wins UK PM’s Points of Light Award
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British-Indian School Girl Wins UK PM’s Points of Light Award

Seven-year-old Indian-origin schoolgirl, Moksha Roy has received the British Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award for being the World’s Youngest Sustainability Advocate.  UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden bestowed the award to Roy.

Roy started volunteering for a United Nations’ sustainability initiative against microplastic pollution when she was just three. She has been recognised for volunteering for several sustainability campaigns, including raising funds to help children in need.

Championing UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she has gone to significant lengths to have these included in the school curriculum and has been in communication with leaders all over the world to encourage them to consider this. Her school no longer uses plastic glitter, confetti or plastic art supplies, a testament to her strong beliefs and ability to change those around her to create a better world, said Dowden.

According to Downing Street, the Points of Light awards recognise outstanding people whose service is making a difference in their communities and whose story can inspire others towards innovative solutions to social challenges in their own communities and beyond.