Chandrani Prasad

Chandrani Prasad

Till a few decades ago, not many women joined the legal profession. Those who did had to claw their ways to success and it is still true to some extent. Though, the situation has improved over the years, law is still considered a male-dominated profession.

A Towering Personality

Against all odds, Ms. Prasad, being a powerhouse of confidence and optimism, has become a predominant name in the legal profession. Apart from being a prominent lawyer and mediator, she is also a successful entrepreneur running one of India’s most eminent law firms. For the past two decades, her passion for righteous justice has been the biggest factor for her steady rise in the legal field.

Glorious Achievements

When Ms. Prasad started her journey, she did not have a huge backing or much support on her side. But, these hurdles and criticism amplified her desire to succeed as a lawyer. Fervour coupled with hard work made her dreams possible and helped position her as one of the celebrated experts of her field. She practices in the Supreme Court of India, Indian High Courts, Districts Courts and other Judicial Forums and Tribunals and also plays her part in the Royal Court of London (UK) and Wolverhampton Court (Sydney, Australia). With a mediation degree from a reputed US-based institute, she is adept in arbitration and dispute resolution and is one of the best mediators in the country. As a founder of a rapidly growing law form – C & V Associates – and a member of the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF), she also has an excellent reputation among the NRIs.

Disciplinary Teamwork

Under Ms. Prasad’s guidance, C & V Associates makes strides efficiently and with strong attributes like teamwork, attention to details, and client-centric approach. She readily connects with the clients and gains a deep understanding of the clients’ business to offer practical solutions and advice to any predicament. As a mentor and a companion, she values the input of her team members and encourages them to work independently, holding their hand only when required. Ms. Prasad is a perpetual source of positivity and enthusiasm in the work environment. She considers her team as a second family and doesn’t hesitate to extend her support.

A Champion of Women’s Rights

Ms. Prasad takes up women’s issues with great passion. The cause of women empowerment is very close to her heart and through Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and the Bar Council of Delhi, she is actively involved in providing education regarding women’s rights. She specialises in dealing with matrimonial disputes and also battles against social issues such as dowry disputes, domestic violence and gender discrimination. She believes mediation and arbitration are good routes to resolve marital issues in a fair manner. She also provides legal assistance to the destitute women and mentors her team to handle CSR cases as well.

She is at times more than a lawyer for her clients and she becomes a friend and a guide for a client who is emotionally disturbed. She provides mental strength to them and helps them gain confidence. Not only a stalwart in her profession, but she is also an amazing role model. Breaking the social stereotypes imposed on a woman’s career choices, Ms. Prasad has proved to be a leader with an outstanding ability to bring new ideas of litigation strategy and business practices to the fore and transform the workings of the industry.

She envisions a world where women are provided with equal opportunities to chase their dreams. A champion of women’s rights, she is consistently working hard to empower women around her.