China Attacks Global Supply Chains by Targeting Lithuania Over Taiwan

China Attacks Global Supply Chains by Targeting Lithuania Over Taiwan

To punish a small country Lithuania, President Xi Jinping’s regime is targeting the global supply chain. President Xi Jinping blocks Lithuanian imports including Lithuanian parts for defying Beijing for Taiwan. Jinping’s regime is upset for approving the establishment of a Taiwanese representative office in Vilnius located in the Middle Kingdom’s wolf warrior diplomacy.

By imposing sanctions on the tiny Baltic nation, China is threatening other members of the European Union (EU) not to question Beijing. However, the spokesperson of the Chinese government has denied the reports regarding blocking the imports chaining Lithuanian components.

The spokesperson alleged that German automotive suppliers were harmed by the Chinese import ban, as their precious cargo was languishing in Chinese ports. Among the beneficiaries of a close economic relationship with China are Germany and France, which often use this leverage to dissuade the EU from taking diplomatic action against Beijing for violating human rights.

Lithuanian is under the pressure to rename the Taiwanese office in Vilnius by the German automotive industry players along with multinational companies. The nation is also facing the warning by the tiny EU country to back down as German subsidiaries that are at risk showing how the economic leverage of Beijing works globally.