Doha, Dubai, Istanbul Are World’s Most Competitive Job Markets
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Doha, Dubai, Istanbul Are World’s Most Competitive Job Markets

Doha, Dubai, and Istanbul are the world’s most competitive job markets with the highest number of candidates per LinkedIn job posting, according to online resume builder These cities saw an average of 399, 283 and 168 applicants per job, respectively. Other cities with competitive job markets include Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Madrid, San Jose, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv.

With cities like Doha and Dubai topping the List of World’s Most Competitive Job Markets, the study of LinkedIn job postings showed that candidates are flocking to the Middle East and Silicon Valley.

The recruitment website surveyed LinkedIn posts in 130 cities globally to come up with the data. San Jose, California, was North America’s most competitive job market according to the data, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, the most competitive job market in South America.

Sydney was Australia’s most competitive job market, London was the UK’s most competitive job market, and Toronto was the most competitive market in Canada. Bangkok, Thailand, was the most competitive job market in Asia.

Qatar’s prominent position in the rankings can be attributed to its hosting of the Football World Cup in 202, say reports. Since 2010, the Gulf nation has invested over $250 billion in preparations, such as constructing new hotels, expanding its port and airport facilities, and renovating road infrastructure.