Dr. G.V. Divakar

Dr. G.V. Divakar


Dr. G.V. Divakar earned his MBBS degree in 1979 from Bangalore Medical College. In 1981, he joined Minto Hospital for his DOMS (Ophthalmology), and pursued MS (Ophthalmology) in 1983. He taught as an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Medical College from 1987 to 1997, and worked as an examiner for undergraduate and graduate students in 1996. He continued with his teaching and became a Professor in M.S. Ramaiah College, Bangalore, in 1997. In 2007, he became the HOU and HOD in the college.

Dr. Divakar founded the Divakar’s Specialty Hospital – an all-inclusive women’s healthcare facility – in 1990 out of concern that Indian women lack access to high-quality healthcare facilities. Today, he is a famous ophthalmologist with more than three decades of experience in the medical sector. He specialises in general ophthalmology, retinal treatments, corneal and diabetic eye examinations, and glaucoma treatment. He has held key positions in prestigious medical facilities, including Vasan Eye Care Hospital, and now serves as a consultant ophthalmologist for Dr. Malathi Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru. He also serves as a Managing Director of Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer (ARTIST), a platform for training healthcare workers and Managing Trustee, Divakars Service Trust, Bangalore.


Dr. Divakar believes in providing the finest possible care to his patients. He has handled all hospital-related obligations admirably and managed his patients gracefully and efficiently. He understands the importance of trust between patients and medical practitioners. In addition, the leader strongly emphasises offering unique treatments for Indian women, making the process simple and convenient. His extensive medical experience and pleasant attitude are valuable qualities that aid him in developing connections with his patients.


Dr. Divakar ensures that patient service meets highest standards. He uses the latest and best-suited instruments and equipment for diagnostics and treatments at the hospital. Under his direction, the hospital upgrades the standards frequently to address the latest challenges faced by the healthcare industry. His hospital has also implemented the APM concept, which provides care to women at different stages of life, including adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. This is a unique notion since it ensures that each lady receives age-appropriate treatment. As a result, the gynecologists and pediatricians in Dr. Divakar’s team have made women’s lives healthier and better. In addition, his staff is always dedicated to providing services with ethical values and professional integrity, while maintaining a sense of social responsibility.


Dr. Divakar has attained prominent positions in several disciplines due to his hard work and expertise. He is a member of the Karnataka Ophthalmic Society, the Bangalore Ophthalmic Society, and the Indian Medical Association (IMA). He serves as the Secretary of the Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association, which has over 500 private hospitals as members. The Divakar’s Specialty Hospital became Karnataka’s first private hospital to acquire the ISO accreditation in 1998, just eight years after its foundation, courtesy to Dr. Divakar’s commitment to guaranteeing high-quality care and the wellness of his patients. The leader has also been honoured with an honorary professorship by the IMA for his 34-year service in the medical field.