Dr. H.B.M. Iqbal

Dr. H.B.M. Iqbal

Dr. Iqbal has put in all his energies into laying a strong foundation for the bank. He has left no stone unturned to make it into an institution that puts customers’ interest first. Dr. Iqbal strongly believes that quick and quality service is the hallmark for banking standard and he ensured Premier Bank upheld his belief.


A former Member of Parliament from Ramna-Tejgaon, Dhaka, and a known businessman, Dr. H.B.M. Iqbal is a name to reckon with in Bangladesh. He has to his name many enterprises across sectors. The vision behind starting a financial institution was the have a bank that puts customers’ needs first and where the citizens don’t feel intimidated.

Customer service, trust, and advocacy are the basics that Dr. Iqbal wanted deeply ingrained in his institution since laying its foundations in 1999 . Amidst a competitive landscape, The Premier Bank Limited has emerged as a Bank of People’s choice over the years. Dr. Iqbal has always tried to instill a spirit of professionalism into the mind of all employees of The Premier and it has helped the bank to gain a distinct prominence in the highly competitive market. ‘Service First’ is not just a mission statement at Premier Bank, it is a motto that everyone at the bank lives by. Dr. Iqbal strongly believes that quick and quality service is the hallmark for banking standard and he ensured Premier Bank upheld his belief. He has achieved this by making day-to-day banking easier for the customers, providing them unparalleled services, and encouraging them to make smart investments through efficient trust-building and support. He has also contributed greatly to the upliftment of social fabric in the country.


Dr. Iqbal has always made a point to give back to society and support the communities across the country as much as they support businesses. Giving back to the community or society is recognizing that you have been empowered to empower others. The fulfilling feeling which this gives is unparalleled and that’s why Dr. Iqbal has established the Dr. H.B.M. Iqbal Education City as well, to educate the offspring of farmers, workers, and day laborers of Bashgari, Bhairab. Decorated with extreme modernity, the institute caters to the specific needs of the underprivileged kids.

He even has plans to make it into an education hub that has an engineering college, nursing institute, polytechnic institute, English medium degree college, and more. Dr. Iqbal strongly believes that financial services are something that binds society and for this, he has established a brand of Premier Bank at Bashgari. This bank provides loans on easy terms and conditions to the marginalized section with”“Premier Grameen Swanirvar” schemes actively running here.

These schemes have given the marginalized people an equal and beneficial access to banking services, so they no longer have to travel miles and reach cities to receive foreign remittances and other related services as everything is provided to them close to their homes. They are empowered through a welfare approach assuring that each person gets an equal and unbiased access to baking services with no hassle or delay.


Dr. Iqbal stresses the importance of passion in the work we do. He wants the young generation and employees of the coming years to recognize the significance of ownership. As per him, to have a zeal and passion in the work one does, connects him to the big picture and lets them act beyond their role. He also believes that proper education needs to be delivered to the coming generation as that is the only way to empower them and make them more dynamic.

He says, “I firmly believe that the juvenile generation is the biggest asset of our country. If we can deliver proper education to our young generation, they will undoubtedly be more dynamic. In the long run, this young generation will lead our country and will be the torchbearer of our national hope and expectation.”

Dr. Iqbal has been recognized time and again for his efforts in various sectors. He has won many awards including International Mother Teresa Award in 2019, World Leader Business Award-2016, The Platinum Technology Award for Quality & Best Trade Name by Association Otherways Management & Consulting at Berlin among many others.

As the financial services industry of Bangladesh continues to grow amidst technological advancements, new players, and a corresponding evolution in client needs and expectations, the Premier Bank has managed to successfully emerge as the preferred destination of its clientele. At Premier Bank,

Dr. Iqbal has made it a strategic priority for every segment and location rigorously to review, refine, and strengthen the conduct environment. There is zero tolerance for breaches of law and regulations from the client as well as the employee side.