Dr. Manimekalai Mohan

Dr. Manimekalai Mohan

Empowering Generations by Spreading the Light of Education

With a rich experience of over two decades in the field of education, the Founder, Managing Trustee and Correspondent of SSVM Institutions, Dr. Manimekalai Mohan believes in providing the students with an enabling environment thereby facilitating their holistic development and eventual emergence as victors in their chosen spheres

“She nurtures a dream to groom SSVM students into well-civilized, educated, dignified, learned pupils who would bring about a positive change in the country”

Cultivating a Rich Culture of Values

Believing in the notion that every minute of one’s life should be spent usefully in acquiring the best education that breeds confidence, Dr. Manimekalai asserts that the real learning has to draw out the best from the learners. She also advocates the fact that moral and religious values are not to be undermined, and the fundamental principles of civilization are
not to be ignored. Being well aware of the fact that disregard for everything old has become a fashion of the day; conflicts of ideas, manners, and habits are permeating the atmosphere, she strongly feels that the keys of all these social and global challenges can be sought only through education.

Environment Conducive to Holistic Development

Committed towards transforming education at SSVM by providing every pupil with access to reliable knowledge with ultimate poise, Dr. Manimekalai possesses a compelling vision for transformation and continually generates avenues for re-envisioning the learning experience. She is of the view that the teachers should strive to harmonize the traditional values of India with the new values brought through the progress of 21st-century learning and work to raise and stir the learners to work hard endlessly till the goal is reached.

She is quite clear about the fact that SSVM Institutions’ focus was, is and will always be the learners – their all-round development and making them responsible citizens for the prosperity of the nation. She always encourages her teachers to evoke intellectual curiosity,
build social awareness, and facilitate spiritual quests among the learners, which according to her increasingly influence their personality development. Always encouraging the students to question, reason, discover, and think critically, she appreciates critical thinkers
who accept correction, criticism, innovation, and questioning from peers and colleagues. As an educator, she believes in facilitating the skills such as rationality, self-awareness, honesty, open-mindedness, discipline, and judgment in the learners which lead to development of their critical thinking abilities.

Nurturing a dream to groom SSVM students into well-civilized, educated, dignified, learned pupils who would bring about a positive change in the country, she intends to see them transform the nation into a bribe-free and well-organized India. Her Leadership Initiatives and Business Innovations include focus on Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language and Moral development; creating a facilitative environment, provisioning developmentally appropriate aid and providing a range of opportunities to teachers and students; meeting
diverse learning needs; implementation of diverse innovative pedagogical strategies; providing equipped connected classrooms with digital learning and bringing awareness why technology matters in education and teaching digital citizenship; facilitating students
to interact with educators and attend seminars and workshops without leaving the campus; focusing more on both ground level observations and advanced level scopes to make every individual a successful multifaceted personality and dedication to excellence with commitment as a keeper of values. It has been her dream to ensure that every child who enters the portals of SSVM would emerge as a winner.

A Long Trail of Felicitations

Owing to her immense contribution to the field of education, Dr. Manimekalai has been variously recognized and rewarded with Outstanding Women Award, Best Women Entrepreneur Award 2018, Vidhya Rathna Award, Shiksha Bharti Puraskar, Best Women Entrepreneur, Women of the Year, KALVI MAMANI Award & EDU ICON Award.