Dr. Shilpi Mohan

Dr. Shilpi Mohan

Dr. Shilpi Mohan completed her super-specialization in cardiology at the renowned Army Hospital, Research and Referral, New Delhi. Her study on coronary stents is one of her memorable achievements. She has made a name for herself by working in numerous reputed centres nationwide. Along with continuing her practice of cardiology both offline along with online, she extended her role as Yoga Trainer, Psychic Healer, Tarot Card Reader, and Chakra and Crystal Healer.

In addition, she has a passion for writing. She writes as a guest columnist for Hitavada, a well known publication. She had undertaken a Yoga Teachers’ Training Course from the Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar and obtained an internationally acclaimed certification in Chakra Healing Therapy and occult sciences. She has also been invited as a guest speaker at various national and international forums.

Dr. Mohan was felicitated with the award of the Most Prominent Cardiologist of the Year 2019 in Secunderabad by Prime Time Research Media and Enterprise Woman of the Year 2022 – Health and Wellness by BIZOX Media Network Private Limited. She was also awarded the Most Promising Holistic Healer Award in 2022 at the Zee Health Awards.


Dr. Mohan not only believes in working on the physical illnesses of her patients, but also their mental health. With her healing centre, Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre, she focuses on providing holistic health and wellness – from physical to spiritual and psychic healing – to all her patients under one roof. She considers herself a conduit between the ultimate healer and the healed. One needs to take care of the unhappiness in life or other issues that are troublesome in order to have a proper healing. And that is what she is trying to do for all her patients.

Her patients have been connected with her for over a decade, which speaks volumes about her work. She considers all her patients to be her extended family and provides the best treatment for a positive impact on the psyche and soma of her patients. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she came closer to her patients through a telemedicine platform, and many people connected to her and found solace in her healing process.


Neither success nor fame comes easy, and it stood true for Dr. Mohan too. She had to stay away from her family for eight long years to pursue a super-specialization in Cardiology. She accredits her success to her husband, and is grateful for his support and encouragement. A firm believer of work-life balance, she has maintained this balance and accomplished consistent successes in both her personal and professional life. Being married to an Army Officer, she has fulfilled her duties of a wife, and passionately brought a positive change in the lives of her patients in every possible way. She faced many hardships, but never allowed these challenges to become an excuse for her to quit.

Today, Dr. Mohan works relentlessly towards strengthening our country and economy by helping people become mentally and physically strong. She emphasises that India can become a superpower only when people focus on their wellness. Healthy people can only build a healthy economy.

Not allowing any societal stereotype to limit her potential, she moves forward to bring a difference in the lives of people around her. In short, she is a dedicated, inspiring woman who wants to achieve something valuable in life.