Dr. Shruti Sharma is the dynamic CEO of Brindavan Group of Institutes (BGI) located in Bengaluru, Karnataka (India). With her academic brilliance and innovative leadership, she has carved a niche for herself in the education sector and helped BGI evolve into a powerhouse of academic excellence.

Dr. Sharma, a BE-CSE graduate with an Honorary Doctorate, is a self-motivated leader. She has received many international and national awards for her contributions towards the educational community. With a stellar track record of steering companies toward sustainable growth and profitability, she excels in driving organisational excellence and delivering outstanding stakeholder value. Over the years, the young leader has demonstrated the ability to develop and execute strategic plans for leading BGI through transformational changes and achieving key business objectives. With extensive experience in driving revenue growth, expanding market share, and improving operational efficiencies, she has paved her own path to success.

Dr. Sharma’s exceptional leadership skills stand out as she builds high-performance teams, drives innovation, and motivates employees to reach their highest potentials. Her deep industry knowledge and understanding of market dynamics make her a true industry stalwart. In her current role at BGI, she has played a pivotal part in catapulting the institution’s growth by spearheading strategic planning initiatives, facilitating the expansion of academic programs in BGI constituent colleges, and overseeing significant enhancements in campus infrastructure.


During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sharma demonstrated exceptional leadership by developing a comprehensive BGI COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure. Under her guidance, the campus ensured a safe atmosphere for both students and staff during working hours. Special quarantine facilities were designated for inbound state and international travellers, with daily health monitoring implemented for all individuals. BGI Stakeholders also underwent regular COVID-19 PCR tests on campus. Classes were conducted in a blended mode tailored to the needs of students and staff. Remarkably, the campus organised 11 COVID-19 vaccination drives and administered two doses to all staff and students, thus transforming BGI into a 100% vaccinated campus. As a result of this proactive approach, there were no COVID-19 casualties among students and faculty. Additionally, BGI upheld its commitment to employees, ensuring timely salary payments during both non-COVID and COVID periods. Her dedication and strategic initiatives have not only safeguarded the BGI community but have also set a standard for resilience and adaptability in higher education institutions.


Dr. Sharma is deeply committed to promoting social justice and equity through corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. She prioritises initiatives like the diversity and inclusion programs, scholarships for underrepresented groups, and addressing systemic inequalities in education.

By integrating CSR into BGI’s academic and research activities, Dr. Sharma aims to enhance the institution’s social impact. She encourages research on socially and environmentally relevant topics for moulding graduates into socially conscious and responsible citizens. On an international front, Dr. Sharma advocates for global CSR to nurture cultural understanding, facilitate international development, and tackle global challenges like poverty, health, and climate change. Her multifaceted approach to CSR reflects her passion for creating a more just and equitable world.