Dubai Police Unveils Driverless, AI-Powered Patrol Cars

Dubai Police Unveils Driverless, AI-Powered Patrol Cars

Dubai Police plans to deploy fully electric, self-driving patrol cars equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). A prototype of the high-tech patrol car was unveiled in the five-day GITEX Global 2023 held at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16-20.

These state-of-the-art patrol cars are equipped with sophisticated AI technology, enabling them to identify criminal activity, recognise individuals’ faces, and scan vehicle license plates. The design of these vehicles is tailored for deployment in residential areas, where the need for enhanced security is critical.

The vehicle has an advanced camera with a 360-degree capture capability. Its battery lasts up to 15 hours and can reach speeds of 5 to 7 kilometres per hour. It is also equipped with direct communication technologies, allowing it to liaise in real-time with the Command and Control Centre at the Dubai Police’s General Operations Department.

Notably, these innovative patrol cars come with an integrated drone, which can access areas that the vehicle cannot reach and maintains direct wireless communication with the patrol team once deployed.

Micropolis Robotics is responsible for the custom mechanical system of these vehicles, with each wheel having independent steering, braking, and throttle mechanisms. This unique set-up enables the patrol cars to move in multiple directions, including forward, backward, sideways, and even execute donut moves. Furthermore, these autonomous patrol cars operate almost silently, making them discreet in their surveillance efforts.

While the autonomous police patrol cars are currently undergoing further testing, they are expected to be patrolling the streets within the next year.