Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

The above-mentioned stunning genius, today, is best known as the Co-founder of Facebook. He is also one of the richest persons, an Internet entrepreneur, an economist and an angel investor.


Born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a wealthy Jewish Brazilian family, he went to Harvard University in 2006 and graduated in Economics (Honors). His father Roberto Saverin has several businesses in clothing, shipping and real estate, and his mother, Paula, works as a psychologist.

Savvy, adaptable, and inherently strategic, Eduardo is considered the force that really made Facebook get off the ground, as he established Facebook’s first income-generating partnerships with Apple, Paramount Pictures, and others, as the first investor to put his money in the venture. He later worked as Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager of Facebook.

Currently, he makes seed, early-stage and growth technology investments as an angel investor and mentors a variety of companies from all parts of the world.


Eduardo made a friendship with Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University and as both of them realized that a dedicated social networking website for Harvard students was lacking, together they created and launched in February 2004 with Eduardo taking care of the servers. Within three months, by April 2004, based on Facebook’s exponential success, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and the third co-founder – Dustin Muskovitz, established a full-fledged limited liability company under Florida law, by the name The Facebook. Just two months later, by June 2004, Harvard had accepted that had achieved unprecedented popularity.

Later, Eduardo went to New York for an internship at Lehman Brothers and launched another start-up – a job boards site called Joboozle.


Being one of the richest in the world, the humble Eduardo credits his grandparents for being his inspiration in life. He is proud of the fact that, “All of us, always, ended up doing something.” He married Elaine Andriejanssen in June 2015, whom he met while he was a student at Harvard. She also has several businesses in Massachusetts.

With the legacy of being a Co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo further launched an impressive business of assisting startups through angel investing, his business base being in Southeast Asia. Though Eduardo likes to play safe on his investments, the interest of his investments has majorly been Asian tech companies as he has made about 20 personal investments in tech startups, which include Hampton Creek – a fraught egg-free-mayonnaise company, Orami – a female-focused e-commerce company, Redmart – a Singapore-based online retailer, etc. His other investments include Flightcar – a company that lets people who park at the airport rent their cars out to other travelers, and Silvercar – a company that only rents out silver Audi A4s.

The best thing about him is that he knows deep in his heart: “I’ve done it before; I can do it again”.