Faridabad to Get a ₹200-Crore Waste-to-Methanol Plant

Faridabad to Get a ₹200-Crore Waste-to-Methanol Plant

Faridabad will have a ₹200 crore waste-to-methanol plant by December 2023. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) is likely to sign an agreement soon with its door-to-door waste collection concessionaire Ecogreen to ensure the waste is not sent to landfill and is directly sent to the plant instead.

The MCG has identified eight acres of land in Sihi, Faridabad, for the plant, which will be used to convert 500 tonnes of waste into 50 kilo-litres of methanol daily. Methanol is commonly used as a fuel, antifreeze and as solvent.

The Government of Haryana will supply water and power to the plant at a subsidised rate. The concessionaire must obtain environmental clearance and a licence for sale of methanol. MCG Joint Commissioner Naresh Kumar said the project was finalised this month and Ecogreen will start construction by the first week of December. He added that this will also resolve issues at material recovery facilities (MRFs) where waste is brought in a segregated manner to be further segregated into various categories according to their reusability and recyclability. Glass, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, and rubber waste materials will be recycled at the plant. The senior official said, it will be a step towards decentralising the waste collection process in the city and reducing the amount of waste that is transported to dumping sites.

Sanjay Sharma, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ecogreen Energy, said they have collaborated with an Indo-Japanese company to set up the plant.