France Is All Set To Commemorate D-Day’s 80th Anniversary
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France Is All Set To Commemorate D-Day’s 80th Anniversary

France is getting ready to commemorate World War II soldiers on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a historic day that saw the Nazis defeated. Omaha Beach will honour the almost 150,000 soldiers from several countries who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Along with the Paris Olympics, French President Emmanuel Macron sees this occasion as “France’s rendezvous with the world.” The emphasis is on showing appreciation to elderly veterans, some of whom travel great distances to attend. The leader of the Liberation Mission, Philippe Étienne, stresses the significance of expressing gratitude to these brave people who freed France.

The theme of protecting liberty in the face of contemporary crises speaks to all citizens, not just troops. Due to war criminal indictments, it is unlikely that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be present; however, it is considering extending an invitation to Russia. The celebrations will honour the sacrifices of all those who helped liberate Europe.

There will be other celebrations to commemorate the Allied landing in Provence, the liberation of Paris and Strasbourg, and the Nazi German surrender. These rituals also pay tribute to civilian war victims, colonial empire soldiers, and resistance fighters.