G7 Pledges Swift Aid For Ukraine And Seeks To Calm Middle East

G7 Pledges Swift Aid For Ukraine And Seeks To Calm Middle East

The G7 summit in Capri saw major powers pledging to boost Ukraine’s air defences against Russian attacks and calling on China to cease support for Moscow’s military. The Middle East and Ukrainian crises were the main topics of discussion at the summit, which was attended by foreign ministers from the US, Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

The ministers emphasised the importance of further support for Ukraine, which is up against more powerful Russian forces, while simultaneously advocating for de-escalation in the Middle East to avert a more extensive regional confrontation, acknowledging the interdependence of the two crises.

Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, emphasised the connection between the wars and asked the G7 allies for more assistance.

In return, the G7 promised to strengthen Kyiv’s air defence capabilities to save vital infrastructure and prevent fatalities. They warned that China’s support of Russia’s defence sector goes against its stated goal of improving relations with the West and criticised Beijing for it.

A G7 summit in June is scheduled to make decisions on utilising Russian asset gains to support Ukraine, despite ammunition shortages among European allies and stalled U.S. funding in Congress.