Germany Pledges €200 Million for Amazon Forest

Germany Pledges €200 Million for Amazon Forest

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged €200 million (roughly $215 million) to help Brazil defend the Amazon rainforest on January 30. The package announced during a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Brazil included green energy and reforestation initiatives. During his visit to Brasilia, Scholz said he was delighted about Brazil’s return to the world stage under its new president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The package for Amazon includes a new €31 million fund for Brazilian states for rainforest protection. The German Development Ministry said €93 million would go towards reforesting projects. Another €35 million had been halted by Germany and Norway under former President Jair Bolsonaro and was reactivated. Funds in the package are also earmarked for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and reforestation programs.

The German government confirmed it will resume payments to the Amazon Fund, financial aid from European countries to Brazil to protect the Amazon rainforest and combat deforestation. According to Brazil’s government, the first payment of about R$ 193 million (USD $38 million) will go towards alleviating the health crisis of the Yanomami indigenous people.

Germany and Norway had suspended payments from the Amazon Fund in 2019, the first year of former President Jair Bolsonaro’s government, due to the lack of public policies to protect the Amazon.