Google Tops Singapore Best Employers’ Ranking

Google Tops Singapore Best Employers’ Ranking

For the third in a row, tech giant Google has ranked as Singapore’s best employer, led by work-from-home and flexible work arrangements when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Despite the challenging times, with mass layoffs and company closures, the company has stuck to its hybrid work arrangements, helping it maintain its top ranking in the Singapore’s Best Employers 2023 list attests.

Consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G) came in second, followed by financial services company Wells Fargo. Tech giant Apple and jet engine maker Rolls-Royce made the rest of the top five, out of more than 1,700 eligible organisations across 27 industries. Singapore’s Best Employers 2023 ranks the top 250 companies and institutions with at least 200 employees. The list stems from an online survey of around 17,000 employees in September and October 2022.

Companies in Singapore were given a score based on whether their staff members would suggest their employer to a friend or family member. Six categories were assessed: atmosphere at work and potential for development; image; working conditions; workplace; salary; and diversity.  The top score for 2023 was 9.13 out of a maximum of 10, while the score for the 250th place was 6.97.

In 2023, the annual study by global data firm Statista recorded improvement in overall satisfaction among surveyed employees from previous years, with 20 industries out of 27 getting higher overall scores. The option of working from home had the most influence on employee satisfaction under the category of working conditions.