Hersh Bhatt

Hersh Bhatt

Hersh, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne, founded Atisfy in 2018 when he was only 24 years old. At the time of its inception, Atisfy was a gaming consultancy with only two members. Over the course of four years, through his diligent efforts, the company has emerged as a groundbreaking influencer marketing platform that is redefining the industry through its innovative approach to data democratisation. As the world’s first platform of its kind, the company is revolutionising the way businesses engage with influencers and target their audiences.

With its headquarters nestled in the vibrant city-state of Singapore and offices in Australia and India, Atisfy, under Hersh’s leadership, is trailblazing the global market with its innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise.


Born and raised in Singapore, Hersh’s business acumen has taken him beyond its borders, particularly to Australia. His expertise and experience has helped Atisfy solidify its position as a major contender in the data-centric marketing solutions industry by serving clients worldwide. The company has emerged as a cutting-edge influencer marketing platform that has revolutionised the industry with its unique blend of programmatic and AI-based technologies. With a multi-million dollar investment, it has rapidly become the go-to platform for businesses seeking to capitalise on the power of influencer marketing.

A true global citizen, Hersh takes great pride in his Asian values and heritage. Yet, he is equally at home with clients from Europe, Canada, and the United States, a testament to his ability to connect with individuals from all cultures.


Hersh’s exceptional business acumen and vision were instrumental in propelling the company’s exponential growth from a modest 10-member team to a thriving workforce comprising over 50 individuals, dispersed across multiple offices situated in three distinct continents and four nations. He fostered a culture of excellence and imbued the team with a fervent passion for creating substantial value, prioritising it above mere profit generation. His indefatigable efforts have empowered a highly motivated and driven workforce, well-versed in the organisation’s overarching philosophy and committed to realising its full potential.

Hersh believes in delivering exceptional customer service under his leadership. He holds that success is not just measured in terms of financial gain, but also in the ability to foster meaningful relationships with clients and to make a positive impact on the global community. With Atisfy, he has truly achieved both.

Hersh has also implemented ESOP plans to incentivise key team members, recognising their pivotal contributions. He has established a unique approach to identifying and nurturing individuals who possess an exceptional ability to tackle problems in a way that sets them apart from the rest.


Hersh is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating innovative solutions that drive positive change in the digital landscape. His brainchild, Atisfyreach – an end-to-end influencer marketing platform – has revolutionised the influencer marketing industry by enabling businesses to launch multiplatform, multi influencer, and global campaigns within 20 minutes or less of set-up time. It boasts of a predictive matchmaking algorithm that maximises ROI, real-time reporting, and measurement systems, and an interest/affinity-based targeting system based on a natural language processing model created in-house.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the influencer marketing space, Hersh developed Atisfyre, an industry leading platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to offer influencers and creators a seamless path to monetisation. The platform provides creators with a powerful suite of tools enabling them to showcase their creativity and generate revenue on their own terms. Hersh has also devised a simple mathematical formula, subsequently refined by accomplished data scientists at Atisfy, that establishes a nexus between the highly efficacious products, Atisfyreach and Atisfyre, through real-time proprietary algorithms known as Atisfyreact. His pioneering contributions to the field have been hailed as an inspiration to many, and his expertise in this domain is beyond reproach.


Hersh has successfully garnered an extensive and engaged user base in over 180 countries, elevating the earning potential of creators and influencers hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and communities, particularly in developing regions spanning Asia, Africa, and Europe. This outstanding feat stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and creating a more equitable landscape for individuals from all walks of life.

Meanwhile, his personal favourite achievement has been the establishment of a system that harnesses cutting edge efficiencies, enabling businesses to equitably remunerate large numbers of micro-influencers across the globe, facilitating widespread social and economic empowerment.


Hersh’s outstanding achievements have been recognised through an impressive array of prestigious awards. His innovative prowess has earned him the coveted title of one of the 50 Innovators of the Year 2023, while his inspiring leadership has garnered him a spot among the Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs in 2020.

Under his visionary guidance, Atisfy has also been showered with accolades, including the Best Game Marketing, Advertising, and PR Firm Award in 2020, as well as being named one of the 30 Most Innovative Companies To Watch, one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2020, and a Top Martech Provider in 2021.