Historic Landing of Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Antarctica’s Blue Ice Runway
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Historic Landing of Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Antarctica’s Blue Ice Runway

In a remarkable feat, Norse Atlantic Airways has achieved the historic landing of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, named Everglades, on Antarctica’s Blue Ice Runway.

The Boeing 787 launched on a ‘blue ice runway,’ measuring 3,000 meters (9840 feet) in length and 60 meters (100 feet) in width, sculpted from the snow and ice.

Conducted by Norse Atlantic Airways, the flight, named Everglades, successfully landed at the Troll Airfield in Antarctica on Nov 15. This is the first time a Dreamliner, a widebody aircraft which can carry up to 330 passengers, has made it to the sixth continent.

Flight No787 did not follow a regular passenger route, carrying a crew of 45 individuals, including scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute. The contracted flight destined for the Troll research station in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, also carried 12 tonnes of equipment for the research stations at the destination base.

Departing from Oslo on November 13, with a layover in Cape Town, the flight then headed southwards to Antarctica, concluding with the celebrated landing on Wednesday, November 15. This historic achievement also marks the Boeing 787’s successful operation of flights to every continent globally. The aircraft made it to Antarctica and back to Cape Town without refuelling.

In response to this achievement, Norse Atlantic Airways expressed their excitement on social media, stating, “A historic moment for Norse! The first ever @BoeingAirplanes B787 Dreamliner to land in Antarctica! We are incredibly honoured to be a part of this piece of history, marking a very special milestone for Norse.”